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The Warrior Helmet is a Rare-tier accessory. To obtain the Warrior Helmet, talk to Bartilo at The Café. He will give you the Colosseum Quest if you are level 850 or higher. Once you receive the quest, head to the Colosseum and complete a puzzle to receive the helmet.

For help with the quest, watch this video:


The Warrior Helmet grants the user 12.5% more damage on Melee/Sword attacks and 5% cooldown reduction on Melee/Sword attacks. 

Pros & Cons


  • Good for Sword users.
  • Has cooldown reduction.
  • Has a decent attack boost.


  • Despite being a helmet, it does not give Health or Energy buffs.
  • The Black Spikey Coat is seen as better, even though this accessory takes longer to acquire.
  • The buffs are only applicable to sword mains.
  • Only reduces cooldown for Melee/Sword attacks, not fruit attacks.
  • Bad for fruit mains.