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Not to be confused with the Second Sea / New World exclusive Boss Don Swan.

Swan is a level 240 Boss from the First sea. He can be found at the Prison island.

Swan only uses the X move of String and an unknown/possibly scrapped move. He spawns every 30 minutes after he is defeated, which is similar to Don Swan in the Second Sea.

Swan also has a chance to drop the Pink Coat, but unless you're an accessories collector or a gun user, it isn't worth trying to get.


The Quest rewards the player with B$15,000 and 1,300,000 EXP. His quest can only be taken upon reaching level 240.


  • Spam fruit attacks, and after 10-15 seconds spam dodge to avoid ranged attacks.
  • Should not get close. His close range move will take your health down fast. Spam ranged attacks and survive.
  • Lure Swan and then quickly dash behind the wall. Then, keep a distance with him and now you do not have to drain energy dodging him. Keep attacking him until he is dead with your ranged attack that have an explosion upon contact. if you are a gun user, and not use Cannon or Bazooka, don't use the click because it will not damage him. And don't worry about his attack can hit you, because it is kinda weak.


Punch- he punches you and deals 139 damage and about 85 with your Enhancement on.

Multi String - Swan impales their target from above with five strings. Deals damage from above the target in an AOE. It does 110 damage to players.

String Aura - Swan releases an aura of string, when the player is close, that does low damage.