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The Venom Blox Fruit is a Natural-type Blox Fruit. It costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png3,000,000, or Robux.png2,450, from the Blox Fruit Dealer. This fruit has a 1.2% chance to be in each stock, and an 1.02% chance to spawn in-game every hour.

This fruit is one of the 13 fruits that glows in its physical form (others being Love, Barrier, Quake, Buddha, Phoenix, Rumble, Paw, Gravity, Shadow, Soul, Control, and Dragon), and one having a smoke-like effect in physical form, this also applies to Shadow. Venom is also being constantly compared with other great fruits such as dough, dragon, shadow, and soul. This fruit is also considered as one of the most overpowered fruits.


Name Description
Deadly Venom Every NPC or player within the radius of the attacks of Venom will be inflicted with a poisonous miasma, which deals a hefty amount of damage. Furthermore, if the attacks land on the ground, they will create a puddle of poison that deals even more damage if the enemy stands in it.
Fury The user starts off with 50% of their "Fury Meter" bar filled upon spawning. Your fury meter needs to be full to be able to transform. Fury is regained over time and drains while you are transformed. Using moves while transformed also decreases your fury meter by various amounts.
Transformation Much like a Zoan-type fruit, transforming will drastically change your appearance. While transformed, Venom users take the form of a giant three-headed draconic monster. You get buffed in a similar manner to Buddha, as you are still able to dash around and jump, but your moveset also gets powered up similarly to Dragon.
Venom Drop While transformed, sky jumping two or more times or going up to a good height and then falling to the ground will cause a small explosion and leaves poison miasma.

Key Name Description Damage tier Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Poison Daggers
The user fires a barrage of poisonous projectiles similar to Dragon C and launches them at the enemy with all landing simultaneously on the target. This leaves a puddle of Venom Miasma on the ground. Holding Z will make you fire more projectiles.
Cooltext A.png
1 mastery
X key perfect.png
Noxious Shot
The user gathers a large amount of poison around their hands. After releasing the key, the user launches 3 bolts of venom at the same time, dealing damage and leaving 1 puddle that splits into 3 more puddles. People that get hit by this move will have their vision distorted for a short while (NOTE : This ability got aim-assist/autoaim)
Cooltext A+.png
100 mastery
C key perfect.png
Toxic Fog
The user produces a deadly smoke, surrounding them completely until its duration ends. The smoke will continually deals damage to the opponent (5-6 ticks) if they stay within the proximity of the Venom user. Interestingly, once the opponent is damaged by only one tick of this move, or damaged until the smoke ends, they will still take poison damage, meaning that this move inflicts EXTRA poison damage (3-4 ticks), which is pretty much similar the X move.
Cooltext S.png
200 mastery
V key perfect.png
The user gathers a large amount of venom and then transforms into a Multi-Headed Dragon. This transformation affects the other moves by damage and how it functions
Cooltext E.png
300 mastery
F key.png
Serpent Wrath
The user surrounds themselves with venom that resembles a long serpent before beginning to fly. Your movement speed is quite slow in this form, but your speed increases as your health gets lower. Anyone that goes through the serpent will take continual poison damage. When the user stops holding F, it creates a small purple explosion, dealing AoE damage. Last for 30 seconds. Instead of charging straight at the enemy, you can hold the move and fly around them instead. Doing this will deal gigantic damage to the enemy and can reach up to 50k.
Cooltext A+.png Cooltext S+.png when hold
50 mastery

Key Name Description Damage tier Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Poison Daggers
The user fires a barrage of venom projectiles, this time the venom shots seem red, deal more damage and have a better hitbox
Cooltext S.png
1 mastery
X key perfect.png
Noxious Shot
The user gathers a large amount of venom. After releasing the key, the user spit out 3 bolts of venom at the same time, dealing damage and leaving 1 puddle that splits.
Cooltext A+.png
100 mastery
C key perfect.png
Toxic Fog
The user breathes out a massive cloud of venomous gas that surrounds the player and deals massive damage to anyone in its radius, Players who are taking damage and inside the fog, can't use their Geppo/Sky jumps and dodge/dash till they go out or the fog dissipates
Cooltext S+.png
200 mastery
V key perfect.png
The user absorbs the venom and returns to human form.
Cooltext E.png
300 mastery
F key.png
Serpent's Wrath
The user surrounds themselves with venom that resembles a long serpent before taking to the sky. This time, the serpent is much larger, and moves much faster based on how much damage you've taken in total. 3 smaller dragon heads spin around the serpent. Once the user hits a target or stops pressing F, the serpent explodes, dealing damage and leaving a poison puddle if near the ground. The 3 heads will also be released, homing in on any nearby targets and dealing more damage. Note: Only 1 target per head, if there’s only one target near you, one head will target it, and the other 2 will despawn after they hit the ground. The homing heads will last for 10 seconds.
Cooltext S.png
50 mastery

Name Gif
Poison Daggers 1,020px
Noxious Shot 1,020px
Toxic Fog Venom 3rd Blah.gif
Transformation 1,020px
Serpent's Wrath IM SO GOOD AT CODING.gif


Extremely good for close-range battles in an enclosed space (just like in the source material!) even compared to other fruits, as two of its moves work best in close proximity, and the poisonous puddles that deal damage over time are extremely powerful.
Works on both air and ground fights
Venom's passive can drain Observation dodges, making the Observation of your enemy nearly useless against Venom
Venom puddles stay on the ground for 10 seconds, giving enough time for the user's cooldowns to regenerate while keeping the enemy at bay.
Venom is best used while transformed to maximize damage, but even without it, it can still shred through enemy health.
Its high damage output with a lack of knockback makes it extremely useful for grinding, especially among the more expensive fruits.
Similar to Dough's X skill, Sticky Dough, Venom's X skill, Noxious shot skill auto-aims to the nearest enemy (must be pointing in the direction where the enemy is).
During Hydra form (transformation), you cannot be hit by any basic LMB attacks from NPCs.
Deals the 2nd highest damage out of all the fruits in the game (1st is Awakened Phoenix)
F when transformed is faster than regular
Transformation reduces inflicted damage by 60%-62.5% (much like Dragon)
Both Noxious Shot (X move) and Poison Fog (C moves) have a large AoE, both moves also inflict poison damage
Noxious Shot (X move) has really good hitbox
Venom's passive Fury drain is now greatly reduced, so players can now stay in Hydra form for much longer.
Damage on all moves has been slightly buffed (as of Update 17.2)
Damaging NPCs/players will help replenish the Fury meter quicker.

Using Toxic Fog while transformed forces the skill to stay in one spot, allowing enemies to easily avoid it (although it has big hitbox so most of the time it will hit and i-frame of 1 second)
Venom's range is pretty short, so it can be countered if the enemy keeps a long distance.
Difficult to obtain
Requires full Fury Meter to transform.
Just like Dragon, it’s fury meter needs 1 minute and 25 seconds to fully recharge.

Venom is currently the fourth most expensive fruit in the game (costing 3 million Beli to purchase), the third most expensive fruit being control, the second most expensive fruit being Soul and the first most expensive fruit being Dragon.
Venom shares similarities with Magma, as both have abilities that create puddles that cause damage over time. Their damage stacks as well, making them extremely strong.
Venom is the second fruit to have a Fury Meter, the first one being Dragon.
If you transform and immediately sit on a chair, the multi-headed dragon's walking, jumping and idle animation is replaced with the T-Pose that appears 1 second before the animations load in. Doing this does not drain your fury meter and jumping will make you sky jump instead. After pressing V again, the game still believes you are sitting, and does not allow you to jump but you will be able to move. To be able to jump again, you have to reset, get killed or leave the game. This glitch has been patched.
When transformed, your jump height increases.
Venom transformation slows you down a little
Mink's speed stacks with Venom's transformation
The flight skill of this devil fruit does more damage than its actual supposedly damaging move, Poison Daggers.
The lower your health the faster F skill is [mentioned in "moveset"].
Transformation reduces inflicted damage by 60%
As of Update 17.2 Venom's passive fury drain was greatly reduced.

Low Level Grinding

Venom is a great grinding fruit, even in the First Sea. If you get it in First Sea, make sure to not throw it away, because it is highly useful.

Usefulness: Even though this is an extremely hard fruit to obtain, there are many low level players who use Venom. This might seem counter-intuitive, as Venom has high mastery moves, and is hard to get all the moves of Venom on a normal play-through in First Sea. However, Venom is a lot like Magma, an S-S+ tier grinding fruit, with its passive damage of the opponent getting poisoned and the ground being toxic and hurts the opponent. The Z and F move both accomplish this, with the Z move making the ground poisoned and thus hurting the opponent if they step on it, and the F move making the opponents poisoned if you fly near them. These moves also have fast cooldown, so it is possible to spam these moves only. The best part about these moves is how quickly you can obtain them; the Z move is given as the first move, and the F move is the flight move, so it is natural to get it early, at 50 Mastery (you will most likely get the flight move on Pirate Village or Desert).

Grinding Technique without flight move: Find a generally small building, and get the NPCs crowded around the building. Then, when you have finished this, use the Z move, and make sure the venom that falls to the ground is touching the building. The NPCs should walk toward you, and they take passive damage from the venom. Repeat this process until all NPCs are dead.

Grinding Technique with flight move: Get a crowd of NPCs close to you. Then, double jump (if you have Skyjump, then jump as high as you like) and then, while using the flight move, fly down to the NPCs. They cannot hurt you if you are in the flight state until you let go of the F button. They should now be poisoned, and will be cured of their poison if you do not poison them again after a couple seconds. Keep flying around them until some of them die. If you let go of the F button, the serpent that you are flying as will explode and do some more damage to the remaining NPCs. Repeat until all NPCs are dead. If you want to do more passive damage, use the Z move on the NPCs before using the mentioned method of grinding.



  • Venom C + Venom F + Venom X + Venom Z
  • Venom C + Venom F (hold and fly around the enemy)
  • Venom X + Venom Z
  • Venom V + Venom C + Venom X (while the enemy is inside the smoke) + Venom Z
  • Venom C + Venom Z (hold) + Venom X
  • Venom C + Venom F + Venom Z (hold) (If succeeds, it is quite a high chance that will one shot kill.)
  • (Single Target, Medium Distance Away) Venom Z (Hold) + Venom X + Venom F (Fly towards enemy) + Venom C
  • (Multiple Targets) Skyjump + (Look towards enemies on ground) Venom Z (Hold) + Venom X + (Fall to ground) + Venom C + Venom F (Press)


  • Superhuman Z + Venom F
  • Superhuman Z + Superhuman C + Venom Z
  • Venom C + Pole Z and X / Acidum Z + Superhuman LMB + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C + Venom Z
  • Venom C + Pole V2 Z + Pole V2 X + Venom X + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C + Soru + Superhuman X


  • Death Step V + Venom F (fly towards the target) + Pole V2 X + Death Step C + Death step Z + Venom F + Venom X
  • Death Step V + Venom C + Pole Z and X / Acidum Z + Death Step C + Death step Z + Venom X + Venom Z +Venom F


  • Venom C + Pole V2 Z + Pole V2 X + Venom X + Venom Z + Electric Claw C + aim upwards + Electric Claw X
  • Venom X+Z + Electric Claw Z+C+X + Pole V2 Z + X + Venom C+X+Z (1 shot if ur aim is good and u get the stun, credits to Aprobarrieruser)
  • Venom C + Pole V2 Z,X + Acidum Z + Venom X + Venom Z + Electric Claw Z + (aim behind if needed) Electric Claw C + aim upwards + Electric Claw X (one-shot if you land every move, credits: Whopcap)
  • Venom C + Pole V2 X + Electric Claw X + Electric Claw C + Pole V2 Z + Venom X + Venom F
  • Venom C + Pole V2 X + Electric Claw C + Pole V2 Z + Venom X + Electric Claw X + Venom F
  • Venom C + Pole V2 Z,X + Venom X, Z + Electric Claw X,C,Z(up) + Venom F
  • [[Electric Claw]] X + [[Electric Claw]] C + Venom Z(up) + Venom X + Venom F (if you can)
  • Venom C + Electric Claw X + Electric Claw C + Yama X(Look up when using) + Venom X + Venom Z (or vice versa) + Venom F (Typically a one shot combo)
  • Venom C + Electric Claw C(Look up) + Electric Claw Z(Hold then look down) + Venom Z + Venom X + Venom

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