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Stat Point Impacts
Melee +5 more Energy per lvl
Defense +5 more Health per lvl
Sword, Gun, and Blox Fruit Higher Damage per lvl (0.5-1 per lvl)

You can also get 19 stat point for a certain category for every 30 mastery points (~0,6333.... stats point per mastery) you have on the category's weapon. (If you have 30 mastery on Flame, then on stats it would say, the amount of stat points you have plus 19 point. )


You are strongly advised to max melee, defense, and one other damage stat to the maximum level. Otherwise, you will have a disadvantage in PvP, since you have less health, damage, and energy.

If your character is built in a way it has max health and energy along with max sword stats it is called a sword main, when the same is done with max fruit stats instead of sword it is called a fruit main. There are a handful of people who build their characters so that the points are distributed either equally or to all stats theses players are dubbed hybrids' as they have points distributed to all stats. Hybrids, while being versatile, have a huge disadvantage in PvP, PvE, and raids, but have a new world to explore as they are not bound to one single stat.

Blox Fruit Main/Blox Fruit User

People who have max stats in blox fruit have an advantage in all fields if they have a good fruit, and the ability to use it well. There are many players who main fruit, as it makes it easier for the player to swim through all the tough challenges with ease. It is recommended to go fruit main for raids since they have more moves to deal with large amounts of enemies without having to wait on cooldowns. Players might face difficulty as they cannot deal much damage or are in limbo if the fruit they are using is in cooldown, these player are found basically in all servers. Unlike the other stat distributions, fruit mains don't necessarily require a good support gun/sword and are thus easier to use if one doesn't prefer to combo. (2299 melee , defense and fruit)

Sword Main/Swordman/Sword User

People who have max stats in sword hold a tremendous advantage in PvP if they are a good player who can make spontaneous decisions and are agile. It is common to find people who are a sword main in late game as it considered to have a disadvantage in raids and PvE as there isn't much they can do. It is extremely common for sword main's to use a elemental as they can have mobility as their moves are on cooldown. If these characters have the right weapon in their hands they can rival fruit mains. Most people with a bounty higher than 5.5 mil are sword mains. (This was proven via a survey 71/100 people were sword users). Swordsmen, like gun mains however are not as domating, they need a good support fruit/gun in order to land versatile combos. (2299 melee, defense and sword)

Gun Main/Gun Master/Gun User

People who have max stats in gun and hold a great advantage in PvE (specifically bosses) and, if used correctly, PvP. With good timing skills and aim guns can be very formidable in PvP. It is very rare to find people that use guns for PvP. Most gun users incorporate a mix of other forms of fighting to compensate with the difficulty of dodging enemies. Guns in raids are not too useful since they do deal hefty damage but have limited moves and AoE isn't too large. Gun mains, similar to swordsmen, need to have a good support, either fruit or sword, to compensate for the hard to land moves. Good fruits for gun mains would be stun fruits that allow the user to land moves in combos.(2299 melee, defense and gun)


People with a diversity among the stats they mostly don't have a maxed out stats and have stats in all fields, few have max health and energy, but distributed the rest evenly. These people have disadvantage in both raids and PvP, but have a new world to explore as they aren't bound to a specific weapon or asset. (1500 defense, 1400 fruit and gun or sword and gun, the rest is melee)

Warning: This stats build is only for those highly skilled in its use

As of Update 17 (part 2), the max amount of points you can put into each stat is 2299 (1 free bonus stat so you can only put 2299), so you get 3 extra points over. This is normal.

You can refund your spent stat points by:

  1. Purchasing a stat refund in the Shop with Robux.png 75.
  2. Using one of the 3 codes that reset your stat points.
  3. Giving Fragments.png 2,500 to the Plokster NPC.


Mastery is a separate EXP counter from Levels, that increase by finishing off enemies with a weapon. Each weapon/fruit has its own Mastery level, and stays on the weapon/fruit you got the mastery on.

It does two things:

  1. Unlock moves of certain fruits/weapons.
    • For example, most fruits have 5 moves. The first move of every fruit moveset requires 1 mastery, finishing off enemy NPCs with that move will increase the mastery for that fruit, unlocking more moves.
  2. Gives extra Stat Points based on the amount of mastery and the level of the player, using a formula:
    • Let's say Y = Mastery Level, and X = Player Level.
    • The formula will then be (Y / 4) + (X * (Y / 600) * 0.1).
      • Example: Control with 600 Mastery, and a player with level 1271 will use the formula (600 / 4) + (1271 * (600 / 600) * 0.1) = 277.1 = 277 extra stat points on Blox Fruit.
    • The extra points will only apply to the weapon/fruit with the mastery. All mastery levels are separate. It increases damage.

Mastery can be gained by finishing off enemy NPCs. Bosses usually give alot more mastery than normal NPCs.

Getting a weapon or fruit from no mastery to max mastery (1-600) takes about 344,200,000 total mastery xp. (tested with x2 mastery gamepass against Cookie Crafters, it took 1,721 kills, and this is assuming they give about 200k per kill on average, with x2 mastery.)