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Yama, is a Legendary sword that was added into the game with Update 15.

This sword has really fast attacks with decent damage making it a great sword in PvP, it looks similar and has near identical abilities to Tushita however the Tushita is a lot more fierce when it comes to PvP.



  1. The player has to have to kill 30 Elite Pirates/Players with their respective Elite Hunter/Player Hunter quests.
    • Killing both counts towards the same goal (e.g. killing 1 Elite Pirate and 1 Player will both count towards the Yama requirement and total up to 2).
    • 20 kills is technically the minimum requirement, but the chance of successfully pulling out Yama at 20 kills is low.
      • The chance increases with each kill, and at 30 kills, it is 100% guaranteed for the player to be able to pull out Yama. So it is recommended to pull it out at 30 kills.


  1. Go into the Secret Temple located in the Hydra Island behind the waterfall, where Yama is located. The gate to the Secret Temple can be broken with a Observation Break move (such as Dark Blade's Z or Acidum Rifles Z).
  2. Defeat 5 Ghosts (LV. 1500 NPC). [Not necessary]
  3. Pull the sword by clicking the sword until obtainment (or you die if you don't have 30 kills).


If the player does not meet the requirements while pulling out the sword, the player will be killed and the notification "The sword has rejected you! You're not worthy." will pop up on the player's screen. If the player does meet the requirements, the notification "The sword has accepted you as its new owner" will pop up on the player's screen. Upon unlocking Yama, you will get a Title called [Demon Mode] with dark red colour.

Note: This sword has good combo potential, decent damage, and is quite easy to use, although it still requires aiming and timing skills, but easier than other swords with small hitbox (like Shisui, Rengoku,...). Still, it is not as easy to use as Dark Blade V2 and Pole V2.


Key Name Description Mastery Gif
Z key perfections.png
Hellish Slash The user spins and sends a slash (goes towards the mouse). It has huge knockback and deals decent damage. If the user lands the spinning slash and the air slash, it will deal a little more damage. (10 seconds cooldown). 150
Yama skill1.gif
X key perfection 3.png
Infernal Hurricane The user initiates a stance, after releasing the respective button, they dash forward and perform multiple slices on the opponent. 300 (2).gif


Both moves have good mobility.
Second best sword for traveling (the best is Spikey Trident because of its grappling-hook move)
Decent stuns from the [X] move.
Good for zoan (Beast-type) fruit combos.
Both moves have a pretty short cooldown, meaning that both moves can be spammed easily.
Good combo potential

Hard to obtain.
Lower damage than average compare to other swords at Third Sea and Second Sea
High mastery requirement.
Just like every Sword, Chop is immune to its moves.
Z has a bad hitbox which makes it hard to hit if transformed with Buddha V2

Although hard to get, this sword has decent damage and great knockback.
It does the same damage as the Yoru V2.
It's moves color scheme is the same with Tushita.
It is an excellent sword for players who have good aim and timing.
The Z skill is AOE meaning that it can hit 2 people at the same time.
This is one of the two only swords that can be obtained without making any purchase.


Death Step V + Yama X/Z + Death Step X

Death Step C, Death Step Z, Yama X, Yama Z, Death Step X (One shot if you land them all)

Death Step V + Yama X + Death Step C + Death Step Z + Death Step X + Yama Z (Sword Main Combo)

Kabucha X + Yama Z + Door fruit F + Yama X + Sharkman Karate C (Sword Main Combo). Small combo but requires speed and practice.

Awakened Dark X + Kabucha X + Yama Z + Yama X + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C + Flash Step + Superhuman X. Combo requires practice and quick hands, also experience with spamming Yama X right after using Yama Z. Otherwise, this combo is also one shot.

Death Step V + Death Step C + Death Step Z + Kabucha X + Yama Z + Yama X + Death Step X (Optional) This is a one shot combo, but if your opponent has some health left you can use the Death Step X (Sword Main Combo)

Superhuman Z + Superhuman C + Yama Z + Yama X + Superhuman X (One shot if you land them all)

Superhuman Z + Yama X +SuperHuman C + Yama Z

Electric Claw C + Yama X (aim up) + Kabucha X (aim down) + Yama Z + Electric Claw Z + X (Recommended to turn on shift lock so you can hit Kabucha X after Yama X)

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