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The Wando blade is a Legendary grade sword. It is needed for the assembly of the True Triple Katana.


To obtain this you need to:

  1. Have B$2,000,000.
  2. Find Legendary Sword Dealer and buy Wando.

The chances to get this sword, from the Legendary Sword Dealer, is about ~ 33%.


Wando, like all Swords, has 2 moves.

Key Name Description Mastery Cooldown
Z key perfections.png
Continuous Slashing The user slashes in front of them. it explodes after the slashes dealing a decent amount of damage and knocking enemies (holding the button makes it last longer). max slash is 3.5 seconds 150 10 secs
X key perfection 3.png
Scatter Shot The user sends 4 air slashes similar to Bisento V2 in the direction of the mouse. 300 13 secs


  • High damage (especially on the Z move when held as long as until it ends).
  • Z move [ Continuous Slashing ] is a stun move.
  • X move [ Scatter shot ] is good for combos.


  • Mediocre range, outclassed by others.
  • Z move [ Continous Slashing ] has too much endlag.
  • Chop.
  • Bad for PvP comparing to other swords.
  • X move Has short range.


  • Dark X, Wando Z, Kabucha X, Wando X
  • Superhuman Z, Serpent Bow X, Wando X, Superhuman C, Dark F, C, Wando X, Superhuman X
  • (unawakened) Ice V, Wando Z, Serpent Bow Z,X, Sharkman X,Z, Wando X, Sharkman C
  • Awakened Sand X + Dragon Talon X + Dragon Talon Z + Awakened Sand C + Wando X + Wando Z

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  • Similar to other Legendary Katana-like Sword, this sword aura color is based on your enhancement color.
  • This sword, along with Saddi and Shisui is needed in order to obtain True Triple Katana.
  • Pairs well with multipule guns, for instance Kabucha and Serpent Bow.

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