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Bisento V2

Bisento V2

One can upgrade their Bisento to Bisento V2 by defeating the raid boss, Greybeard/Whitebeard that spawns at the Marineford in the Main/Old World.

Bisento is upgraded to Bisento V2 after the user has taken 10% of Greybeard's total Health and Greybeard itself is successfully defeated. After these two requirements are met, a line of text will appear at the top of the screen: "<Something strange has occurred to your Bisento.>"

Note: Does not need to have Bisento equipped in their main inventory (the one located at the bottom of the screen) in order to upgrade it.

V2 Upgrades:

  • [Z] Wind Breaker: Flying air slashes are replaced with flying spheres.
  • [X] Quake Sphere: Sphere is bigger, and now explodes before disappearing.
  • Damage is very noticeably increased.

Saber V2

One can upgrade their Saber to Saber V2 by first reaching Level 350, reaching $1M Bounty OR Honor, and lastly, defeating a player that they will receive Bounty or Honor from. (In other words, defeating a player near their level.) After these requirements are met, a line of text will appear at the top of the screen: "<Something strange has occurred to your Saber.>" (This sword can deal the highest damage in the game)

V2 Upgrades:

  • Yoru V2 (Buso Haki)

    [Z] Deadly Rush: Triple Slash V1 now appears at the end of Deadly Rush V2's hitbox/animation. If hit perfectly, it will do the most damage out of all legendary swords.
  • [X] Triple Slash: Instead of shooting a triple slash, it will just shoot out a dragon looking projectile. Hard to dodge and very fast.
  • Damage is very noticeably increased.

Dark Blade V2

One can upgrade their Yoru / Dark Blade to Yoru V2 / Dark Blade V2 by completing the Son Quest. The Son Quest can be started by first reaching Level 350, and then interacting with Robotmega. Robotmega is located at Middle Town, in a building with a green roof near the Experienced Captain. After speaking to Robotmega, the player must locate and interact with a red doghouse located near the cave at Frozen Village. After interacting with the red doghouse, the player must locate and interact with three love letters located at Frozen Village, Marine Ford, and one of the lower Skylands islands. Due to how detailed an explanation for the Son Quest can get, it is recommended to watch the video listed below for a much more detailed and through walkthrough.

Yoru v3 / Chess Yoru

Yoru V3 / Chess Yoru

After the Son Quest is completed, a line of text will appear at the top of the screen: "<Something strange has occurred to your Dark Blade.>"

V2 Upgrades:

  • [Z] One Thousand Slashes: The slashes are noticeably more spread out, and the hitbox has noticeably been expanded. Additionally, the amount of time it takes to perform the skill is slightly decreased. This means that one is stunned for a shorter amount of time (as the player is stunned while performing the skill).
  • [Z (Held)] One Thousand Slashes: The area that the slashes appear in is stretched forwards. Additionally, the player will dash forward, while performing the skill, making the skill comparable to that of True Triple Katana [Z] Wolf Fang Rush.
  • [X] Dark Air Slash: The slash and hitbox have been made drastically wider.
  • [X (Held)] Dark Air Slash: The slash travels noticeably faster.
  • Damage is noticeably increased.


  • The ability to hold down the key in order to "charge up" the skills is exclusive to Yoru V2. Key word: "V2". No other sword offers this ability, and no other V2 upgrade offers the ability either.


One can change their regular Yoru into a "Chess Yoru" by unlocking the Graveyard secret. The only requirement to unlocking the Graveyard secret is upgrading every race excluding Ghoul and Cyborg to their respective V3s. Unlocking the Graveyard secret is quite simple, one must have a Fist of Darkness in their inventory and click on a button located near the massive indent on the center pillar of the Graveyard Island while a Darkbeard raid is occurring. The screen will turn white and a line of text will appear at the top of the screen: "<Something strange has occurred to your Dark Blade>..." Simultaneously a red line of text will appear in the chat: "A new Slayer has been born." and the player will unlock the title "Slayer of God".

Additional Facts:

  • All Chess Yoru does is change the original colors. Chess Yoru does not increase or decrease any damages.
  • Chess Yoru can be changed back into Yoru by interacting with an NPC located at Graveyard.

The first person to solve the graveyard secret, Iblisec, decided to name the white and black version of Yoru Chess Yoru because he thought the Chess table under The Cafe was related to unlocking Chess Yoru, and attempted to unlock Chess Yoru by winning over 1500 Chess games.

Pole V2

One can upgrade their Pole to V2 by gaining 180 Mastery, fully Awakened Rumble, completing an extra Rumble raid, and then paying 5000 fragments to the Thunder God NPC. Its has powerful stun, and is very effective with Awakened Dark or Awakened Ice. It also breaks Ken Haki.

V2 upgrades

  • Z: Hand of God: fires a Lightning Blast at enemies, with decent Aoe, damage and range.
  • X: Electric Prison: fires a lightning bomb, that stuns for a moderate amount of time.
  • Attack combo changes to a three strike combo, with the final strike as a dash.
  • Damage is increased.