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Water Kung Fu

Water Kung Fu is a fighting style, added on Update 5.


Water Kung Fu can be bought, with RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png750,000, from the Water Kung Fu Teacher, at the Underwater City.

This Fighting style can be upgraded to Sharkman Karate, upon reaching 400 mastery and access to the Second Sea.


Keybind Move Description Cooldown Mas Requirement Gif
Z key perfections.png
Steam-Charged Fist The user shoot an air pulse, this move has knock back. 6 seconds 70
Kung Fu move 1.gif
X key perfection 3.png
Deadly Shower The user shoots many fast projectiles from their hand, this move deal decent damage, (requires aiming skills). 10 seconds 130
Kung Fu move 2.gif
C key perfect.png
Heavy Water Punch The user charges water in his hands, and lunges a powerful punch to the direction of the cursor. Can be used for transportation. 15 seconds 250
Kung Fu move 3.gif


  • Heavy Water Punch can be used as a travel move and dodge move in PvP and PvE since it covers a decent range but quite slow.
  • Great for farming as all moves are AoE, and doesn't have that big of a knockback.
  • Fairly great damage, range and hitbox as an First Sea Fighting Style.
  • Fastest click speed in all of the v1 Fighting Styles (does not count Superhuman)
  • Moves can be aimed in every directions.


  • X move [ Deadly Shower ] requires aiming skills.
  • Not recommended in PvP because it's slow. Water kung fu v2 is recommended and it's high combo potential.
  • Mainly, requires close range.
  • Moves requires prediction.
  • C move [ Heavy Water Punch ] can "mess up" and only hits one enemy out of a group.
  • Z move can be hard to hit in pvp.
  • Z move has a delay at the end which I cannot describe, maybe leaves the player stuck for a short period of time.


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