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The String Blox Fruit is a Paramecia(natural)-type Blox Fruit, that, when eaten, grants its user the ability to attack using thin and sharp strings. It costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png1,500,000, or Robux.png1,800, from the Blox Fruits Dealer. This fruit has a 4% chance to be in each stock, and a 5,7% chance to spawn in-game every hour.

It was added in Update 2, and its awakening was added as of Update 13.

Its Japanese (Anime/Manga) name is the Ito Ito no Mi, and it is used by Donquixote Doflamingo in the Anime / Manga. In the game, the String Fruit is used by Swan and Don Swan.


The String fruit is not that of a good fruit for grinding due to no Logia protection, but can be decent if used wisely. It is considered an excellent fruit for PVP due to the large hitboxes in its awakened form, however, it still suffers from long startup delay in some moves. It deals high damage, whether unawakened or awakened, and it's easy to use. It isn't recommended for new players due to its mastery and their inexperience in PVP, but overall, String is an excellent choice for players that have just entered the New World/Second Sea.

This Fruit costs Fragments.png17,300 to be fully awakened. It costs the most Fragments to awaken out of all Fruits you can awaken.

String showcase:

The Don Swan boss uses unawakened String in his first stage, but when in his second stage, he uses a unique version of unawakened String (Note: Don Swan second stage's String is NOT the awakening you get, just like Rip indra (Raid Boss)'s Yoru).


Key Attack Name Description Community Rating Mastery Level Required
Z key perfections.png
Rainbow String
The user swipes their hand to slash targets with five multi-colored strings coming out of their fingers. Its hitbox is shaped like a horizontal cylinder.
Cooltext B.png
Transparent X button.png
Multi-String Attack
The user impales their target from above with five strings. AoE move, and also slightly stuns the target.
Cooltext B+.png
C key perfect.png
Over-Heated Sniper
The user shoots a thick rope made of condensed strings from their palm. This move breaks Observation.
Cooltext A.png
V key perfect.png
Ultimate Thread
The user summons multiple strings weaved together covered in Buso Haki (Enhancement) and sends them at the target in a piercing formation. Deals damage in a sharp cone shaped hitbox and stuns.
Cooltext A.png
F key.png
String Path
The user grapples onto clouds with strings and swings through the air.
Cooltext E.png

Key Attack Name Description Community Rating Fragment Cost
Z key perfections.png
Thermal Laceration
The user slashes forth up to 4 fiery blades of strings (amount varies depending on held time), with the fourth one being an X shape.
String Z v2.gif
Cooltext A.png
800 Fragments
Transparent X button.png
Silk Prison
The user's shoots out strings upward from their hand and creates a circular cage when held, which traps the target inside. Then, the cage quickly shrinks and slashes whoever is inside of it, dealing instant damage.
Giphy (1).gif
Cooltext A+.png
3500 Fragments
C key perfect.png
Eternal White
Large, white and purple spears of strings leave the ground and hit wherever the cursor is located. If the cursor is close enough, the move will auto-target nearby enemies. Damage decays over time.
String C v2.gif
Cooltext S.png
4500 Fragments
V key perfect.png
Heavenly Punishment
Similar to "Ultimate Thread", the user shoots hundreds of strings rapidly, in a more cylindric hitbox. This move has a slow cast time, and stuns the target.
String V v2.gif
Cooltext S+.png
6000 Fragments
F key.png
God's Highway
Several strings come out of the user's hand, grappling onto the air and pulling the user to wherever the cursor is located. The strings also hit the ground if close enough.
String F v2.gif
Cooltext E.png
2500 Fragments

String Review (V1)
  • Damage: A+
  • Grind: B-
  • Range: B( s+ for c)
  • Mobility: A
  • PvP/Bounty Hunting: C-(if you have good aim)
  • Speed: A
String Review (V2)

Awakened String has big hitboxes, and deals high damage. It is very good for PVP, as you can do and extend several combos.

  • Damage: S+
  • Grind: A(high damage and good stun)
  • Range:S+
  • Mobility: A+
  • PvP/Bounty Hunting: S+
  • Speed: S+

This fruit is one of those which deal the highest damage in the game, tied with Flame (V1).
String X, both awakened and unawakened, has good stunning capabilities.
The unawakened F move is a relatively fast flight, and can quickly cover a large distance if aimed upwards.
Very useful to kill Bosses as it deals high damage and has good stuns.
C move has one of the farthest ranges in the game.
High combo potential while awakened.
The unawakened String's C and V moves can break Ken Haki. Awakened String's X, C, and V moves all break Ken Haki. This means almost every single move of Awakened String can break Ken Haki.
The unawakened C move leaves a tripwire effect for 2 seconds after launching that upon touching will still inflict the damage.
The further the enemy is, the more damage the unawakened C move will deal.

Unawakened String has tiny hitboxes, making it very hard to hit any moves in PVP (the exception being Ultimate Thread, but if you miss you will most likely get punished because of it's huge endlag).
The unawakened Z and X moves have very short range and hitbox, making it very easy to dodge.
Water, like all other fruits, unless you are of the Fishman race.
The unawakened V move has high endlag.
Some moves have high startup and/or endlag, as exampled above with unawakened V.
Can be countered easily if the user is inexperienced or isn't too skilled with Combos.
Requires good aiming skills most of the time.

Combo Difficulty Notes

String x,vand unawakened c

String X, String Z, String V, String C. (Unawaken String) Easy If the first move hits the rest is easy.
Death Step V + String X + String V (hold) + Death Step Z + Death Step C (hold) + String Z (hold) + Death Step X Easy One-shots players with 0 - 14.3M Bounty / Honor when you have 2.5M Bounty / Honor.
String X + String Z + String V/C(V is more likely to hit) Easy Leaves most victims with 1000-2000 health, crippling them since you can finish them off with Death Step or another Fighting style.
String X + String Z + String V + Soul Cane Z + String C (hold) + Sharkman Z, + Sharkman C Medium - Hard Can deal extremely high damage and easy to start since the String X move has a big hitbox.
String X + String Z + String V + Shisui Z + String C (unawakened) + Shisui X Medium Potential one-shot if used correctly.
String X + Soul Cane Z + Kabucha X + Sharkman C + String V + String C (unawakened) Hard "Should be a one-shot combo but may not work depending on stats." - Reshiram08mobuta
String X + Pole (2nd Form) Z + Pole (2nd Form) X + String V (Hold) + Sharkman C + String C (Unawakened) Hard "I tried this on my 5 Mil friend and it left them with very little health and I was 3.4 mil so it all depends on the Bounty / Honor." - Reshiram08mobuta
String C + String X + String Z move in while they are trapped in the cage + Sharkman C + Unawakened String C + String V (awakened) (hold) Hard "Should be a one-shot combo if you have maxed fruits stats and swan glasses. U don't need to add the Sharkman Kung Fu C if you dont want to but for extra. One shots 7-8mil players and below (I tested several times with maxed fruit stats) Don't worry if you can't do this this is usually done in like normal 1v1s not bounty hunting as the Unawakened String C knocks them away for you to run or if they chase wait for the combo restart if you are 1v1ing in fields or Coloseum this combo will guarantee one-shot (srry i mistyped unawakened v when it should be awakened unawakened can work but the damage is a bit shaky and weird)" - ThatDaven
Awakened String X, Soul Cane Z, Acidum Rifle Z, Superhuman C, Awakened String V, Unawakened String C Easy "Very easy to do. Can't be ken tricked either. Acidum Rifle Z stuns your enemy so Superhuman C won't push them back. Usually one shot; depends on the difference of bounty between you and your enemy." - 7Myth1x
Awakened String X, Superhuman Z, Superhuman C, Shisui Z, String Z, Kabucha X, String V and String C(unawakened) Hard "Very easy to to if you have good timing, otherwise hard because your opponent might escape the Kabucha X. I used this on a 10 Million as a 3.1 Million and it was almost a one-shot and might One-shot when you use Swan glasses. The Kabucha X was meant to make the String C deal maximum damage but you are free to remove it if you want." -TraffygarLaw
Awakened String X, Sharkman x z c, Shisui Z, String V, String C (Unawakened). Easy "Basically the easy version of the combo above. Sharkman Kung Fu is spammable which means you can get them locked in this combo. This combo can 1 shot 4,7M Bounty / Honor players." -TraffygarLaw
Awakened String X + Awakened String Z + Sharkman X + Sharkman Z + Soul Cane Z + Awakened String V + Unawakened String C. Medium Requires some practice to be used to this combo. This combo can one-shot, but it is not guaranteed it can one-shot players above 10.4M Bounty/Honor, but it is guaranteed it can one shot players up to 10.4M Bounty/Honor, depending on your Bounty/Honor.
Awakened string X + Awakened string Z + Pole V2 Z + Sharkman X + Pole V2 X + Awakened string V + Unawakened string C

Medium Easy combo, but you can one-shot max level players with this combo (Fruit or Melee main).
Awakened String X + Awakened String Z + Superhuman C + Shisui Z + Awakened string V + Unawakened string C (credit to Dua Hau Power for this combo, his tip is don’t do Shisui Z too quickly, because they will be behind you or if they lag, there’s a glitch they don’t get flung by Superhuman C). Medium Needs good timing to complete the combo.
Awakened String X + Awakened String Z + Superhuman C + Midnight Blade X + Kabucha x + Awakened string v + Awakened string C Medium - Hard Requires good aim to hit correctly.
Pole v2 Z, String X, Acidum Z, Superhuman C, Superhuman Z, Pole v2 X, String V, Acidum Z, String C, (fruit main). Can one-shot a 2.5m bounty player. Hard. Make sure C is unawakened.

The String fruit is used by Swan and Don Swan, or Donquixote Doflamingo in the anime.

String Combos(v2):

  • If you are unsure on how to deselect a specific move from being awakened visit the Awakenings Expert page.

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