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The Zebra Cap is a Legendary accessory that is guaranteed to be dropped by Order after defeating him.

In order to start the raid you must first buy a chip using Fragments.png1000 from Arithmetic, who is behind the tower where the Smoke Admiral is (Hot and Cold island). You will need to Sky Jump or use your travel move, because the area you have to enter is near the top of the tower. It has a 100% drop chance.


+100 health

+500 energy

+10% damage on Sword attacks

-15% cooldown reduction on Blox Fruit attacks


  • Good for Sword mains because of the Sword damage buff and the Blox Fruit cooldown reduction, which allows a Sword main to cycle through their stuns quicker.
  • Gives lots of Energy, which is important in PvP.
  • 100% drop chance
  • Highly recommended for Fruit main, when paired with Ghoul V3 may be able to allow you to spam attacks, recommended for attacks with long cooldown.


  • Although giving lots of Energy, it lacks in HP.
  • Practically useless for Gun main.