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The Blox Fruits worlds are mostly made of water. A boat is needed to traverse the ocean, although a fruit with a mobility move can be an alternative for travel.

Another alternative is swimming. However, swimming is much slower than even a dingy, and players will be damaged rapidly if they are a Blox Fruit user. Sand fruit users will take twice as much damage in water compared to other Blox Fruit users.

If the player has the Fishman race, their swimming speed is increased and damage taken from water while having a fruit is drastically reduced. If a player has evolved their Fishman race to Fishman V2 / V3, they will no longer take damage.

In the Second Sea / New World and the Third sea, Sea Beasts can spawn randomly every 15 near a player, if they are traveling the ocean using a boat.


  • Dough C and Dough F can travel on water (only if the player have Fishman V2 / V3).
  • Players can walk on the ocean surface with Ice (un-awakened or awakened).
  • Sand users take x2 damage when swimming in the sea.
  • Players do not take damage in the sea if the player have Fishman V2 or V3
  • Players can "drown" player's enemy with attacks like Dough V, Dragon X (Not for so long), Dark V or Dark C (Dark X if done properly), any Ice attack (if the enemy is on water and the player freezes them), Kabucha X and Flame V2 X.
  • Enemy/ NPC's do not take damage in water.
  • Enemy/ NPC's immediately teleport back to their spawn after falling in the ocean.
  • If the player spams jump right before they take damage from the water, the player will be able to evade the "sea curse" / damage.
  • In Ice Raids, Ice users will fall in the water instead making a platform like other Ice fruit users (Note that ice can make a platform)
  • In Buddha Raid , the Buddha NPC'S can walk on water for a medium distance before they teleport back . This applies to boss and normal Buddha users ( NPC's).
  • Water is the only way that players can take damage while their Observation remains on.
  • buddha v2 is immune to water unless you transform while swimming.
  • The theme music of Water / Sea is Explorer, which was composed by Roblox.
  • Players can walk on the ocean surface with Magma V2 as of Update 17.2