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The Toga Warriors are located at the Colosseum. They are level 250, the lowest level NPC at the Colosseum. There are two NPCs at the Colosseum; Toga Warriors and Gladiators.


Toga warriors have 2,800 health and do 152.3 damage each punch. Toga Warriors do not have any special abilities or skills, and award about 11,000-14,000 Exp when defeated. Their levels are 250.


Their quest requires the player to be level 250, is given by the Colosseum Quest Giver, and awards B$7,000 and 1,100,000 Exp when finished. For the quest to be finished, the player must kill 7 Toga Warriors.

Elemental Immunity

Players need to be level 252 to have Elemental immunity against Toga Warriors.


People normally take on the Gladiator quest after the Toga Warrior quest.

It is best to farm these with a Elemental fruit as they do not have Enhancement.

You can easily kill these NPCs by luring them to the small rock near the ramp to the Colosseum. They sometimes will be able to get up, but most times they will not.