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The current max level cap and stats cap is 2300.

If you need tips or help leveling up or are concerned about something on this page contact @Tubbs16 or @Luxiousle in either the comments or in their message wall. (Contact me instead, as he said he wanted to kind of "disassociate" with the guide. -Luxiousle)

This page is the only leveling guide on the wiki. This is because it is updated frequently by the community and it's also the first leveling guide made as a page on the wiki. Therefore, any other similar page will be seen as a duplicate and likely will get deleted.

Useful Information

  • Levels at which the Elemental effect activates can be found on the Elemental page.
    • Elemental can be used as a great alternative to Buddha, especially in the First Sea.
  • It's recommended to use the awakened Buddha fruit transformation to your advantage while grinding.
    • Buddha is useful for hitting enemies at a range, even with the recent nerf in Update 17.
    • Buddha is extremely useful for enemies with Enhancement, making it overshadow the Elemental immunity, especially in the Third Sea.
    • Buddha is very useful for third sea since the logia effect require a lot of high levels in third sea.
  • Guns are very good at getting the NPC's attention, making gathering easier.
  • If you intend to do any overnight grinding with any swords/styles that pushes the player forward when used, set your local autoclicker software (we recommend the open-source AutoClicker) to click no less than 1,2 seconds (1 second, 200 milliseconds).
    • Dragon Breath requires no less than 1,4 seconds (1 second, 400 milliseconds).
    • Dragon Trident requires no less than 1,5 seconds (1 second, 500 milliseconds).
    • Pole (2nd Form) requires no less than 1,5 seconds (1 second, 500 milliseconds).

The codes listed below gives the player various buffs when entered. You can use this to your advantage while grinding.

Code Reward
Sub2UncleKizaru Free Stat reset
Sub2Fer999 20 minutes of 2x Experience (NEW)
Enyu_is_Pro 20 minutes of 2x Experience (NEW)
JCWK 20 minutes of 2x Experience (NEW)
StarcodeHEO 20 minutes of 2x Experience (NEW)
Sub2OfficialNoobie 20 minutes of 2x Experience
TheGreatAce 20 minutes of 2x Experience
Sub2NoobMaster123 20 minutes of 2x Experience
Sub2Daigrock 20 minutes of 2x Experience
Axiore 20 minutes of 2x Experience
StrawHatMaine 20 minutes of 2x Experience
TantaiGaming 20 Minutes of 2x Experience
Bluxxy 20 minutes of 2x Experience
SUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP1 30 minutes of 2x Experience

If you'd like, you can do a run entirely without using Codes. Bragging rights, you know?


If going with a simple Buddha or any Elemental fruit, simply put your stats as 60% in melee, and 40% in defense. You don't have to make it exact, just do whatever you think sees fit.

If using any Elemental

  • Around 60-70% in melee, and 30-40% in defense. After, use melee fighting styles to nearly one-shot enemies you have immunity to. No need to put anything in the fruit/sword/gun stats, unless you wanna play differently (which is not recommended). It's pretty much useless putting anything in Blox Fruit, so don't ,but if you have a high damage fruit or fruits with sword you can do 60-70% fruit 20% melee and defense

If using Buddha

  • Is known as the current meta for grinding fruits, regardless of being awakened or unawakened as both can evade hits near-perfectly.
    • If you have it awakened: 65% in melee, 35% in defense,(if your skilled, and i mean REALLY, then you can put 80% in melee, and 20% in defense. Works for me! shiftlock recommended.) then use transformation. Unique perk is that its effective against npc with enhancement, unlike the Elementals that are weakened. It is unwise to place any points in [Devil Fruit] as you will be using mainly melee.

If using any Natural or Beast

  • When using any fruits such as Zoan or Paramecia (Beast/Natural), timing will be your ally. If you are using a fruit such as rubber/quake/pheonix and such, its important to use lures (like slingshot) to group up all the nearby npcs. this will ensure that you can maximize damage to the npcs in question. Its also important to use skyjump effectively as most npcs (minus those with flying slash attacks) will be unable to harm you in the air. This pair nicely with the fact that most natural and zoan type like rubber/quake/pheonix have attacks that allow you to hold them and aim, allowing you to levitate until released. It is true that is it faster in the shorterm to use buddha/elemental fruits for grinding, but natural and beast fruits are known to be much more versatile in abilities such as AoE, DoT, Stun and overall damage. When dealing with knockback, you want to find the ''perfect distance'' where knockback is minimized (Rubber's Cannon tends to hit softer if you aim directedly at their torso from roughly 3 dashes away)

Personal Notes (ThatRandomGuy241):

After trying on 3 different accounts, it seems grinding shandas (lvl 475) to lvl 700 is the most effective for grinding. The reasoning for this is because it is one of the most effective areas to round up npcs, making you able to complete a quest roughtly every 1-2 minutes. The royal guards are kinda spread in a weird formation as well as the Royal Soldiers. It is recommended to completely avoid Fountain City as the npcs are drastically spread out and behind walls, making you waste alot of time gathering them all. Second and Third sea should be grinded as usual.

Personal notes(Hangmen)

After trying to grind using natural highly expensive fruits using 4 accounts,there is one easy way to level up and gain mastery with a friend.This should be done at level 10 and most stats into fruit. The method is advised for natural fruits with high mastery requirement.Go to fountain city and ask a friend to damage the Npcs there.There should be 1 Npc close to a small wall.Lure the Npc and get him low(friend), then you use your combat through the wall and keep on clicking and dont stop.When the Npc is down really low(100 or less hp), then use your devil fruit skills and destroy him.Do this till you are level 45.If you do not understand you can watch how gamernom does it here from 0:00 to 2:51.

There are two starter islands, one for Pirate and one for Marines. Depending on your picked side, you'll spawn at the respective island.

Marines have Trainees, pirates have Bandits. Both are level 5. Group in groups of 4 and kill using Melee. Prepare yourself for getting an Elemental fruit; around 50% melee, 50% defense. Kill until you're level 15.

Note: The Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin is located on top of the Jungle temple, or just above the Saber Expert, on the main Jungle island.

Monkeys Lv. 15

  • You have to fight them one at a time because they are spread out. Pretty annoying but quick to get to Gorillas instead.

Gorillas Lv. 20

  • Group them all together and kill.

Gorilla King (Boss) Lvl. 25

Use ranged moves if possible. It does a move where it pounds the ground for 2-3 seconds that briefly stuns everyone in the vicinity. Easiest to do with a cheap Logia like Smoke and Flame. (Logias DO NOT work on bosses, it's just for the attack moves). You can sit on the elevated ledge to kill the gorilla king without being damaged.


Note: The Dark Step Teacher is in this area behind a fence and by a tree. The fighting style, Dark Step, it is good for farming, but it all depends on your preference. It costs $150,000. The Sword Dealer of the West is also here, and sells the Dual Katana for $12,000 and Iron Mace (Kanabo) for $25,000.

Pirates Lvl. 30

Gather all of them together and kill.

Brute Lvl. 40

Farm these if you want. They are spread out a lot and take longer to kill. It's recommended to farm these though because they give around 10k more EXP. They use the Iron Mace.

Bobby (Boss) Lvl. 55 Uses the Bara Bara no Mi (Chop)

This fight might take a while for lower levels. Due to the fact that he uses the Bara Bara no Mi (Chop) fruit, he is immune to all swords, even if they are coated in Buso Haki. Logia WILL NOT work. this is the same with all bosses.

Note: He can still be damaged by Light and Ice swords due to them being Fruit Swords instead of normal Swords.


Note: This island is really easy to get out of due to it giving a lot of EXP with 2x codes.

Desert Bandit Lvl. 60

Group up all of them and kill.

Desert Officer Lvl. 75

Gather them all up and kill.


Note: The Sword Dealer of the East is here and sells the Triple Katana for $60,000 and the Pipe for $100,000.

Note: The Ability Teacher is located in Secret Cave here! He teaches you various useful abilities!

Snow Bandit Lvl. 90

Gather all of them up or gather 4 of them and kill. Farm these and Yeti until level 120.

Snowman Lvl. 100

Recommended to skip these, they are too far apart and are not worth it.

Yeti(Boss) Lvl. 110

Keep your distance and use ranged attacks. He is pretty much an upgraded Gorilla King with the same pound attack. Farm this and Snow Bandit until level 120. (Logia does NOT work)


Note: This isn't for farming, but it is for the Raid Boss that spawns here.

The Saw (Arlong) (Boss) Lvl. 100

The Saw is a Raid Boss that spawns in the Middle Town every hour. His Raid Boss message says "The Saw has spawned! You have 15 minutes to defeat him and possibly get a rare reward!" He drops the Shark Saw sword which is a quite a useless sword. It has short range and mediocre moves. This sword is not recommended for neither PvP or grinding. Despite being one of the largest swords in the game, it has the same range as a normal sword. Logia does not take effect on the Saw as he is a boss. Note: This boss is level 100 but is able to be killed at level 50-70+ (Depending on how skilled you are) with a devil fruit.


NOTE: The level 750 Greybeard (Whitebeard in the Anime) spawns here every 4-6 hours. The Raid Boss message in the chat will say "Loud tremors are being heard across the seas..." If you have the Bisento at all when you defeat him (it can be in the Inventory Chest) it will say "Something strange has happened to your Bisento..." This means that your Bisento is now a Bisento v2. Keep in mind you only have 15 minutes to defeat him, otherwise he will despawn.

Chief Petty Officers Lvl.120

These enemies are easy, you can only gather up 2 at a time though so it may be slow. Farm them and the Vice Admiral until level 150. You can get these stuck by sitting on any single elevated ledge because they have no ranged moves.

Vice Admiral (Boss) Lvl.130

This boss is hard for lower levels because he can deal around 150 damage a hit. An easy tactic is to lead him out to the left side and down the stairs. For some reason he can't get back up so you can barrage him with ranged attacks. Just watch out for his Triple Katana's flying slashes. Logia does not work on him because he is a Boss.


Note: The Master Sword Dealer is on the island where you take the quests. He sells the Dual-Headed Blade for $400,000 and the Bisento for $1.2M.

Note: The Mad Scientist is located at the base of the cloud stairs, behind a floating rock. He sells the fighting style Electro for $500,000. This can be upgraded to Electric Claw in the Third Sea.

Sky Bandits Lvl.150

Gather them all up and kill. Farm this until level 177.

Dark Master Lvl.175

Gather them all up and kill. Farm this until 227 and go to Impel Down occasionally. Logia activates at 177.


Note: It is recommended to get Shank's Saber at level 200 because it is a good sword. Logia does not work in Impel Down because everyone is a boss. Swan, not to be confused with Don Swan, uses the Ito Ito no Mi (String). Also, the Military Detective and the Blox Fruits Remover are here. The Military Detective is key for getting into the New World.

Warden (Boss) Lvl.220

Stay at long ranges so he can't hit you. Logia does not activate because he is a boss.

Chief Warden (Boss) Lvl.230

Like the Warden, stay at a long range. Logia does not activate as he is a boss.

Swan (Boss) Lvl.240

This is the hardest of the 3. Lead him outside and barrage him with long range attacks. Don't get close or he uses an AoE move that packs quite a punch. Keep dodging because even at long range, he uses his Multi-String attack that comes from above. Logia does not activate due to him being a boss.


Toga Warrior Lvl.250

Gather 4-5 up and kill them. Farm until level 277. Logia activates at level 252.

Gladiator Lvl.275

Gather 4-5 in a group and kill them. Farm until level 306. Logia activates at 277.


Note: The Soul Cane can be bought here from the Living Skeleton (Brook) its Z move is a good stun and costs $750,000. It is hidden in the front-left side of the volcano. It is recommended it buy Ken Haki (aka Observation Haki) for 750,000 Beli in Skypiea Upper Yard.

Military Soldier Lvl.300

This NPC has a 50% chance to spawn with Buso Haki, making Logia useless. Make sure to use ranged Devil Fruit attacks or use Chop to avoid taking damage. The ones with white swords do NOT have Buso Haki and can be attacked freely if you are a Logia Fruit user. Kill the 3 on the right side and then kill the 2 on the left side. Farm until 330. Logia activates at level 304. You can farm these at any level with a long range attack as they get stuck on any side of the bridge. If this happens they can’t climb and you can easily chip away at them.

Military Spy Lvl.330

At this point you should have Ken Haki (Observation) because it is useful since Logia doesn't take effect because of the Military Spy's Buso Haki (Enhancement).Gather 4-5 of them up and kill them. These enemies have an 100% chance to spawn with Buso Haki, so it is recommended to keep your distance. They also have Soru (Flashstep) and can teleport to you. Farm until 350, and then farm Magma Admiral and them until 381.

Magma Admiral (Boss) Lvl.350 Uses the Magu Magu no Mi (Magma)

The Magma Admiral is a relatively hard boss due to the fact that you can take damage from the lava in the middle of the volcano and because he does high damage. He throws out a big Magma Fist at medium-long range. There's another move he uses called Magma Column which is used at close-medium range. He has a chance to drop the Refined Musket. Logia does not work due to him being a boss.


Note: Water Kung-fu can be bought here behind the boss building in a secret area. It costs $750,000 and is better for PvP than grinding but still has impressive damage output. It has an upgraded version called Sharkman Karate acquired in the Second Sea.

Fishman Warrior Lvl.375

Group them in groups of 3-4, use Logia if you can. (They are somewhat spread apart). Logia activates at level 381.

Note: Farm these until level 406

Fishman Commando Lvl.400

Group together and kill. (One spawns inside a non-collidable tree, make sure to group him too. Can be seen easier with Ken Haki). Farm until level 458 with the Fishman Lord. Logia activates at level 406.

Fisherman Lord (Boss) Lvl.425

This boss is hard for beginners. An easy way is to hit him, and lead him to a window so you can hit him with attacks. He has 2 phases and heals to max in his second phase. Good fruits to solo this boss are fruit with AoE so you can hit him through the wall. (Flame, Light, Magma, Ice etc). Logia has no effect due to him being a boss. He has a chance to drop the Trident. It is recommended to get Trident because it's z move can pull npcs towards you


Note: This is one of the easier areas because of the fact you can group enemies together.

God's Guard Lvl. 450 | Elemental at Lvl. 458

Group them ALL up, and kill them at once. Always be careful of their jump, it might make them dodge attacks.

Shanda Lvl. 475 | Elemental at ~Lvl. 483

Gather them all together and kill.

Wysper (Boss) Lvl.500

Beware of his Bazooka as it does loads of damage. Keep dodging throughout the fight and use ranged attacks. (Tip: if you lead him over the tree root and behind a house, he gets stuck and his Bazooka cannot hit you. Use AoE moves to damage him this way). Logia has no effect due to him being a boss. Farm him and Shandas until level 535. He has a chance to drop his Bazooka.


Royal Squad Lvl.525

Group all of them together and kill. (Can be hard due to a rock sometimes making them get stuck). Farm until level 560. Logia activates at level 535.

Royal Soldier Lvl.550

Gather them up in a group of 3-5 and kill. (If you don't have Chop or a Logia, dodge every once in a while to avoid flying slashes). Farm until level 637. Logia activates at level 560. (I recommend you take out the 3 on the left and then take out the 2 near Enel).

Thunder God Lvl.575 Uses Rumble

This boss is relatively easy if you stay far away. Use ranged moves like fruit attacks (Light, Flame, and any other high damage fruit). Rumble Dragon can be avoided by dashing and jumping. He only uses Sky Thunder when close to him, and again, it can be avoided by dashing out. He has a chance to drop Pole (1st form) which is the gold weapon he uses in the anime. You can upgrade the Pole v1 to Pole v2 in the Second Sea.


Galley Pirate Lvl.625

Recommended to farm these as they can be avoided with a Logia fruit. They are hard to group up though, besides two on top of a grassy area. Farm until 700 - 800. Logia activates at level 637. A somewhat good path to use is to kill the 1st Galley Pirate at the left of the quest start, after that gather 4 Galley Pirates then kill them, you can kill the last one or return to the 1st Galley Pirate to make it faster, after that gather 2 of them and kill.

Galley Captain Lvl.650


You can farm these if you're willing to buy / eat chop. It may be more efficient since you can group them together unlike the Galley Pirates. You will have to rely on your sword or fighting style for this. Farm until 700 - 800. Logia doesn't activate because they have Busoshoku Haki but Chop activates at around 670 (Dodge Swords).

Cyborg / Franky Lvl.675

This boss is pretty hard to kill. Stay as far away as possible so you don't get hit by his fart or close range attacks. His missiles can be dodged using Ken Haki but it is recommended for you to just dash away if he uses them. (Tip: Stay behind the Franky House and use moves that can pierce walls or get an angle where you can hit him and he can't hit you). Farm this and either Galley Pirates or Captains to 700 - 800. He has a chance to drop his Cool Shades which is arguably the best Old World accessory besides Santa Hat.

Head to New World once you get level 700, or if you want to be able to progress faster, farm here until 775 or 800.


Raider Lvl. 700 Logia at Lv. 716


Raiders are too far spread apart and don't reward enough for the effort it takes. Their quick tackle also makes it really annoying to farm as they sometimes dodge your attacks. Farm until level 741.

Mercenary Lvl. 725 Logia at Lv. 741


Mercenaries are also extremely slow to farm. If you don't have a logia their ground raising attack hurts and knocks you back. Kill the 3 in each camp and repeat until you reach level 793. Logia activates at level 741.

Diamond (Boss) Lvl. 750

Diamond spawns on top of Flower Hill. Under him, through a non-collidable secret door, is Arowe who upgrades your race to v3. Diamond has 3 moves, a small flying slash he sends at the player, a move he uses that releases many slashes from himself when the player gets close to him, and a slam attack that he uses to teleport to the player and damage them. A strategy is to use long range moves and keep dodging as his attacks are easily avoidable. He drops his Longsword that has 2 of the attacks he uses. Logia does not affect him as he is a boss.


Swan Pirate Lvl. 775 Logia at Lv. 793

Gather them in groups of 5-6. Farm them until level 897. Logia activates at level 793. There is also a strategy as a mastery / EXP farm where you stand in between the spawn of 2 swan pirates and as soon as they spawn they both target you. This makes it useful if you autoclick a Sword, Fighting Style, or a Fruit Sword (Ice, Light).

Factory Staff Lvl. 800 Logia at Lv. 830


The enemies are too far apart and they don't reward enough. They also have fruits (Bomb, Spike, Smoke) that can harm Logia users so it's recommended to farm Swan Pirates. Farm until level 897.

Jeremy (Boss) Lvl. 850 Uses the Bane Bane no Mi (Spring)

Jeremy is a good money and EXP farming boss. He is also part of the Colosseum Quest where the player has to free the trapped gladiators. A good strategy for taking out Jeremy is to stay at long range with fruit / sword attacks. Another strategy is staying outside of his walk range (so he teleports back) and spam ranged attacks. He uses 2 attacks of the Spring fruit, Spring Snipe, and Spring Cannon. He only uses moves at close range so it is recommended to stay at long ranges. Logia does not affect him as he is a boss. He drop black spiky coat which is a good accessory for early new world. and is useful for farming. Farm him and Swan Pirates until level 897.

So you have to grind in The Kingdom Of Rose for the first 197 lvls (175 if you dont use logia)


Marine Lieutenant Lvl. 875 Logia at Lv. 897

Gather them in groups of 2-3 and farm. Farm them and Fajita until level 976.

|Marine Captain Lvl. 900 Chop at around Lv. 924


These enemies have Busoshoku Haki allowing them to hit Logia users. You can farm these if you're willing to use Chop, but you will have to rely on a Sword or Fighting Style for damage. Farm until level 976.

Fajita (Boss) Lvl. 925 Uses the Zushi Zushi no Mi (Gravity)

Like Jeremy, Fajita is a good money and EXP farming boss. He uses 2 of the moves from the Gravity fruit, Gravity Push, and Meteor Rain. He uses Gravity Push at close-medium distances and it is hard to avoid unless you're very fast. When you see a purple beam shoot into the sky from him, that means he uses Meteor Rain. All you have to do is dodge backwards a fair distance and use ranged attacks to hurt him. He drops the Gravity Cane. Farm him and Marine Lieutenants until level 976. Logia does not affect him as he is a boss.


Zombie Lv. 950 Logia at Lv. 976

Gather them in groups of 5-6 and farm. Farm them until level 1028.

Vampire Lv. 975 Logia at Lv. 1001


They are too spread apart to be good enough for farming and can use Soru (Flashstep). Farm until level 1028.


Snow Trooper Lv. 1000 Logia at Lv. 1028

Gather them up in groups of 5-6 and farm them until level 1132 or level 1150.

Winter Warrior Lv. 1050 Logia at Lv. 1080


These enemies have 2 attacks that can hit Logia users that stun which can lead to bad situations. Overall not recommended to farm. Farm until level 1132. Logia activates at around level 1080.


Note: On the table by the bed in the Mansion, there is the combination for the Colosseum Quest. Everything here cannot be accessed until the Colosseum Quest is completed and you reach level 1000. When you kill Don Swan for the first time you unlock the Swan Ship and have access to being able to upgrade your race to v3.

Don Swan Lv. 1000 Uses the Ito Ito no Mi (String)

Don Swan is a boss accessed by giving Trevor a fruit worth $1M+. He uses the String fruit and has two phases. The first phase is relatively easy with him attacking occasionally and only using 2 moves from String, the first being used at close range and is an upgrade Multi-String attack that moves in an X shape, and the second being Ultimate Thread. Once you get through the first phase, Don Swan starts to use moves every few seconds and has much more damage. He will now use 3 moves during his second phase, one being the Multi-String attack, one being Ultimate Thread but awakened making it split into 3 ways and doing more damage, and the last being Overheated Sniper. He has a chance to drop his Swan Glasses, which people call the best New World accessory. He also has an 100% chance to give you the Swan Ship upon death. Logia does not affect him as he is a boss.


Lab Subordinate Lv. 1100 Logia at Lv. 1132

Group the 2 by the quest giver and kill them, then group the other 3 together and kill them. Farm until level 1211.

Horned Warrior Lv. 1125 Logia at Lv. 1158 or Lv. 1159


These enemies can use a small version of the Ice Surge move and the Glacial Epoch move that can stun and hit Logia users. Not recommended to fight. Can be more useful to farm more than Lab Subordinates as they are closer to each other but remember to always air-camping because their ice moves are ground-based. Farm until level 1211.

Smoke Admiral (Boss) Lv. 1150 Uses the Moku Moku no Mi (Smoke)

This boss has a really small area to fight him in. It's recommended to walk outside and get him stuck inside behind a wall and spam moves at him. His quest gives less money than Jeremy, Diamond, and Fajita, but considerably more EXP. He has a chance to drop the Jitte and can blind you or fly towards you with his Smoke fruit. Logia does not affect him as he is a boss. Recommended to farm until level 1250.

Magma Ninja Lv. 1175 Logia at Lv. 1211

Group 3 of them together and kill them. Go to the next 3 and then back. Farm until level 1288.

Lava Pirates Lv. 1200 Logia at Lv. 1237


These enemies don't have Busoshoku Haki but they have a Magma attack that can break Ken and hit Logia users. Recommended to farm Magma Ninjas with 2x EXP. Farm until level 1288.


Note: A Raid Boss called the Cursed Captain spawns here with a 1/3 chance every night. His message in chat says "A shiver runs down your spine..." Like most other Raid Bosses, you only have 15 minutes to beat him until he disappears. He is level 1325 and uses the Midnight Blade. He drops 10 Ectoplasm every kill and has a small chance to drop the Hellfire Torch (required to get Ghoul race). Every enemy has a 50% chance to drop 1 Ectoplasm.

NOTE: If you grind here with Buddha, have z unawakened because awakened z is too tall to walk through some areas

Ship Deckhand Lv. 1250 Logia at Lv. 1288

As you enter the Cursed Ship, immediately turn left after taking the quest and farm the 4 Ship Deckhands that are nearby each other. Farm these until level 1350 or 1394.

Ship Engineer Lv. 1275 No Logia, Chop at around Lv. 1300


These enemies spawn with Busoshoku Haki and are very far away from their quest givers. They also spawn in small amounts making the quest take even more time than needed.

Ship Steward Lv. 1300 Logia at Lv. 1342

Gather them all and then kill them. There are no special tactics for these enemies. Not recommended to farm because they can get stuck and are far away from eachother. Farm until level 1394.

Ship Officer Lv. 1325 No Logia, Chop at around Lv. 1350.


The same thing as the Ship Engineers, they spawn with Busoshoku Haki and are very far away from the quest giver.

Cursed Captain (Raid Boss) Lv. 1325

Recommended to have 2-3 people here. Have someone with a stun move like Superhuman Z or Electro C. Dough Barrage and others work fine too. He drops 10 Ectoplasm when killed and has a small chance to drop the Hellfire Torch which is required to get the Ghoul race. Again, Logia will not affect bosses.


Note: You can get the Hidden Key from any NPC here (best chances from Awakened Ice Admiral) and the Library Key from the Awakened Ice Admiral.

Arctic Warrior Lv. 1350 Logia at Lv. 1394

Gather all 5 of them and kill them towards the middle of the area. Farm these until level 1400 for Awakened Ice Admiral and then farm both until Lv. 1425. You can farm these until Lv.1473 or server-hop Awakened Ice Admiral as they are close to each other.

Snow Lurker Lv. 1375 No Logia, Chop at around Lv. 1420


These enemies have an attack that can hit Logia users making them terrible to farm. They also spawn with Busoshoku Haki meaning Logia is ineffective anyway. Chop doesn't work either as they can use Ice Surge, the second move of the Ice Fruit, that stuns and breaks observation.

Awakened Ice Admiral Lv. 1400 Uses the Awakened Hie Hie no Mi (Ice)

Occasionally check up there to see if he has spawned while waiting for the arctic warriors to spawn. He has the Awakened Ice fruit and uses 3 of its attacks. He will use Ice Spears at medium-long range that can't pierce / go through objects (which makes getting him stuck behind a wall so good), Glacial Surge at a medium distance, and Absolute Zero at a close range distance. He has a chance to drop the Hidden Key to get Rengoku (to the right of where he spawns there is a room with a chest), and the Library Key to get Death Step. Farm him until Lv. 1473 or Lv. 1425 if you don't like server hopping.


Note: This is the newest island added to Blox Fruits in Update 14. It starts at level 1425. The boss, Tide Keeper, is a relatively hard boss due to his massive health and high damage attacks. You can get Sharkman Karate from Daigrock when you get the Water Key from killing the Tide Keeper (low chance)

Sea Soldiers Lv. 1425 Logia at Lv. 1473

Group these in batches of 2-4 and farm. They are the best to farm here because they have no Buso and only use the first move of Fish-Man Karate.

Water Fighters Lv. 1450. Buso Haki No logia.


These enemies have Busoshoku Haki and use the X move of Fish-Man Karate. They are too spread out to be worth farming.

Tide Keeper Lv. 1475. BOSS NO LOGIA

A very strong boss which spawns every 30 minutes. Lots of health, wields a Dragon Trident and uses the moves for it. It can spawn a fake sea beast with 20,000 health that attacks you. Recommended to do this with at least one other person. This boss can drop a Water Key (needed for Sharkman Kung Fu) and Dragon Trident. Grind at Sea Soldiers and set a timer for 30 minutes to then defeat this boss.


Note: Port town is the island where you first spawn upon entering the third sea. It’s level minimum is 1500 and it’s maximum in order to go to the next island is 1575. The NPC’s here deal above average damage, so it is risky to use the grouping method since they can launch attacks simultaneously and deal MASSIVE damage.

Pirate Millionaires Lv. 1500 | Logia at Lv. 1552


Pirate Millionaires have both the skills of Bisento v1, this makes it tricky to group them together without getting severely damaged or killed. Use ranged moves and group them up, Buddha works too. Group up batches of 2 - 3 and farm until level 1525.

Pistol Billionaire Lv. 1525 | Logia at Lv. 1579


Pistol Millionaires can use the skills of Musket, including the second move. Avoid their "Tornado Shot" to avoid getting stun-locked and dying. Group as many up as possible, and then use AoE attacks. Ranged attacks are recommended. Farm until level 1575.

Stone Lv. 1550 BOSS NO LOGIA

Stone does extremely high damage when you are fighting him at close range. Since he has the powers of the Bomb fruit, his weakness lies in his inability for AoE attacks at long range. Keep your distance and dish out attacks in order to gradually lower his health and defeat him. Keep in mind he has a significantly reduced cooldown on Bombs’ first skill allowing him to spam that move and possibly hit you when you are using an attack.


Note: Hydra Island is the next island after Port Town, it is recommended to get Buddha here because the Logia levels have been raised considerably. There are 2 areas here, area 1 that gives the quest for Dragon Crew Warrior and Dragon Crew Archer, area 2 gives the quest for Female Islander, Giant Islander, and Island Empress.

Dragon Crew Warrior Lv. 1575 | Logia at Lv. 1631

Dragon Crew Warriors are scattered near the quest giver making it hard to gather all of them. They deal above average damage and it is likely to die if no resistances are being used. (Buddha / Logia)

Dragon Crew Archer Lv. 1600 | Logia at Lv. 1658


The Dragon Crew Archer uses the Serpent Bow's Z skill. It is not recommended to grind here as the archers use ranged attacks, and due to the high Logia requirement.

Female Islander Lv. 1625 | Logia at Lv. 1683

You can easily defeat it by gaining elevation and / or using ranged moves. They use the Iron Mace with the X skill of Pipe.

Giant Islander Lv. 1650 | Logia at N/A (Buso)

This enemy has Busoshoku Haki. They use the Z skill of combat, and the ground pound of Gorilla King and Yeti. Try to get elevation and use ranged attacks. Tanking with Buddha (awakened) also works.

Island Empress Lv. 1675 | Logia at N/A (Boss)

Island Empress is a Lv. 1675 Boss who uses the Love fruit. She uses the Z, X, and V skills. Constantly dash to avoid these attacks and use ranged attacks. If Buddha is being used, she shouldn't be too hard. It is possible to launch her with moves like Superhuman C or Death Step Z or X, allowing a brief period of time to regain footing.

She drops the Legendary Gun, Serpent Bow.


Note: Great Tree is the next island after Hydra Island. It is recommended to get Buddha here because the Logia levels are extremely high.

Marine Commodore Lv. 1700 | Logia at N/A (Buso)

It is recommended to use Buddha while fighting these enemies. Grind these until level 1725.

Marine Rear Admiral Lv. 1725 | Logia at Lv. 1790

Recommended to farm these enemies until level 1775 along with the Kilo Admiral. As with the Commodores, use the Buddha fruit. This NPC is good for farming mastery.

Kilo Admiral Lvl. 1750 | Logia at N/A (Boss)

Kilo Admiral is a Lv. 1750 Boss that uses the Kilo fruit. She uses the X and C skills. She is easily defeated with Buddha, allowing for a fast level or two in the middle of Admiral farming.

She drops the Rare Accessory, Lei.


Note: Floating Turtle is the next island after Great Tree. Buddha is recommended :)

Here you can find the Mansion and Previous Hero. You can also find Blox Fruit Dealer, Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin, Awakenings Expert, Nerd, Norp, Colors Specialist, and Bounty/Honor Expert. You can also find the portal to go to Castle on the Sea and the leaderboards are here too. And you can trade here and play chess too. (As of Update 17 Part 1 you can find Magic Elf, Greedy Elf, and lastly Santa Claws here)

(Sorry in Advance for this part being a little bland)

Fishman Raider Lvl. 1775 | Logia at 1844

Recommended to group up and kill them. Farm until Level 1800.

Fishman Captain Lvl. 1800 | Logia at 1870

Gather in a bunch of 3 and kill until level 1825.

Forest Pirate Lvl. 1825 | Logia at N/A (Buso)

Mythological Pirate Lvl. 1850 | Logia at N/A (Buso)

Captain Elephant Lvl. 1875 | Logia at N/A (Boss)

Jungle Pirates Lvl. 1900 |Logia at 1974

Musketeer Pirate Lvl. 1925 | Logia at 2002

Beautiful Pirate Lvl. 1950 | Logia at N/A (Boss)

Note: To enter the Beautiful Pirate domain you need to be level 1950 or you can soru glitch in on Hydra Island. The place you have to soru in is at the dummy room.

Haunted Castle

Here you can find Uzoth, and Gravestone.

Reborn Skeleton Lvl. 1975 | Uses Death Step | logia at 2056

Living Zombie Lvl. 2000 | Uses Flash Step, Superhuman | logia at N/A (Buso)

Demonic Soul Lvl. 2025 | Uses Flame | logia at 2107

Possessed Mummy Lvl. 2050 | Uses Dark | logia at 2136

Sea of Treats

Peanut Scout Lvl. 2075 | Uses Cutlass | logia at 2161

Peanut President Lvl. 2100 | Uses Enhancement | Logia at N/A (Buso)


Sea of Treats (ICE CREAM ISLAND)

Ice Cream Chef Lvl. 2125 | Uses Dark Step | logia at 2215

Ice Cream Commander Lvl. 2150 | Uses Enhancement, Dual-Headed Blade | Logia at N/A (Buso)


Cake Queen Lvl. 2175 | Uses Buddy Sword (BOSS) | Logia at N/A (Boss)

Farm ice cream chef or cake queen until lvl 2200