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Superhuman is a fighting style that costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 3,000,000, and specializes in speed, stuns and knock back, it's great in PvP and is technically an upgraded fighting style, as you need 300 mastery on four other fighting styles in order to obtain it. It's sold by the Martial Arts Master. It is confirmed that Superhuman is getting an upgrade in Update 17 Part 3.


The requirements to obtain Superhuman are:

  • 300 mastery on Electric, Dark Step, Water Kung Fu, and Dragon Breath.
  • RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png3,000,000.
  • Access to the Second Sea. (To talk to the Martial Arts Master)

The location of the Martial Arts Master, in a secret cave.

Once the player has all of these, they can head over to the Martial Arts Master, located in a hidden cave inside the Snow Mountain. They will then be able to purchase Superhuman for RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png3,000,000.

Key Name Description Damage Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Beast Owl Pounce User travels a decent amount of distance in any direction(can move in different directions while using the move), and if it collides with the enemy, it will punch the target 20+ times dealing a good amount of damage and knock them back slightly with a strong punch. If the user did not hit an enemy, they will just have travelled a decent distance. *This move doesn't ken break. 8 SECONDS COOLDOWN Cooltext A+.png 110
X key perfection 3.png
Thunder Clap User charges up an attack (if held down) and summons a tornado (does no damage) and when released or used, user stomps the ground and releases a ring of lightning with a thunderous boom that deals decent damage to nearby enemies. holding does not make damage greater or knock back farther. {Observation Breaks if hit in the middle}. 10 SECONDS COOLDOWN Cooltext A.png 220
C key perfect.png
Conqueror Gun User dashes forward (can only hit single targets) and knocks the enemy back (great knock back and damage). If it misses, the user travels the distance (can be aimed) {Observation Breaks if aimed at the center of the hitbox}. 15 SECOND COOLDOWN Cooltext A+.png 330

Name Gif
Beast Owl Pounce
Thunder Clap
Thunder Clap.gif
Conqueror Gun
Conqueror's gun.gif

Damage (outdated due to Update 17 Part 2 ( "Reworked the Mastery stat buff formula: Instead of gaining 1 point every 3 mastery levels, you'll gain 1 point every 4 levels and a small % based on your Player Level (up to 10% of your Player Level at 600 Mastery).") ]

(NOTE: The following results are tested on NPCs. The things used to test include: Enhancement full body stats, Superhuman 600 mastery, 2100 Melee points [200 Extra points from 600 mastery, no accessories. The results are for reference only, there is no guarantee that all of them are 100% correct.)

  • Z (Beast Owl Pounce): 3335 (127.3, punch 25-26 times)
  • X (Thunder Clap): 3183.1 (Instant damage). Holding doesn't make it deal more damage.
  • C (Conqueror’s gun): 3437.7 (Instant damage [3310] + Extra damage [127.3])
  • Left mouse button (M1): first punch 1909.8 second punch 1909.8 kick 2001.1


Normal Combo: Superhuman Z, C, Soru, Superhuman X (Paw F or Rumble F or Dark F or Midnight Blade X or any medium-long distance teleport move instead of Soru if you have)

Rengoku Combo: Superhuman Z, Rengoku X, Rengoku Z, Superhuman C, (Flash Step to enemy) Superhuman X. (if fast enough the player can hit Superhuman C and the player can also not do Rengoku X but gonna need ken break so this combo need the player to be fast)

Other combos:

Pole combo:

Pole (2nd Form) Z + X + Acidum Rifle Z + X + Superhuman (click two times) Z + C + X ( Gun main combo Should be 1 shot to Level 1700 below)

Pole (2nd Form) Z + X + Superhuman Z + C + Soru + Superhuman X ( Sword main)

Ice (Unawakened) V + C + Acidum Rifle Z + X + Superhuman Z + Rengoku Z + X + Superhuman C ( This combo is for sword mains and it’s very strong combo but when launching Rengoku X there is short gap so player can escape with Flash Step)

Ice V + Pole (2nd Form) Z + X Acidum Rifle Z + X + Superhuman Z + C Soru and Superhuman X

Light (awakened) X +Pole (2nd Form) Z + Superhuman Z + C + Light (awakened) C + V or Z. The awakened Light C may be missed if not fast enough)


  • Extremely high combo potential.
  • Fairly good damage (the 3rd most damaging fighting style if Death Step is not counted with all fire damage.)
  • Great for Raids since you can use the Z move to stun the Boss so others can hit it.
  • It can be a good travel Fighting style. (With the Z and C move also serving as mobility moves)
  • Beast Owl Pounce has a brief cool down.
  • Has the fastest m1's attack speed of all the fighting styles in the game, making it good for Raids when paired with awakened or non awakened Buddha, Ghoul race and Ghoul Mask because of the MASSIVE life recovering
  • Conqueror Gun deals good damage
  • All its moves can be combo'd for an excellent damage output. The Z move and C move are good for running away when you're low health.
  • Paired with autoclicker make it insane.


  • Beast Owl Pounce can be dodged with Observation while still using the attack.
  • Beast Owl Pounce and Conqueror Gun doesn't work on sea beast. X can be hit, but requires a lot of prediction for the sea beast's movements.
  • Very expensive and time-consuming. (You have to grind four fighting styles to 300 mastery, then spend 3 Million Beli to get this).
  • Horrible for grinding, since two moves hit only one enemy, and the AoE move has a ton of knockback. (Except for Buddha users, because the M1 is one of the best in the game.)
  • Beast Owl Pounce locks you in place for a bit, so you can get easily targeted.
  • Conqueror’s Gun can be dodged with Observation.
  • Not so good in aerial combat.
  • Though it is the one of the harder fighting styles to get, it is obviously a lot worse compared to Aoe, and other criteria, as Death Step has good Aoe and high DoT (damage over time) with its devil flames.
  • The skills make relative low damage comparing with others v2 fighting styles

It's more efficient to just get Water Kung Fu, Dark Step, or Electric to 400 mastery and then getting Sharkman Karate / Death Step/ Electric Claw with it, which are better than Superhuman in terms of grinding.(Note Electric Claw is equal to Superhuman, in how hard it is to gain as it is 3rd sea exclusive).


  • This was added in Update 9
  • This fighting style is not very good for farming or raiding, however its PvP potential makes up for it
  • Has one of the highest combo potentials from all the fighting styles.
  • Requires a lot of skill and aim to use effectively
  • This fighting style is really good for Combos
  • In total, to get all the required Fighting Styles (Dark Step, Electric, Water Kung Fu and Dragon Breath), AND Superhuman, it costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 4.4 million and Fragments.png 1,500
  • Conqueror's Gun and Beast Owl Pounce are good for dash traveling without a boat
  • This is a PvP Fighting Style due to its high combo potential but horrible for farming because it deals relatively low damage (compared to Death Step and Sharkman Karate where hitting an unmoving target can deal higher damage) and its AoE move has a huge knock back
  • If you like grinding faster, you are better to get Death Step or Sharkman Karate for it
  • Superhuman's skills are terrible for grinding, because two of the skills (Z and C) are single target and X has high knock back
  • But with Buddha awakened, this fighting style can be useful for grinding and raiding because of the fast m1's
  • This is used by the Living Zombies at Haunted Castle, but they only utilize M1s (left clicks) and not the moves.


  • This Fighting Style Can be actually used for farming if you're using Buddha V1 or Buddha V2 Because of its Large Hit box
  • This is the next fighting style that will get its v2, which was confirmed by the Developers on Discord (March 11, 2022)
  • After this gets a V2, there is a high chance rip_indra will add a new fighting style.

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