Blox Fruits Wiki

The Thunder God (not to be confused with the NPC Enel) is a level 575 boss located at the Upper Yard that spawns every 30 minutes. He has the Pole and uses the Rumble devil fruit. He can be a challenge for players that are not careful. He uses the Pole for close quarters encounters and he can use the first two abilities of the Rumble-Rumble fruit.

Moveset of Enel

  1. Rumble Dragon
    • This is an explosive AOE attack that has a long-range. He temporarily stands still before using this attack.
  2. Sky Thunder
    • Sky Thunder creates a cloud over the battle arena and multiple lightning strikes come down from the sky. His fists turn electric before this skill activates, so you have a small amount of time to dash out of the vicinity of the attack.

The quest reward is:

  • $20,000 Beli
  • 5,800,000 experience

Drop Pole 1st form weapon (1% - 2%)

Important Note: He does not drop the Tomoe Ring. The Tomoe ring is sold by Yoshi on the layer where the Sky Bandits are. It costs 500,000 Beli and increases Blox Fruits damage.

Important Note 2: You will need Buso to damage him with sword, fighting style, or gun.

Tips: Use long ranged moves, whenever it is seen that he is charging his attack known as rumble dragon go close to him. By doing so chances of the attack not landing increase. Getting too close will end up resulting in you/the player getting attacked by his pole v1. Thunder God's rumble 2nd move creates a stun, whilst the first hit does more damage.

Pole (First Form) is not worth getting from him unless you are trying to get Pole (Second Form). In that case, I totally recommend you to get it. Pole V2 is a very powerful sword, and is very deadly in the hands of a good sword main. It is even good for fruit mains, since the sword breaks Ken and stun.

NOTE: Thunder God runs faster than a player's normal run speed.