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Certified Kira part 4 & 8 fan.

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I’m passionate about Blox Fruits being an absolute horrid experience. However, most of my comments about this theorem are dedicated to satire and bears no affiliation to any individuals whatsoever.

What is that sound? Uh-oh... It's Minos and it's closing in fast! Let's get to safety and take a closer look. A new titan by Icarus Technologies. Fast, menacing, aggressive. Minos has two prominent features - powerful jet thrusters and... horns. These horns generate a magnetic field that hurls enemy robots away from the titan. When you press the ability button, Minos lunges forward and becomes an unstoppable assault force. It pushes enemies from beacons, breaking through the enemy lines with ease and with a bit of luck, you can even send robots flying off a cliff. Brutal! However, when its ability is active, Minos becomes difficult to control. Think about where you're headed before pressing that ability button - turning won't be easy. If your attack fails and you end up surrounded, Minos is ready to give you a second chance. It can activate a Reflector shield like those installed on Hawks. Reflector redirects a portion of the incoming damage back at the attacker, which usually makes you a less wanted target. Icarus engineers suggest quipping Minos with beta slot shotgun Squall... Or cyclone. The closer you get, the more damage these weapons deal. And since Minos can get in close really quick both these guns will be a perfect match for it. So, here is Minos. You better keep off those acid pools and watch out for its horns. Happy hunting, Commanders!

Thoughts and rankings on individuals:

1) AltofgreaninjaF4nCosHeforgothispass: most enjoyable person on the wiki and a friend.

2) Exteremepain: best wiki member with the exception of Greaninja. Shares similar feats with me.

3) Simplypie: a sophisticated Individual who I still consider as a great friend. I want to fully restore our friendship, however.

4) Trdforpets635: War Bot

5) 7Myth1x: Top wiki memeber until I met GreaninjaF4n.