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The Café is one of the three Safe Zones in the Kingdom of Rose in the Second Sea. At The Café, there are multiple different NPC's, both quest and misc, as well as a Blox Fruits Dealer and a Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin. You can set your spawn point at The Café. There is also an inventory chest, a Treasure Inventory and two trading tables on each side the building. It also has a secret basement, which leads to a Chess Board, and the Awakenings Expert. There also used to be Wenlocktoad's room there.

Bartilo's Quest

There is also a quest in The Café, also called the Colosseum Quest. You will need to be at least level 850 to do it. You can get this quest by talking to Bartilo. If you're not the required level, he will just say "THE COLOSSEUM IS IN PERIL!!!"

Also bartilo's quest is required for Races v2. and needed to interact with Manager NPC.

Miscellaneous NPCs:

Bounty/Honor Expert

An NPC who is able to tell you the boost of damage and defense during PvP that you get from your bounty/honor. You will gain more boosts for every 500k bounty/honor you gain.


The Nerd can tell you the buffs given by the accessory you are currently wearing. If you're not wearing an accessory, he'll just say "Are you lurking?" and end the conversation.


In exchange for 3,000 Fragments, you can change your into either Human, Mink, Sky, or Fish, with a 1/3 chance for each, as you cannot get the race you currently have. It is the only way to change race without spending Robux. There was a similar way in Update 13, where you could talk to an NPC called the Magic Elf, and he would reroll your race for the cheap, cheap price of 90 candies (a form of currency during Update 13)


This guy is the manager of The Café. If you haven't completed Bartilo quest he'll tell you: "Are you new to this island?", being practically useless until you complete Bartilo's quest. If you have, however, completed Bartilo's quest, he'll instead tell you info about the Legendary Sword Dealer, when he spawns, and when he's gone. He is the key to getting True Triple Katana and the legendary swords Shisui, Wando and Saddi.

More info on these can be found on their respective pages.


It's an NPC, which tells you some of the secrets of the Kingdom of Rose. He'll tell you about the Swan Glasses, info about the Alchemist (which is the clue of getting your Race upgraded to V2 and V3), and finally, some info about The Legendary Sword Dealer. He also occasionally tells you a secret about the Fist of Darkness.

"Basement" NPCs

These NPCs are located in the Basement, which can be found by collecting the chest to the left of the Manager, and going down the tunnel that is behind it.

Titles Specialist

When you talk to him, he will show you a list of the Titles you have unlocked and you can select them. When you speak in the chat, the selected title will appear to the left of your name. You can only equip one title at once.

Colors Specialist

Next to the Titles Specialist you should see the Color Specialist. He offers you the ability to change your Enhancement color. Colors can be bought from The Master Of Enhancement. You can also buy colors from him using Robux.

Awakenings Expert

If you have awakened a skill from any fruit and you prefer the un-awakened skill, talk to this guy. He can get any of your moves back to normal.

NOTE: You have to have at least 1 move of your fruit awakened or else you won't be able to talk to him.

Chess Board

Turn to the right instead of the left when going to the Awakenings Expert, and you'll see a chess board. It is almost fully functional and requires 2 players to start.

Tip: This is not recommended for mobile players, as the pieces are hard to move.

NOTE: Castling does work given the fact that there is a title you can earn by doing it.


The theme of The Cafe is Rule of Rose Track 06 - Backbiting, which was composed by @DTF.

The Cafe and Mansion (Third Sea) share the same theme

The Wenlocktoad's room used to be a opened door, a clean living room with money in the suitcases. This is because Wenlocktoad used to be the race upgrader (or as we known today, Scientist) but instead of upgrading the race, he just steals your money (aka a bug that u can't upgrade your race even tho you can pay) After that incident, Wenlocktoad is replaced as Mysterious Scientist as we known today, and the Wenlocktoad's room as locked. You can get in the room by doing the Soru glitch, but you will see the room being messy and they money has been gone. See the official discord server and go to #blox-fruits-memes to see the pinned message. (thats the lore of wenlocktoad's room i think)