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Upper Yard is a sub area of Skylands, which includes the Upper Yard Entrance, Upper Yard First Area, and Upper Yard Second Area. These Upper Yard Areas hold incredibly important NPCs and are much harder and higher level than Skylands, even though they are so close together. Upper Yard areas are much more cloudy than Skylands areas, and have huge trees and destroyed temples riddled around, with the extremely high up Islands of Upper Yard (First Area and Second Area) being the most important. It is also possible to fly up to First Area and Second Area, but it takes longer and it's not recommended.

Upper Yard Entrance

Accessing Upper Yard requires going to Upper Yard Entrance, which is a low sky island at the top of Skylands, and can be accessed by using Skyjump while on Skylands. There are a few enemies on Upper Yard Entrance, with quests given out by Mole, specifically, to defeat the God's Guards. Once you're on Upper Yard Entrance, you'll need to use a high power Observation Breaking Move that can destroy trees on some clouds inside the main temple. This will teleport you super high up onto the Upper Yard First Area.

Upper Yard First Area

Upper Yard First area is a sky island that's super high up, and is that one that you see in the sky while on the sea. The first area is a grassy plateau with some houses and NPC's, a spawn point, and a house with a glowing white door that teleports you back down to Skyland's fourth island. The Island is split into sections by the roots of a gigantic tipped over tree, the same tree that acts as a bridge between Upper Yard First Area and Upper Yard Second Area. There is also an inventory for you to select, and deselect items. On the left of this island, is Wysper, the Boss of Upper Yard First Area. While on the right, is the Shandas, the low tier enemies of the island. Going across the tipped over tree will take you to Upper Yard Second Area.

Upper Yard Second Area

Upper Yard Second area is the second island that can be bridged to via the tipped over tree in Upper Yard Second Area. Upper Yard Second area is much larger, and much more PVE focused, with the giant tree roots once again separating the island into a few different sections. The first section of UYSA (Upper Yard Second Area) is filled with the Royal Squad, which are the low tier grindy enemies of UYSA, and there's also Gan Fall, who'll give you the Quest to defeat these enemies. This first section also has a ton of rocks and temples just lying around. Next, the second section, which has the giant golden bell in the middle, is also riddled with broken buildings and junk, but also a gigantic temple in the middle which has a long stairway to the top, where Lord of Destruction the Observation teacher sits. You can actually destroy the doors to the temple at the bottom to access a room full of treasure chests, but that is if you can avoid the Royal Soldiers, the medium tier enemies you grind before fighting the Boss of UYSA.

The final section is the most important one, with the boss of the entirety of Skyland sometimes spawns. Thunder God, who has the Rumble and the Pole (1st form) for close quarters combat. He is incredibly powerful, and is also needed to be defeated for Gan Fall's Quest. Thunder God drops the Pole (1st form), and uses the Tomoe Ring, so his Blox Fruit does extra damage. Thunder God will still be able to hit you even if your a Rubber user because he’s a boss.