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The Trident is a Rare weapon. It has two attack moves, just like every other sword in the game.


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Trident Throw The user throws the trident, with a black rope attaching the end of the trident to your arm. Upon contact with a solid wall, you are swung to where your trident hit. This has a limited range and does a small amount of damage if it hits a player/NPC. If you hook a player or NPC, you will pull them to you. This move has a very small hitbox as well as very little damage. However, if used right, it can be used to make combos much better. 50
X key perfection 3.png
Water Pulse The user creates a small shockwave that surrounds the user. This shockwave pushes back any enemies in the range. Does medium damage. 125

Obtainment and Showcase


  • Relatively good sword for beginners.

    Trident 1st Move

  • You can grapple to walls and bring people / NPCs to you. This can be quite useful for grinding, since you can just lasso your enemies to you, rather than to have to walk to them.
  • X move can cause knock back unwanted players.
  • Really good for fruits without a good or no travel skill.
  • If you aren't a sword main great for travelling with first move


  • X move is a close range move.
  • Chop
  • Outclassed by other swords that are easier to get, such as Saber V2.


  • This is the first Trident in-game to be added.

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