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In Update 15, a major feature was added into Blox Fruits, being the Third Sea, the latest sea in which players can access by reaching Lv. 1500 and helping King Red Head out By Fighting rip_indra

List of the Islands

  • Port Town, a small but rich town where rich people gather around to gamble and hang-out with each other, however behind the town and in the forest you'll find the ruthless cold-blooded Stone, who wishes nothing more than your death
  • Hydra Island, the legendary island only inhabited by women, they are snake worshipers and some of the warriors can even use their snakes to form bows, allowing them to fire poisonous arrows. As part of the Hydra Tribe's belief, men are forbidden to the island.
  • Great Tree, a mysterious island notable for it's large tree, hence the name, the island consists of Marine Commodores and Rear Admirals all lead by the infamous Kilo Admiral. The reason they are guarding the island is yet to be solved but one thing is for sure, they are hiding something from us.
  • Floating Turtle, an island located on the shell of a giant turtle, hence the name, inhabited by Minks of all sorts, it has everything from a giant tree house to pineapple houses to a Mansion known for being a Safe Zone to many pirates and marines and a fortress for the ever so lovely, Beautiful Pirate. However, the island has been attacked by the infamous Captain Elephant and a mystery surrounds the island that an ancient swordman is been waiting to be awakened.
  • Castle On The Sea, a Safe Zone and hangout place for many pirates and marines similar to the mansion, it houses the Elite Hunter, who tracks down Elite Pirates abusing their Awakened devil fruits, wrecking havoc in islands, the Player Hunter, who tracks down players and requests the player to take them down, a Butler who literally knows everything about the Third Sea, Lunoven, who hates Elite Pirates for an unknown reason and every Fighting Style teacher from past-seas. It's also a place where many pirates from all across to sea raid the castle. Three plates are scattered across the island and when activated allows you to place the ancient chalice held by God himself, by placing it on a platform in another section of the castle, you've made a terrible mistake.... Of summoning. Him
  • Haunted Castle, a large boat often mistaken as a castle due to it's enormous size, it's inhabited by deadly supernatural blood-thirsty zombies and Beserk skeletons feasting for a sacrifice in your soul. all led by the mysterious Soul Reaper, who awakens by the trigger of the Hallow Essence.
  • Sea of Treats, a mini-sea which consists of 3 seperated islands. The islands are all food based that contain Peanuts, Cookies, Ice cream and so much more! But misfortunately they are conquered by the ever so hungry, Cake Queen.


  • This sea holds the title of having the least amount of islands, however more are to come.