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The Twin Hooks is an Uncommon sword, aintroduced in Update 15.

It's wielded and dropped by Captain Elephant (Level 1875) Located at the Floating Turtle. The drop rate of Twin Hooks is 5% which is pretty rare considering its uncommon rarity.

It has a unique M1 animation compared to other swords and despite wielding two Swords in each hand it has a slow M1 click speed.

The abilities have above average combo potential and damage. The Prehistoric Punt will require very skillful aim in order to be of any use in PvP scenarios.


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Sky Cyclone The user creates a large AOE cyclone attack that does continuous damage and stuns the opponent briefly. 150
X key perfection 3.png
Prehistoric Punt The user dashes at the opponent, launching them up in the air and dealing quick damage. 300


Good Damage
Good AoE
Easy to use in a combo
Fast DPS, good for Buddha

Small Range


  • Unlike other Third Sea sword, this sword has an Uncommon rarity.
  • You can travel island to island by using the gliding glitch. (go high in the sky then spam M1 slashes while dashing.)
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