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The Vice Admiral is a level 130 Boss NPC found in the main building at the Marine Fortress. He uses the Triple Katana and utilizes its [Z] move. Vice Admiral has ~4,150 HP and deals 140 damage per slash. His respawn time is ~7 - 10 minutes.

Move Description Damage Move Notes How To Avoid
Air Slashes Barrage Vice Admirals cuts the air, creating four flying slashes. 130 x 4 He uses this move when you are a distance from him. Stay alert and dodge.


The Vice Admiral has a 5% chance to drop the Coat. The Coat gives 200 Energy and a 10% extra damage boost to melee, and changes appearance depending on your team.


Level Required: 130


  • RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png15,000
  • 415,000 EXP


It's recommended to just server hop and fight the Vice Admiral, rather than going to the Skylands, as he gives the same amount of EXP as the Dark Masters, though giving almost double the money.