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Tushita Sword is a Legendary Sword, added in Update 15.

This sword has fast attacks with high damage, making it a top tier sword in PvP and in Raids. This weapon can arguably rival against the Mythical Rarity swords, even the Dark Blade.



First, you must obtain a God's Chalice. Then, activate the buttons using the legendary Enhancement colors and start the rip_indra raid. It is strongly recommended that you have access to the Portals so you can teleport to Hydra Island (Door can be an alternative). Go behind the waterfall and break the wall to the Yama room. Kill the ghosts, and enter a secret entrance. you might get it confused of the other ones, but just face the stone wall that you just destroyed, the first left (at the top) waterfall is the one that you can enter. Once you enter the waterfall, go through the portal, and you will be teleported to the Floating Turtle. A message will appear on your screen saying: "Begin. You have 5 minutes."

To navigate the torches, simply follow the guide. Also, you must light the torches in order. Once you spawn onto the island, hold out the holy torch in your inventory and turn right. What you need to know that after you turn right, you'll see a stone path. Go onto the stone path and jump onto the ridge and you'll find the first torch. Once you light that, jump off the ridge and turn right from the stone path and go to the next big ridge and find the second torch there. Once you done that, Find the Musketeer Pirates place and use that as a sign to navigate the third torch. Go to the Jungle Pirates place and go onto the houses on the tree to find the third. It's the hardest torch to find, but it won't waste too much time. Then go to the Mansion, turn right and go to the Forest Pirates place and climb the stone passage to the Mythological Pirates place. Go onto the pirate ship and find the forth. Finally, go back to the forest pirates place and go behind the house that is the closest to Captain Elephant. Light the torch, and a message will appear on your screen: "Well done. You may enter my hideout now."

The door to the level 2000 Longma boss will be permanently open for you. Go defeat him and obtain the sword. It's recommended that you use Awakened Buddha, Venom, Dragon and other fruits that give resistance to damage sources to defeat him. If you defeat him yourself, you have a 100% chance of obtaining the sword and the title "Celestial Swordsman" (note: The rumors of rip_indra needs to be alive for the boss to drop the sword is false. However, you do need him alive to open the gateway. Thus, indirectly, you need him spawned for the sword, but not for the boss to guarantee the drop).

If the rip_indra raid boss has already been defeated, you can still continue to light up the torches, making it easier as you can just wait for any player to summon rip_indra and quickly start the quest. Make sure that you need to enter the portal before the boss is dead. If you died because of bounty hunters while lighting up the torches, you can notice that the torches are still lit, and if you're lucky enough to summon another one, you won't have to light up the torches you already lit again. (If you're in the same server, happened to me before)



Move Name Description Gif
Z key perfections.png
Heavenly Lunges The user stabs repeatedly in front of them creating red circles that stun the enemy it hits. It ends with a strong large stab which has a longer range, more damage, and knocks enemies away (Holding the button makes it last longer). Max stabbing time is 1.5 seconds and can be moved around in any direction during that duration. (10 seconds cooldown) . ( THIS MOVE DOES NOT BREAK KEN IF YOU DON'T HIT IT IN THE CENTER)

Damage(300 Mas+No Enhancement/Accessories):~4212

Tushita skill z.gif
X key perfect.png
Celestial Ravager The user dashes and shoots a red slash with incredible speed, dealing high damage. This is similar to Rengoku's and Saber V2's Z moves. (15 seconds cooldown).

Damage:(300 Mastery+Enhancement/Accessories):~3099.5

Tushita skill x.gif


  • Good damage.
  • Good moveset (only one move can be used for mobility)
  • Very good combo potential
  • Pretty easy to hit the attacks even without a stun.
  • Good grinding capabilities.


  • Chop
  • Z move can be exploited if you hold it too long. Your opponent will be able to land attacks if you aren't careful.
  • Hard to get

Tushita vs Enma/Yama comparison.

Pvp: S+/A+(Still, it depends on the players PvP skills.)

Grinding: S/S-

Stuns/Combo potential: S++/S+

Mobility: S-/S

Range: B+/S

Damage: S+/S

Tushita has won over Yama because the damage and combo potential in Tushita is insane.

It is recommended to use Tushita if you like pvping and bounty hunting. However, you need to be level 2000 to be able to get Tushita.

If you're below level 2000, it is recommended to use Canvander. Canvander is similar to Shisui, just slightly buffed and dated, Good Damage, Good Combo Potential and Easy to use with a bit of aiming skills.

Tushita vs Canvander comparison.

PvP: S+/S+ (Same)

Grinding: S+/A+

Combo Potential: S/S+

Mobility: A/A+

Range: B+/S

In terms of grinding, It is recommended to use Tushita because of its high damage, and lesser mobility. But in terms of PvP, Canvander has better combo potential, stuns, mobility and Canvander's Z move is a fairly good combo starter.


Instruction to complete Tushita Puzzle

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