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Swan Glasses is a Legendary accessory, obtained in Second Sea.

The Swan Glasses save more health than the Dark Coat or Santa Hat as the defence buff reduces some damage. Combined with the 6th highest speed boost and a decent energy boost, this is one of the best accessories, if not the best for the Second Sea.


Swan Glasses is a drop from the level 1000 Boss Don Swan.

It has a ~2.5% drop chance.


  • + 25% movement speed
  • + 8% damage on all attacks
  • - 8% cooldown on all moves
  • + 8% defence against all attacks
  • + 250 health
  • + 250 energy


  • Gives cooldown reduction, which is rare for an accessory.
  • Has the second highest defence buff, barely losing to the Bear Ears.
  • Speed bonus stacks with Mink.
  • Extremely versatile, work with any main and build in the game.
  • Decent damage bonus.
  • Considered the 2nd best Blox fruit accessory in 2nd sea.
  • Viable in the Third Sea.
  • May be better than the Pale scarf, if used correctly.


  • Low drop chance.
  • Don Swan has a long respawn timer, and he may already be dead.
  • The speed boost is minimal if you do not have the Mink or Ghoul race.
  • The damage boost is rather low compared to things like the Santa Hat.


  • The glasses texture is actually only viewable from the front, if you change your camera angle to look from behind there is no texture visible.