Blox Fruits Wiki

The Sea takes up a huge portion of the Map in this game. It is needed for a boat to travel.

You can swim in the sea to travel, but it's very slow and you will take damage if you are a Devil Fruit user.

If you are a Fishman you can swim quite fast in the sea, and if you're Fishman V2 and higher you can neglect the sea curse.

In Second Sea / New World, a Sea Beast can spawn if you are using a boat to travel in the sea.


  • Dough C and Dough F can travel on water (only if you have Fishman V2/V3).
  • You can walk on the sea with ice (un-awaken or awaken).
  • Sand users take x2 damage when swimming in the sea.
  • You take no damage in the sea if you have Fishman race, V2 and V3.
  • You can "drown" your enemy with attacks like Dough V, Dragon X (Not for so long), Dark V or Dark C (Dark X if done correctly), any Ice attack (if the enemy is on water and you freeze him), Kabucha X and Flame V2 X.
  • NPC's do not take damage in water.
  • NPC's immediately teleport back to their spawn after falling in the ocean.