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The Saw is a level 100 Boss who uses the Shark Saw. The Saw despawns 15 minutes upon spawning and takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to spawn in, and spawns in Middle Town in First Sea. Upon spawn the following message is displayed:

"The Saw has spawned! You have 15 minutes to defeat him and possibly get a rare reward!"


Attack No. Attack Description Tip
1 Consecutive Slashes Slices seven times in front of The Saw, stunning and hitting anything it makes contact with. Similar to Spike's Spike Rush Maintain your distance and punish the endlag
2 Execution The Saw spins around in a circle multiple times. This moves you forward and deals damage and stun to anything it hits. Similar to Spike's Spike Ball Bait The Saw into an item or the fountain while maintaining your distance


  • The Alternate Saw was a reskin of The Saw that used to occasionally switch places with the original Saw skin. It was just a visual difference. As of Update 13, Alternate Saw has become the default skin for The Saw.
  • Saw shares the same face decal as Darkbeard.
  • Despite having a server announcement upon spawn, The Saw is not considered a Raid Boss.
  • 10% damage must be done to have a chance to get the Shark Saw.
  • Contrary to popular rumors, this sword does not have a larger hitbox than a Katana.
  • Some people may believe that the Saw is a Raid Boss or a normal Boss, Depends on the person's opinion


  • Normally a relatively easy boss for levels 300+.
  • Best to use a cheap ranged fruit such as Flame, Light, or Smoke.
  • Normally best to get someone to help with The Saw if your under level 150.
  • Gun mains and Sword mains under level 150 are not recommended here.