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The Tide Keeper is a level 1475 boss NPC. It was added in Update 14.

Tide Keeper uses the Dragon Trident as his way to attack players.

The Tide Keeper, unlike most other bosses, has a respawn time of about 23-25 minutes, instead of the usual 20. This is the only boss to have a longer respawn time other than Don Swan.


The Tide Keeper is at the Forgotten Island. He can be found on a platform behind the main part of the island.


The Tide Keeper has the ability to spawn Sea Beasts, similarly to players when they've reached 10,000,000 bounty/honor. The Sea Beasts Tide Keeper spawns only have 20,000 health, but do just as much damage as a normal Sea Beast.

  • Tide Keeper will use Dragon Trident Z, [ Sea Dragon Fury ], at long and medium range, if you are in close proximity it can't be dodged with Observation.
  • Tide Keeper will use Dragon Trident X, [ Water Dragon Prison ], at short range. Is recommended to stay away from it. (This attack will do a lot of damage, so be careful with it). He can stun with this move, which can mean a insta-kill.

How to Kill

  • Stay away from him and spam long range attacks.


Drop Drop Chance Picture
Dragon Trident 10%
Dragon Trident.png
Water Key 20%- 40%
Water Keys.png


  • The Tide Keeper spawns every 35 minutes.