The Weapon Dealer is an NPC found at Middle Town. The dealer offers three weapons:

  1. Slingshot (B$5,000)


[Z] Sticky Pellet: Fires a pellet that that forms a circle once it hits any surface, dealing decent damage slowing enemies hit by the circle.

[X] Explosive Pellet: Fires a explosive, red pellet that that blows up once it hits any surface or target,knocking enemies away. Deals more damage than Sticky Pellet and your normal shots.

  1. Musket (B$8,000)

[Z] Dragon Bullet: Fires a explosive bullet that deals slightly less damage than your normal shots but is far easier to land, and knocks targets away.

[X] Bold Pistolero: Fires a bullet that summons a tornado, which drags any target in the surroundings to the tornado before throwing them to the sky. The closest the target was to the tornado, the higher the height they are thrown.

  1. Flintlock (B$10,500)

[Z] Disabling Shot: Shoots a purple bullet. If someone gets hit by the bullet, they will be stunned for a very short amount of time.

[X] Rapid Gun - shoots three bullets that explode upon contact

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