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The Yeti a Level 110 Boss, and is the main boss of Frozen Village. It is the highest level on the island (Snow Bandits & Snowman).

It has 2 attacks, a simple punch that deals 134.4 damage, and a second attack that's also utilized by the Gorilla King from the Jungle Island. During this attack, the Yeti smashes the ground several times, stunning and slowly levitating players caught in its AOE range (~57.6 damage per hit).

Its respawn time is 5 minutes.


Level Required: 105


  • 220,000 EXP
  • RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png10,000



Its head resembles the UMAD Yeti Roblox Hat.

It can get stuck under the ice when hit with a powerful attack.

Does 134.4 damage without enhancement and 95.2 damage with enhancements

Yeti's Melee Move, does 134.4 per hit without enhancement and 95.2 per hit with enhancements

Yeti Ground Smash, does 57.6 per hit without enhancements and 42.3 per hit with enhancement. The move last for 3 seconds