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Here is a list of a bunch of tips and tricks to help you out with the game. This page might be completely useless to an experienced player, but can be a blessing to someone who just started the game. Here is the list of tips and tricks:

- Every Elemental Fruit has a special passive ability that makes you immune to all Guns, Swords, and Melee attacks of your opponent ( Including NPC and Players ) as long as you're at the same level or higher than them unless they have Enhancement.

  1. Once you spawn in the game you should save 30k to buy Chop, Chop is immune to swords so it's like a cheap version of a logia, also, almost all the NPC's have swords, so you're basically a logia, or find reliable friends that are giving away fruit (good bonds, with others can lead a long way). (You now need 30k. Still, asking a friend for a fruit or farming Beli with quests or chests is a good idea, you can get a good fruit in no time).
  2. It is recommended to switch to marine, because they have faster and less expensive boats when you start the game for a tiny advantage.
  3. Elemental is recommended for grinding. A good, cheap, examples are Flame and Magma, which are both good for grinding and PVP.
  4. Don't buy swords, in first sea only have bad ones. Try to get saber, that is a boss drop for people with a level above 200. But it's better to be a Fruit main.
  5. Stats: So here it is you can go hybrid, Gunner, fruit main or sword main. Lots of people also use fighting styles. (Note: Hybrid is the worst way you can spend stats, you'll either deal almost no damage or have no HP and Stamina).
  • Fruit main is recommended as Blox Fruits have more skills than swords (Swords will only have 2 skills). As a beginner, more skills with great damage is your best choice.
  • Once again, Hybrid is the worst build to be at first sea to second, as you will deal low damage and have low hp. If you are a Fruit main(Highly Recommended) Sword Main or Gun main, you should spread your stats be 3, one third to melee, as they are a very good source of damage and increases maximum energy points, another third to defense, as it increases your hp, and Fruit/sword/gun, depending on which one you main.
  • It is recommended to be sword main with Ice since Ice stuns. It is good but there are other fruits that go well with swordsman, like Paw (don't recommend because too expensive and if you are not in the Second Sead, getting mastery is hard). There is also Dark but is recommended using Ice, because Dark isn't that good without AWAKENING IT.
  • (As said before in a note, try not to be a hybrid, my recommendation would be to choose what do you want to main at the start of the game. If you want to main any other thing, either waste Robux, Fragments or codes to refund your stats. - Molt1117).

  1. Farm Beli for Buso Haki, Flash Step,Black Cape and Skyjump those things are VERY USEFUL you will need B$185k to buy all of it, it is extremely cheap when you first get to ice island and have only grinded the quests and the chests around you, you should be able to buy it easily.
  2. Get rid of just plain melee, that thing sucks, so go and grab yourself Dark Step, good for starters, but it does lack long range and is hard to hit in PvP so be aware.
  3. Get Observation again the same thing farm Beli.
  4. Yeah and that's it also if you wanna change your race, travel to Second Sea / New World and go to Norp and he will change your race for 3000 Fragments.You also can change it with Robux or you can trade it with Candies. (Note: During Update 16, you used to be able to trade 300 bones to change your race, this is no longer possible as of Update 17)
  5. keep Saber V1 and upgrade it to Saber V2 (V2's Z move, if aimed correctly, will do the most damage of all the legendary Swords).
  6. When you are between level 330-350 use Geppo / Skyjump and ranged skills to fight Military Spies due to their Soru and 100% chance of spawning in with Haki or you may stay in the air far enough from the ground and cast ranged skills against the NPC.
  7. When in Old World and you happen to receive the Shark Saw from The Saw, would recommend Triple Katana (if you're a low level) instead of it since the triple katana has a long-range move to push away enemies.

- Devils Fruits are mostly found under plants (Ex: Trees, Cacti, Bushes, ETC.)

- Devil Fruits obtained from the Factory Raid don't despawn

- Press Q to dash, CTRL to run, J to turn on Enhancement, R to use Flash Step, and E or K to turn on Observation. (fun fact if you use Q to dash on pc you can also activate you running)

- Some fruits give you some passive abilities and eating them, such as Elemental giving you invincibility to non-Enhancement users and Rubber being immune to Electric fighting style, Rumble and Guns,

- There are three types of fruits: Logia (Elemental), Paramecia (Natural) and Zoan (Beast), each differing from the other. They also have different strengths/weaknesses.

-(Elemental): turn you into an element which you can use to fight or to walk on water (or ground with Ice awaken), roll (Dough) and become invincible. (There are currently 8 Elemental types, also including Dough only if Observation is activated)

- Paramecia (Natural): Non-elemental abilities and powers produced by the user's body. (There are currently 12 Natural type fruits)

- Zoan (Beast): animal transformations in stages. (currently only 4 Beast type fruits)

Note: Some people recommend buying Chop with Robux as it is very cheap and its passive is among the best because Chop is a nightmare to every sword user. It is only about 100 Robux and very OP for sword mains, although it is cheap to buy for in-game cash.

- There are hidden Diamond Treasure Chest scattered all over the world. They respawn every 10 minutes, one is found in a bunch of crates on Pirate Island and another is found on the third sky island where you buy Bisento inside the tower. They give you large amounts of Beli (about 2k-10k+).

- Every boss in the game can hit Elemental users, bosses using swords can hit Chop users and Thunder God can hit Rubber users.

- It is easier to clump enemies together and then kill them together instead of killing them one by one in grinding (use the Slingshot from First Sea to gather NPC's).

- Do not steal a boat from a recently deceased player. He will probably buy a new one and since the game registers the boat to be his and only one boat is allowed per person, the boat you just stole from him will vanish and you'll fall into the sea and drown (Only if you Have A Blox Fruit or you are didn't have Fishman race).

- The Advanced Boat Dealer offers unique boats that are both powerful, fast, tanky and cheaper (if you are a Pirate).

- Remember, most enemies in the game are quite easy to defeat, so focus on spending extra points on a damage stat.

- For beginners, since this is a beginner page, if you found a fruit eat it. unless you know what it is and don't want it, give it to someone else, you can give it to new players so they can lvl up better.

- Having trouble with Elemental Devil Fruit users? Fear no more. Just buy Enhancement and you can damage them no matter how high their level is.

- It is recommended to do bosses quest and server hop instead of doing NPC's Quests (like kill 8 Marine Lieutenant), this is strongly recommended if you are not Logia, you will get more xp, more mastery, and more Beli

- Sky Jump and Enhancement are extremely useful in PVP, they are required if you want to do well.

- Don't farm on Bosses. they take way too long to respawn, plus they're all strong if you are around their level (except for high-level individuals) and you're better off killing more NPC on a Quest. However, a technique called "server-hopping", which is constantly switching servers in hope of a boss already spawned can be even more effective than the normal NPC grind. Server Hopping Bosses is a more effective way to grind them and is the best way to grind levels.

- If you have good Fighting Styles and find the Buddha Fruit, it's easy to farm Bosses (and raids in the Second Sea).

- If you want to farm cash fast, just server hop to farm Bosses (or Swan Pirates in the Second Sea), it's a very useful tip to gain cash.

- It is a good idea to join a private server (owned by a friend) to grind easier within the game. There are several different private servers here.

- Don't rush on getting expensive fruits that aren't a logia until max level, for example, awakened Quake, Control, Gravity, or Paw. Is recommendable to get a logia like Light or Ice since they are good for leveling up

- To get Saber v2 quickly, spam kill the Mob Leader since he respawns quickly and gives a decent amount of bounty.

- Is highly recommended to use Flame, it's probably the best fruit for farming (if you are fruit user), it's good for grinding, has good damage, quick cool downs, and due to it's large AOE, good for PVP, and maybe better if awakened), it also is one of the cheapest fruits you can get as a low level as a beginner. It's recommended to only switch flame when you find Buddha.

- Another highly recommended fruit to use is Light, it might be a better fruit/substitute for Flame, due to it also having good damage, great grinding potential (most moves have no knockback + Elemental), quick cooldowns, might also have better mobility than Flame (Note that you can only move in one direction (can be fixed by v2) and it's speed is based on HP), good for PVP but you might need to aim a bit, and most importantly, a m1. An obvious downside is that it's more than twice the price of Flame fruit.

- Second sea has a lot of bounty hunters, bullies, and toxic people but you can take advantage of the "Died Recently" protection to farm safely and to not get ambushed by those mentioned.

Fruit spawn

Fruits spawn on the map every hour / despawn after 20 minutes.

  • Fruits will despawn after 40 minutes in your inventory.
  • Physical fruits in your inventory tell you their name.
  • You can buy fruits from the Blox Fruit Dealer. He restocks random fruits every 4 hours.
  • You can buy a random fruit from the Blox Fruit Dealers Cousin, starting at 25k Beli for player with level 1
  • Private servers will only spawn 2 fruits max until reset.
  • Fruits like Quake (Tremor (Quake)) are less likely to spawn than weaker fruits (This applies to the fruits dealer too).
  • Leaving the game with a physical fruit in your inventory will despawn it.
  • Consuming a Fruit will make you take damage when you enter deep water (reduced damage with Fishman v1, no damage with Fishman v2/v3, and Buddha V2 (partially) ).
  • Consuming a second fruit will replace your current fruit.
  • There is a Devil Fruit Remover on the walls of Impel Down that will remove your fruit for B$50,000 (this is completely useless because you can change fruit without the need of delete your fruit).

Farming Guide by Trifold

Level 0-10 Bandit / Trainees (or go directly to monkeys because you get to level 10 very fast)

Level 10-15 Monkeys

Level 15-20 Gorillas

Level 20-30 Gorilla King

Level 30-40 Pirates

Level 40-55 Brutes

Level 55-75 Server Hop Bobby

Level 75-90 Desert Officer

Level 90-100 Snow Bandits

Level 100-105 Snowmen

Level 105-130 Server Hop Yeti

Level 130-200 Server Hop Vice Admiral

Level 200-225 Server Hop Warden

Level 225-250 Server Hop Warden & Chief Warden

Level 250-350 Server Hop Warden, Chief Warden, & Swan because Military Soldiers have Buso Haki (Enhancement)

Level 350-400 Server Hop Magma Admiral

Level 400-425 Fishman Commandos

Level 425-475 Server Hop Fishman Lord

Level 475-500 Shandas

Level 500-550 Server Hop Wysper

Level 550-575 Royal Soldiers

Level 575-650 Server Hop Thunder God

Level 650-675 Galley Captain

Level 675-750 Server Hop Cyborg (SKIP THE FIRST 2 NPCS AT NW)

Level 750-850 Server Hop Diamond

Level 850-925 Server Hop Jeremy

Level 925-950 Server Hop Fajita

Level 1100-1150 Lab Subordinates (cause horned warriors have many stun attacks)

Level 1150-1300 Server Hop Smoke Admiral

Level 1300-1325 Ship Stewards

Level 1325-1350 Ship Officers

Level 1350-1375 Arctic Warriors ( these npc's are highly recommended for farming level and mastery)

Level 1375-1400 Snow Lurkers

Level 1400-1475 Server Hop Awakened Ice Admiral

Level 1475-1525 Server hop Tide Keeper

**Alternatively you can do Raid Boss Order from level 1450-1525 if you have a good squad and a lot of spare Fragments.**

Feel free to add more. >:}

Alternate guide if you want > Tubb's leveling guide

Multi-Level Up Guide By Redturtle234

I felt like adding this because it is extremely useful for helping any noobs get a good jump start on the game all you need is a high-level player to help a beginner get to at least level 100 real fast.

So the high-level player can get the new player a Fruit, any works but Flame, Ice, and Smoke work best because they are good starter Logias. Then you take the noob to Colosseum because there are decently high-level NPCs that give good exp. The high level can then knock the Toga Warriors or Gladiators to about one shot and let the new player use their fruit to kill them (works best if the high level has a logia themselves and can stand there while the noob hits the NPC). If possible they can be taken to the Sky Islands/Skypiea and to Upper Yard to fight Shandas or Royal Squads which are very high-level NPCs in the Old World also without ranged attacks. This can get the noob to level 100 easily after about 20-30 minutes of good grinding and enough money to get Geppo/Skyjump and Enhancement/Buso Haki and enough leftover money to get a decent Sword, like Triple Katana, and later the first accessory Black Coat. After getting to level 100 it becomes harder to level up faster without doing quests so they can be taken to the Frozen Village and start grinding on their own

I’ve used this method countless times and it’s very consistent. recently I got an IRL friend of mine to level 120 got all the abilities on their Flame fruit, Combat Fighting Style, and Triple Katana. If any noobs can get a pro to help them or if any pros need to help a noob this works very well

If you have any tips or suggestions feel free to add more :)



Q) What are some counters to Dough?

A) Unfortunately, not a lot. But there ARE some viable counters, and that is Awakened Ice, Yoru, and True Triple Katana (TTK), and Fishman V3's Water Body ability.

Important note: try to stay away from water (or lava) if you aren't a Fishman. Dough can easily drown you by using sticky Dough to slam you into water/lava then follow up with Restless Dough Barrage

Note: Keep in mind one thing- Official PVP is when you are 1v1 and you both start at the same time, and bounty hunting is randomly attacking the opponent without them knowing it.

Although new at first, Progressing in Blox Fruits is quite simple. You don't even need Robux to progress in the game! Here are some notes that you should consider when starting the game:

  • Elemental fruits are recommended for farming as they make you immune to all damage from an NPC's, so long as you are higher level than the NPC's (105% of the NPC's level), it doesn't possess Buso Haki, and it doesn't use a fruit.
  • At a low level, getting a fruit over the cost of 1 million beli is not recommended because the mastery levels are higher and it will be harder for you to master those fruits.
  • Fruits are better for grinding (excluding Bomb and Spike) since they have more moves than Swords and Guns, thus making them more versatile.
  • It isn't recommended to become a Hybrid if you are looking to farm since it limits your damage output, melee damage, or health.
  • Place your Stats evenly between Melee, Defense, and whatever you wish to main (Swords, fruit, or Guns).
  • Purchasing Abilities is crucial, so do it when able (preferably once you are around level 60 for Enhancement, Sky Jump, and Flash Step) ; and around Lv. 300 for Observation).
  • Server hopping bosses are much more efficient than farming NPCs. This is because they are easier to kill, give more EXP, and provide Mastery which helps you unlock new moves and increase your damage. That is why once you can do Thunder God you should server hop him until you can do Cyborg, then Cyborg until Diamond, then Diamond until Jeremy, etc. (If you can't do the bosses, ask for help or do NPC's quests.)
  • For the reason stated above, it is recommended to enter the Second Sea at level 750 since the NPC quests at that level give minimal EXP.
  • If you are a Swordsman, fruits that provide mobility and stun are recommended. If you are a Gunner, fruit that provide stun are preferable. If you are a fruit main, fruit with decent AoE (Area of Effect) and high damage are recommended.
  • Accessory-wise, Black Cape is a good starter accessory and then shift to either Swordsmen Hat for Swordsmen, Tomoe Ring for fruit mains, and Pink Coat for Gunsners. Once you can do Cyborg, get Cool Shades. They are the best Old World Accessory and will be good for you to keep even in New World/Second Sea. Once you are in New World/Second Sea go for Black Spikey Coat until you can get Swan Glasses as Swan Glasses give the best buff in the game regardless of Stats configuration.
  • On the matter of Race, different races give different visual appearances. Changing to Mink will add white bunny ears (the ears turn black upon achieving Mink V3). Changing to Fishman will add a blue dorsal fin (the fin gets bigger and fainter in color upon achieving Fishman V3). Changing to Skypian will add white wings (the wings get bigger and wider upon achieving Skypian V3). Changing to Human does not add any visual appearance. Speaking of which, Human is the worst Race in Blox Fruits, so if you can, switch it out for another Race.
  • Being a swordsman in the Old World is fine, but being a fruit main is more advantageous in Old World since the best swords you can get are probably only Saber , Bisento, and Dark Blade - Proskillz12356

Tips on Pvp

In Blox Fruits I am sure some of you would like to know the best way to kill bosses, NPC's, and PVP players. I got some tips to show you.


  1. Firstly, if you're not a main Sword or Guns player, you can rather mainly upgrade your Devil Fruits, melee and defense for a stable PVP. Or unless you want more damage you can just upgrade your defense and blox fruits stat.


  1. One of the best ways to kill bosses around your level is to get them stuck. You can get the boss stuck at certain places then spam your attacks. I would recommend sword and fruit rather then melee for this. If there are no places to get the boss stuck, Just keep your distance.
  2. Keep circling the boss you fight. It will make it hard for them to hit you. Then when they use their attacks stay back.
  3. Sometimes certain bosses have ground slam so you cant move and keep damaging your character, just try to keep your distance or keep spam q.


  1. The best way to kill NPC's is to gather them. All you need to do is hit them and bring all the NPC's around you 1 by 1. When they are grouped use all your attacks to kill them all at once.
  2. Try to use Logia if needed. Logia helps a lot for grinding


  1. The best way to PVP is to practice your skills and get a good combo. Skills are very important if you wanna win a PVP match
  2. Take the high ground. It would make them waste stamina to Sky Jump up to you. If they hit you using long range attacks just keep dodging

Awakened Ice VS Dough

Unlike every other fruit, this fruit has the power to stun the Dough user and is continuously stunning the Dough user, for them, Ice is SUPER DEADLY to them since 75% of the Dough skill requires moving and continuous attacking so to defeat them, first, all you need to do is use the Ice dragon to stun em, after the stun, they are dead confirmed since you can keep stunning them. But of course if you a sword user, just use your sword to wreck them. (important, always remember don't use your SORU until the opponent uses restless Dough barrage move.)

Dark Blade/TTK VS Dough This matchup actually isn't that hard. Dough doesn't have many moves that can reach fairly far places, besides fried Dough and restless Dough barrage. While the Dough user is trying to barrage you, make sure to Flash-Step away so you can hit him with your projectiles, which would be Dark air slash and dragon hurricane. Since ttk allows you to dash forward, you can use that to go through the barrage after you soru away and hit them with a juicy z move. It might be hard to complete these steps, because you might not know when he's going to do the Dough barrage. Good luck to you guys.


1.] Swordsman Tips: I recommend using Shisui if you are going to PvP people I say this cause it has decent cooldowns and if you have the right devil fruit you can make up some good combos like Ice awakening. Over all this is a really good sword since it doesn't have a move that can leave you open for attacks unlike the other TTK swords.

[2.] Death Step Tips: I recommend you to use your own playstyle since almost everyone knows the 100-0 combo so try and be natural with this fighting style since you can use wind bullet while on cooldowns for other moves just for a little bit of poke damage. Vermillion Drill is really good for stunning opponents so use that to set up some combos like here is a basic one you can do : Wind Bullet , Vermillion Drill.

[3.] Gunner Tips: There are only 2 main Guns that you will use: Acidum Rifle and Kabucha (Maybe Bizarre Rifle, but not that much). For Acidum Rifle you should use either Dark Awakened + Soulcane or Ice|Ice Awakened]]. You can use other fruits like Paw but they are harder to combo with. Kabucha, however, has a lot more option when it comes to support fruits. You can use Paw+ Soulcane, Ice|Ice Awakened]], Dark Awakened or another pull/stun fruit. Recommended swords would be: Koko, Shisui, or Rengoku for mobility; Soulcane for combo starting/extending; or even TTK to break Observation.

Swords are specialized to be like melee with speedy cooldowns, Most people are fruit or Guns mains, but swords can be very damaging. For example, Saber V2, if aimed correctly can deal the most damage of all legendary swords. Rengoku's X move is the second strongest and can even beat Dragon fruit. Feel free to add more.

Control Tips

Control is a SERIOUSLY underrated fruit but there's reasons for it. Control can be a straight up MONSTER if used correctly due to the fact that Gamma Rush and Echo Knife have one of the longest stuns in the entire game, suit for combos and it can ken break. Levitate can effectively limit your opponent's movement space and force them to stay in the control zone. Inside the zone, control can counter technically everyone except for Phoenix, Dragon and Skypian specifically.

Control is good on land, but it is rendered USELESS if used in air due to the fact that levitate cant hit in the air, echo knife is hard to hit overall and gamma rush can easily miss in the air too due to its startup time. Your strongest skill, teleport is also unusable in air. As a control user myself, I use Superhuman, Death Step and Koko due to the fact that they all have long ranged moves and can hit in air (Also because im a Law fan so I use Koko and Zebra Cap).

The best way to win in air battles is actually just not engaging with enemies in air. Either teleport around your room while avoiding your enemy's attacks or just give up since running away as control is hard because your only travel move is teleport, which can only be used inside the control zone. Dont try to engage even if you have a good fighting style or sword as that means 1525 stat points of yours are rendered useless as control users are mostly fruit mains.

Another main thing when using control is to be very aware of the time your control zone dissapears as you can easily die without your zone. Use a stun move like Superhuman's Z or Echo Knife before you reopen your zone to prevent yourself getting combo'ed by your enemies.

Also for the low levels there wanting control, DONT GET IT IF YOUR LEVEL IS LESS THAN 1K. It is because its bad to farm in places like Green Zone because levitate just self destructs before it hits the enemy and its has the 2nd highest mastery requirement in the entire game. Just use stuff like Light or Ice as its overall better at farming.


There are a lot less counters to this fruit than to Dough, but there are a few viable ones. They are Awakened Flame, Awakened Ice, String, Yoru, and True triple katana.

Awakened Flame VS Awakened Quake

This battle will not be easy since Quake hits much harder and is easier to hit than Flame is. Don't give up hope yet though. You have to have the V move (Flame destroyer), C move (Fire vortex?), and X move (Prominence burst). Always keep them away from the ground, unless you are gonna aerial camp. If you do, use the combo C, X, V, which will do great damage and will still have burn damage. If the Quake user uses tsunami, use rocket flight to fly above the tsunami.

Awakened Ice VS Awakened Quake

A tricky battle once again. You must have all of the stun moves for Ice: V (Absolute Zero), C (Ice Dragon), and X(Glacial Surge). When the Quake user gets close, you must use your V move to stun them, then combo into it with superhuman fighting style. Make sure to always stay at a safe distance away from the Quake user.

String VS Awakened Quake

The most important thing about using String is having amazing aim. Since String completely outranges Quake in any way. Go to a high place where the tsunami cannot hit you, and spam your C move. When it is on cooldown, hold the rest of your moves and wait for it to reload. If the opponent comes up to you, use your v move to deal huge damage to them.

Dragon VS Awakened Quake

This is an easy matchup. Dragon's damage and area of effect surpass Awakened Quake, and the range is WAY better. For Dragon, I recommend staying in your human form until half health, spamming Z and C the whole time. Once you hit half (If at all) use Transformation and immediately hit X for the burn damage, then get close and finish with C. Another method, since Quake is close-ranged, is to let them come in close then hit the moves in this order: C, X, Z. This is a guaranteed kill. If it misses, then I recommend running.

How to take advantage of every fruit

Bomb - Utilize the air

Spike- make them waste skills

Chop- hope you're not a sword main

Spring - make them use last skill and you're good (no use of running)

Smoke - not much they can do just the first skill can do something

spin - Keep distance (all spin users are hackers) only move that does something is spinning bomber if u dodge that ur good

Non-awakened Flame- when you see the fire Bomb use far attacks or try and back away from the Bomb(also any attack they use will make them stay still so try to use that against them and if you see them coming to u just stay far they are trying to use the 3rd skill of Flame)

Non-awakened Ice- just get off the ground and you´ll be fine(I say get off the ground because they might follow or stay on the ground because once non awaken Ice is off the ground they can't use 2 skills)

Sand - try to fight in water, and if u can try to push them inside water(they take x2 damage in water)(also if u attack from air they can use 3 skills will all but yea)

Dark- try to make them use a Dark hole and attack with far attacks, but over all if they miss black hole or black spiral then that's a chance just don´t get close, Dark Bomb is the same as fire Bomb)

Light- mostly, Light isn't a very good fruit, because it takes too much skill so just get off the ground once again and you´ll be fine unless they use Light kick

Rubber- if you are a Guns main you're dead, to fight this fruit I would like to make them waste rush (3rd skill) and if you can try to make them waste pistol.

Barrier - for Barrier, i would say to make them bring out Barrier towers so that way you don't have to worry about getting stuck(if you do get stuck just use soru) for the other skills just use observe(none break ken)

Magma skills are mostly close range and have sort of big hit box but overall I say to not use ken(since all skills break ken) when fighting magma and to make them waste magma meteor and magma column.

Non awaken Quake- for Quake I would say to fight them on ground to never get close and to not use ken and when a wave comes don't jump try to just leave it by soru or walking out from the sides.

Buddha- For this fruit its recommended to break ken, stay away from Buddha and use long range attacks… and most people like to just use superhuman with it.(some use their swords so that would mean they have less then a normal Buddha)

String - String is ok but pretty bad the skills are fine there isn't much escape to them just the hit box a bit hard to aim with so it depends on the player.( if they use god thread then use superhuman z then c)

Phoenix- this sounds a bit crazy but works, just make them waste their energy on healing themselves and run when they have full body because they will just waste more energy.

Rumble- Rumble is very good but there is a way to escape the skills first you need a sword or something to dash with( Jitte, shisui, ttk, idk if there's more, but fruit also works), another thing is the skills take a second to use so if you can attack fast and staying in the air works but if they use thunder Bomb just run around and try to trick them.

Paw- Paw´s skills are good on ground and in the air if they hit with torture (or they have really good aim) but a way to beat Paw is to always know when their Paw/soru is back, and to stay in the air but not that high.

Gravity - Gravity is really good but when your in the air Gravity´s skills become bad, because their two main skills probably won't hit you, and even tho they still have two skills its pretty easy to avoid them.

Dough - Just keep your range with them and constantly blast knockback moves at them

Control - This fruit is very easy to take advantage of… all you gotta do is….. Get out of the room or just jump up into the sky

Awakened fruits -

Awakened Flame - Just try to keep far distance and only come close when they use flaming vortex. (idk if there is a better way but this works sometimes)

Awakened Ice - I'd say to go out to water to make them waste energy(they might not go in water but most people do) and once again if you have a dash sword or anything then use it if you get stunned by Ice dragon or absolute zero.

Awakened Quake - It's a really really broken fruit mostly for its stuns and for its waves, but one way would be to go out to sea because they wouldn't be able to use Seaquake. Another would be to have a dash sword or fruit because you can dash through every attack except the first move, which is hard to dodge.

Awakened Dark - Most of them are Sword/Gun Main, and you only need to get out of Sword/Gun skills, I recommend you get Human v2 and Soru to get rid of it: When they cast Dark [X, C] (they can just use [X] or [C] skills), you will Soru (as far as they can because if close enough, they can use Dark [Z] or [F] to keep attacking), then you just need to use all your teleport skills to run or go back and attack them (if you can beat them). (Ask TackaNo for more information)


Weaknesses of Fruits (not very detailed, but credit to thehappyrobloxian) (note: I made it more detailed. - Proskillz12356)

Bomb: Any flight & better damage

Spike: Range

Chop: Range & not being a Swordsman

Spring: Barrier

Smoke: Fast attacks

Flame: Ice, Mink

Ice: Air battles

Sand: Water battles

Dark: Range

Light: Requires insane aim, you're probably not gonna get hit if you're a Mink

Rubber: Range

Barrier: Flash Step (Soru)

Magma: Space bar

Quake: Height

Buddha: Mink

String: Mink

Phoenix: literally anything that deals more than 2k dmg

Rumble: slow

Paw: Flash Step (Soru)

Gravity: Mink

Dough: Mink (If you don’t have good aim)

Shadow: Mink, Soru, Geppo, Air

Venom: Mink

Control: Go out of room / engage in aerial battle

Dragon: Stay on air

Soul Range

Counter Dragon Tips

  1. If the win is hopeless or you are low on health, then keep dashing and avoiding attacks to get some of your health back.
  2. If they use fire shower while not transformed, try to land a move on them.
  3. Hit with range attacks as most of Dragon's moves is close range.
  4. Do not run away as the Dragon can just use C move or Z move.
  5. Try to stay in air as fire shower won't work in the air.
  6. Make them waste their moves and then attack.

Counter Bomb and Spike

1. Since the Bomb fruit has a 1 percent chance of 1 shooting the person no matter what just 1 percent so keep your distance.

2. Spike has a high combo potential so if you see someone in new world with Spike, counter him with stuns and ranged combat because Spike is extremely bad at range combat and I've seen many people combo using Spike so do not engage close combat when fighting a Spike user in new world.

Counter awakened Ice users

3. Ice users normally stun people with a Ice dragon as the 1st move, so dash to Ice when starting the fight, then use a long ranged move like promience blast or Divine arrow, once you get them stunned of knocked to the ground, quickly use the superhuman combo: z, c so make them at least half health and afterwards quickly retreat(not run) or there won't be a chance of winning and it is because the Ice user will most likely use awakened v which is extremely deadly, once you retreat,they will most likely going to do the superhuman combo so counter them with thunderclap when they come, if they are not dead yet spam everything you got and its an instant win.

And, that's all the tips I have. If you have more info or tips, please add it to this page. Thank you.

Page By: ExtremeEffect & Hime Yarizakura

(baguetteboing suggested I add a link to my vip server here, so here it is: I know some low-life toddler gonna change this link :L)

Random Tips:

  • If you click "backspace" (on pc or latpop), you will drop a fruit you are holding fruit (you have to be actually holding it). However, clicking enter won't do anything.
  • Recommend grinding for superhuman and learn some combos here before hunting bounties: Combos
    Tips on raids:
    • When the raid starts, it is recommended to not use any special limited time boosts on island 1(like devil flames on Death step or Ghoul v3 Heightened Senses) because it is very easy to complete the raid without them. And using them are just a waste of energy, time etc.
    • It is strongly advised to go in a team of 3 in any raid. Even me and my Buddha friend have a hard time duo'ing a raid. So take my word, go in a team of at least 3 so you can succeed most of the time.
    • Try not to go in a team where everyone has the fruit un-awakened that is associated with the raid theme, especially String raid. They sometimes do not meet the criteria/condition to complete the raid.
    • If you are in a shortage of fragment, it is recommended to switch to buddha fruit for some time. Grinding fragments with buddha fruit is extremely easy, and most fruits that can be awakened is cheap and come in shop often.
    • If you are in a condition where 3 other people can participate in the raid, go in a team like this:
    1. the person who needs the awakening(probably you reading this)
    2. Buddha with Death step or Superhuman
    3. Awakened Rumble (Good stuns and good damage and good AOE) or Awakened Quake (Big AOE and good damage) or Awakened String (Highest damage in game and good stuns) user Now we move onto the top 5 fruits that are good for raids. 5. Awakened Dark(stuns and teleport) 4. Awakened Rumble(Extreme hitbox and stun) 3. Dough(V move has a long stun and high damage overall) 2. Awakened Quake(Godly hitbox and aoe)
    4. Buddha(Tanky and big hitbox) We now proceed onto the raids ranking(from easiest to to hardest) 7. Flame (Npcs don't stun and are easy to locate, but lava is annoying) 6. Rumble( same reason as flame but the npcs do stun and there is no lava). 5. Dark(stuns are annoying but all the dark users and the boss deals low damage, plus buddha user literally take no damage from the black hole move) 4. Light(easy, but takes too much time as the boss keeps on teleporting into the inside) 3. Ice( npcs keeps on knocking you off the map and the boss and stunlock you and the other npcs will gang up on you) 2. String (the hitbox of npcs are moderate but if you let your guard down you can die easily)
    5. Quake (npcs have aimbot and way too much knockback and damage, also the boss spams tsunami) Rankings of the fruits awakened overall(in terms of pvp): 7: Light (fast flight but the hitbox is not good and has a lack of stun on the v move. Good combo potential) 6: Rumble (very good hitbox but damage is moderate and slow but medium combo potential) 5: Flame (very spammable with good hitbox and high damage but offers low combo potential. Also offers burn) 4: Ice (very good stuns and very good combo potential that is viable for every main) 3: String (good hitbox, no.1 damage in the game and OP stuns with OP combo potential) 2:Dark (godly stuns, godly combo potential literally 90% of the sword mains use this) 1: Quake(too spammable, high damage, godly knockback and very good combo potential) I recommend to have light as your first awakening because of its fast flight, grinding potential and damage. Proskillz (idk what's his new account is called) gave me some tips so I will be fair and give him credits for telling me that in real life so yeah xd
  • made by TraffyGar law

ItsProGamer2577's Third Sea level tips and tricks

Ah so you got to Third Sea now? Here are some tips and tricks! (also get Buddha since the Logia requirement is so high and use melee or sword to level up.

Level 1500-1575

Keep farming Pirate Millionare until level 1525 (if your 1525 just do the Pistol Billionaire but if your 1500 do the Pirate Millionare) Once level 1550 do the Stone boss. And if you want you can do the rainbow haki quest but i recommend doing it once your buddha has been awakened (not recommended to fully awaken but if you want, you can) and once your melee stat points is maxed out.

Level 1575-1700

At level 1575, go to Hydra Island and start doing Dragon Crew Warrior until 1600 and start doing Dragon Crew Archer (if your a logia then skip it and do the Female Islander at 1625 because it is extremely easy). Then at level 1650, if you want you can do Giant Islander quest but use buddha because it uses Buso Haki (Enhancement). At level 1675, start doing the Island Empress (do not server hop this boss since almost everyone is killing the boss).

Level 1700-1775

At level 1700, go to Great Tree and start doing Marine Commodore but not recommended to grind if not buddha. At level 1725, start doing Marine Rear Admiral. At level 1750, do the Kilo Admiral. Oh and you can start doing the rainbow haki at this level.

Level 1775-2000

At level 1775, do the Fishman Raider quest until 1800 which is pretty easy since they lack range, though don't get too close or you might end up getting caught in one of their attacks! Also Fishman Raiders uses the Shark Saw and it's skills. At 1800, start doing the Fishman Captain quest until level 1825. They have range but the ranged attack has a small hitbox and don't get too close again they will use their Water Pulse (note: they use the Trident, not the Dragon Trident). At level 1825, do the Forest Pirates quest until level 1850 (note that they use Buso Haki so it will be hard for logia players so I recommend using Buddha). At level 1850, do the Mythological Pirate quest until level 1875 (again, they have Buso Haki but they also use Electric so be careful around them!). At level 1875, you can now do Captain Elephant but if he is spawned, do the Citizen quest then defeat him (make sure you use a code with 2x EXP or at least have 2x EXP so you get more levels). Also do not server hop this boss since he is most likely to be defeated already and don't bother waiting for him to respawn. At level 1900, start doing the Jungle Pirate quests until level 1925 (they don't have Buso Haki, though they use Dark-Step). At level 1925, do the Musketeer Pirate quest (they don't have any special abilities except for Flash Step but they also use Canvander, though they don't use it's skills. At level 1950, do Beautiful Pirate (I recommend getting some friends to help you with this because he is one of the hardest bosses but you can easily solo him with Buddha). Then grind until max level and boom!

jsavige4's Crew Capacity tricks

Want More Crew Members But Are Too Poor to pay The 2,000 Fragments Requirements To The Crew Captain. Well I Might Be able To Help You

  • Step 1 : Reach Max Crew Members 15/15
  • Step 2 : Have a Crew Member Join The Side Of The Marines
  • Step 3 : Invite a New Member To Join Your Crew , Then After User or Player Has Joined Leave The Game.
  • Step 4 : Make Your Member That Joined The Marines Join Back To The Pirates and BOOM! 16/15 Members Capacity Free Of Charge.
  • (May Get Patched in The Future)