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The Underwater City is an island located in between the Frozen Village and the Prison. To access it, the player has to enter a whirlpool surrounded by 3 rocks. Since it's a small area, it may be hard to find. It is recommended to set your spawn in this area if you are grinding enemies in the Prison, as it is the closest to it.

Upon entering the whirlpool, you will be teleported into the Underwater City. In-front of you, you will be greeted by King Neptune, the quest giver of this island. Besides him is a palace which upon entering you will find the Fishman Lord, who is the leader of the Fishman army outside the palace. Located out the left of the place are the Fishman Warriors and on the other side are the Fishman Commandos. The Water Kung Fu Teacher can be found behind the palace on the walls that are differently colored from the rest, enter the non-collidable wall and you should find him.



The theme of the Underwater City is Undersea Life, which was composed by DTF. There is one diamond chest and two gold chests.

The quest tracker for this island is currently bugged, as the compass displays the wrong directions. For all those confused people out there, UC is to the left of prison when standing at the front of it.

It is possible to get to this island without going through the portal by using a flight ability to eventually find the island way off in this distance

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