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Dragon Hurricane

TTK in the Anime


(Not to be confused with Triple Katana) True Triple Katana/TTK, is a Mythical Sword, one of the best Swords in the game.

If you have a Haki color enabled, this sword will turn whatever color you have enabled because it is coated in with your Buso Haki. If you don't have a Haki color enabled, it'll just be white.


It can be obtained by:

  1. Get Saddi, Shisui, and Wando. All cost B$2,000,000 from the Legendary Sword Dealer, giving a total of B$6,000,000 the three Swords
  2. Have 300 Mastery on Saddi, Shisui, and Wando.
  1. Buy it for B$2,000,000 at the top of the highest “stem” in Green Zone, from the Mysterious Man.
  • During the fusion, it does not take away all 3 of the Swords, so you will still keep them all. THEY WILL BE STORED IN YOUR INVENTORY.


True Triple Katana, like all Swords, has 2 moves.

Key Name Description Mastery Rating
Z key perfections.png
Wolf Fang Rush The user dashes forward, slicing everything in their way. If you happen to hit into your opponent where the skill's trajectory ends, it deals bonus damage. This briefly stuns your opponent, making it good for combos. 150 S-
X key perfection 3.png
Dragon Hurricane The user shoots a small twirling dragon that deals little damage to anyone in its way. After a few seconds, or if the dragon touches something, it will explode into a blue hurricane. The hurricane hits multiple times and launches enemies upwards. The hurricane lasts for 2-3 seconds and deals good damage. 350 A+


  • The Z move, [ Wolf Fang Rush ], takes away a lot of dodges (~ 3) meaning that you can 'drain' away all your opponent's dodges and cause them to run out quickly.
  • TTK X move, [ Dragon Hurricane ] deals good 'poke' damage.
  • Highest damage per click, swing speed about the same as Saber.
  • TTK Z move, [ Wolf Fang Rush ], hitbox is decent.
  • TTK Z move, [ Wolf Fang Rush ], travels pretty far.
  • TTK Z move, [ Wolf Fang Rush ], has a short stun.
  • The X move, [ Dragon Hurricane ], is good for combo disruption.
  • The X move, [ Dragon Hurricane ], has the biggest Sword hitbox in game.
  • Good for raids because of the large hitboxes.


  • Moves only Ken Break on direct hit.
  • Very hard to get.
  • Endlag on both moves.
  • TTK Z move, [ Wolf Fang Rush ], is easy to dodge.
  • TTK Z move, [ Wolf Fang Rush ], throws enemies up into the air which can be bad for grinding.
  • High Mastery requirement.(Not a problem in New world(2nd sea) and 3rd sea)


  • Finding the Legendary Sword Dealer is quite difficult. Furthermore, the Legendary Sword Dealer may not sell the Sword you are looking for. It's also very expensive to obtain since each of the 3 swords costs B$2,000,000, plus the fusion cost, totalizing B$8,000,000. It may take you a long time to get this because you need to grind 3 Swords to 300 Mastery in order to obtain it and find the legendary sword dealer, which can take you a long time
  • If your opponent is trying to hit a combo use Z, [ Wolf Fang Rush ], immediately so they unexpectedly get thrown upwards instead of the regular knockback
  • Despite being the combination of three legendary Swords, it is advised to just use Shisui. However, there are a lot of people who use this anyway, so keep the weaknesses in mind. If used correctly with a good build, like any other sword, it can become extremely powerful. It may have gotten heavily nerfed , but that doesn't mean it's completely invalid
  • This is one of only three mythical Swords in the game. The other being Yoru (Dark Blade) The third being Hallow Scythe added in Update 16.
  • When you use the 4th m1(click) attack in the air, you travel a distance further than the z move(tested and proved)


TTK Z + Refined Slingshot Z + Superhuman C + TTK X + aim upwards + Superhuman Z