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Wysper is a level 500 boss.


Wysper is located at Upper Yard.


His weapon is the Bazooka. He deals about 946.2 damage a hit. The Bazooka shells are highly explosive and they have massive AOE hitboxes.

He has about 18,000 health.

His spawn time is 20 min.


He drops the Bazooka, a legendary class, gun. He has a 5% chance of dropping it.

Strategy Guide

Stand on the lower half of the rock, and make sure he is stuck walking towards you on the higher half of the rock. His Bazooka attacks will hit the rock and not you, so you can use your long-ranged attacks to safely kill him. You will have to put him in a certain spot. You can also stun him with Ice or Dark, then take hits at him.

You can also keep attacking him until he stops. Then dodge out of the way, because when he stops, he uses the Bazooka.