What String looks like in Stock


The String fruit is a Paramecia type Devil-fruit that costs B$1,500,000 / R$1800 to purchase the shop. It can be randomly found or obtained from a Factory raid as well as from Cousin at Jungle or outside the Cafe (Second Sea). It was added in Update 2, and can be Awakened as of Update 13. The String fruit is used by Swan and Don Swan, or Donquixote Doflamingo in the anime.


The String fruit is a bad fruit for grinding due to no Logia protection (if you know how to use it wisely, it can be good at grinding), also it is an excellent fruit for PVP (due to the large hitboxes of the awakened String). It deals high damage, whether unawakened or awakened, and it's easy to use. It isn't recommended for new players due to its high mastery and inexperience in PVP. Overall, this Fruit is an excellent choice for players that just entered the New World/Second Sea.

This Fruit costs 17,300 Fragments to fully awaken it. It costs the most Fragments to awaken out of all Fruits you can awakened.

Here is a showcase of String: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owcpr2HZnXg.

The Don Swan boss uses unawakened string but in his second stage he uses a unique verison of awakened String (Note: Don Swan's awakened string is different from the actual awakening you get)


Key Attack Name Description Rating Mastery Level required
Z key perfections.png
Rainbow String
The player swipes their hand to slash targets with five multi-colored strings coming out of their fingers. Deals damage in a horizontal cylindrical shape.
Cooltext B.png
Transparent X button.png
Multi-String Attack
The player impales their target from above with five strings. Deals damage from above the target in an AoE. Also stuns the opponent
Cooltext B+.png
C key perfect.png
Over-Heated Sniper
The player shoots a thick rope made of condensed strings from their palm. This move breaks Observation in one hit (the longer it goes the more damage it does).
Cooltext A.png
V key perfect.png
Ultimate Thread
The player summons Multiple strings weaved together covered in Buso Haki (Enhancement) and sends them at the opponent in a piercing formation. Deals damage in a sharp cone shape.
Cooltext A+.png
F key.png
String Path
You grapple onto clouds using string and fly through the air by swinging with strings.
Cooltext E.png

Key Attack Name Description Community rating Fragment cost
Z key perfections.png
Thermal Laceration
Slash forth up to 4 fiery blades of string (amount varies with charge time), with the fourth one being an X shape.
Cooltext A.png
800 Fragments
Transparent X button.png
Silk Prison
Some lines of string come out of the player's hand and create a circular cage made of string that traps the player inside, then when you let go of X the cage becomes smaller and deals instant damage when it touches the player. You can also hold X to makes the cage of string larger. (Damage is currently bugged, when you hold the move it doesn’t produce any more damage despite the animation being longer.)
Cooltext A.png
3500 Fragments
C key perfect.png
Eternal White
Many large spears of string, colored white and purple, leave the ground and fall where the cursor is located. Enemies hit by these strings will take less damage from the next string that hits them.
Cooltext S.png
4500 Fragments
V key perfect.png
Heavenly Punishment
Very similar to Ultimate Thread but it shoots more strings very rapidly, and has a more cylindric hitbox then the original move. This move also has a slow cast time, however, more range than Ultimate Thread and a longer “trip-wire” effect.
Cooltext S+.png
6000 Fragments
F key.png
God's Highway
2 circles appear in the player's hand, (much like Quake Erupt) and several lines come out of that circle. when you get close to the ground, the lines touch and make an effect on the ground.
Cooltext E.png
2500 Fragments

Ultimate Thread


  • Awakened String deals one of the highest damage in game.
  • String X (both unawakened and awakened) has good stunning capabilities.
  • String Path is a relatively fast flight, and can quickly cover a large distance if aimed upwards.
  • Very useful to kill bosses as it deals high damage.
  • Over-Heated Sniper has one of the farthest range in game.
  • High combo potential With V2
  • Unawakened String's C and V moves can break Ken Haki. Awakened String's X, C, and V move all break Ken Haki. This means almost every single move of Awakened String can break [[Ken Haki (Observation)|Ken Haki.
  • Over-Heated Sniper leaves a tripwire effect for 2 seconds after launching that upon touching will still inflict the damage.
  • The further the enemy is, the more damage Over-Heated Sniper will deal.


  • Unawakened String has tiny hitboxes, making it very hard to hit skills in PVP (the exception being Ultimate Thread).
  • Unawakened Z and X have very short range And Hitbox. Making it Very easy to Dodge.
  • User takes damage in Water (Like all other fruits, unless you have Fishman V2 or V3.)
  • V makes you freeze in place, And you Have a Slight chance to get Punished By a combo since You are stunned
  • Very hard to land any attack except for awakened Z or V in close range combat, since you need to be at least 15 meters to land any other attack easly.
  • Moves require the user to pause and do an animation which, if the opponent capitalizes, easily allows them to overwhelm you.
  • Can be countered easily if the user is inexperienced or isn't too skilled with combos.


Combo Difficulty Notes
String X, String Z, String V, String C. (Unawaken String) Easy If first attack hit the rest is easy.
Death Step V + String X + String V (hold) + Death Step Z + Death Step C (hold) + String Z (hold) + Death Step X Easy One-shots players with 0 -14.3M Bounty / Honor when you have 2.5M Bounty / Honor
String X + String Z + String V/C(V is more likely to hit) Easy Leaves most people with 1000-2000 health, crippling them since you can finish them off with death step or a other Fighting style.
String X + String Z + String V + Soul Cane Z + String C (hold) + Sharkman Kung Fu Z, + Sharkman Kung Fu C Medium - Hard Can deal extremely high damage and easy to start since the String X move has a big hitbox
String X + String Z + String V + Shisui Z + String C (unawakened) + Shisui X Medium Potential one-shot if used correctly
String X + Soul Cane Z + Kabucha X + Sharkman Kung Fu C + String V + String C (unawakened) Hard Should be a one-shot combo but may not work depending on stats. - Reshiram08mobuta
String X + Pole (2nd Form) Z + Pole (2nd Form) X + String V (Hold) + Sharkman Kung Fu C + String C (Unawkened) Hard I tried this on my 5 Mil friend and it left them with very little health and I was 3.4 mil so it all depends on the Bounty / Honor. - Reshiram08mobuta
String C + String X + String Z move in while they are trapped in the cage + Sharkman Kung Fu C + Unawakened String C + String V (awakened) (hold) Hard Should be a one-shot combo if you have maxed fruits stats and swan glasses. U don't need to add the Sharkman Kung Fu C if you dont want to but for extra. One shots 7-8mil players and below (I tested several times with maxed fruit stats) Don't worry if you can't do this this is usually done in like normal 1v1s not bounty hunting as the Unawakened String C knocks them away for you to run or if they chase wait for the combo restart if you are 1v1ing in fields or Coloseum this combo will guarantee one-shot (srry i mistyped unawakened v when it should be awakened unawakened can work but the damage is a bit shaky and weird) - ThatDaven


*If unsure on how to deselect a specific move from being awakened visit the Awakenings Expert page.*

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