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Not to be confused with the Second Sea Thunder God (NPC).

The Thunder God is a Lv. 575 Boss NPC that spawns every 20 minutes. He can be a challenge for players that are not careful, as he has close range stunning moves, which also do a good amount of damage to players around his level.

The Thunder God uses the moves Rumble Dragon and Sky Thunder from the Rumble fruit. He also uses the Pole (1st form) for close quarter encounters, but only M1s (click/s).


  1. Rumble Dragon
    • This is an explosive AOE attack that has a medium range. He temporarily stands still before using this attack. Does a good amount of damage, and is sort of slow.
  2. Sky Thunder
    • Sky Thunder creates a cloud over the battle arena and multiple lightning strikes come down from the sky. His fists turn electric before this skill activates, so the player have a small amount of time to dash out of the vicinity of the attack. Stuns, does high damage.


The Thunder God is located in the second area of the Upper Skylands.


The Thunder God can drop one item, that being the Pole (1st Form), at a 1-5% drop chance.

  • People commonly get unlucky with it, but this is the confirmed drop rate.


The quest for the Thunder God gives the player 8M Exp. and RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 20,000.


Use long-ranged moves. Whenever you see that he's charging up the Rumble Dragon attack, quickly dodge.

  • Basically, just don't get close to him. He'll put you in a stunlock using his sword if you do.
  • Ranged moves and speed is key to this fight. There is no way to be immune to his attacks, so fight it fairly.


  • Thunder God walks 1.25x faster than a player's normal run speed.
  • He does not drop the Tomoe Ring.
    • The Tomoe ring is sold by Yoshi on the Skylands layer where the Sky Bandits are. It costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 500,000 and increases Blox Fruits damage by 10%.
  • The player will need Enhancement to damage him with a sword, fighting style, or gun.
  • Thunder God has a similar appearance to Yoshi, with them having identical clothing and the same cap.