What Spring looks like in Stock


The Spring-Spring Fruit (Bane-Bane no Mi) is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that can be bought from the Blox Fruit Dealer for B$$60,000 / R$180 Robux, and can also be found around the map or by destroying the Factory. This is the only Fruit that is not a cube shape. It resembles a spring.


Key Name Description Tier Rank Mastery
The user's arm becomes a spring, turning the attack into a long-range punch. Similar to a move from the Rubber fruit, "Pistol", which does more damage and has a longer range.
Cooltext C+.png
Spring Snipe
A short jump forward, similar to the "quick tackle" movement of the fighting style for beginners.
Cooltext C+.png
Spring Cannon
The user turns their legs into springs, stretches and then falls back, causing medium damage and knocking back enemies. Similar to attacks by multiple columns of fruits like Flame and Magma. Breaks Ken Haki.
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Spring Leap
The user jumps, bouncing off the walls and gaining speed and momentum when doing so. Also needs the 2nd most mastery for a travel move. Third is Dragon's F move, which requires 75 mastery. First is Control's Teleport (F) move, which requires 250 mastery.


- Highly maneuverable; useful for sword users.

- C move breaks Ken Haki.

- X move is decent for both attacking and escaping from PvP.

- F move is quite fast.

- Has some of the best mobility skills in game, making it useful for running away from teamers or dodging attacks.


- Low damage, making it terrible for PvP and grinding. However, it's quite good for sword users due to good mobility.

- Paramecia type, that means it is not good for killing NPCs if your level is low.

- C move is hard to hit because its range is not that wide.

- Water, as all the fruits. (unless you have Fishman V2/V3).

Useful Combos

For few people that use this fruit for fun or for other reasons.

  1. If you're fruit based (With superhuman)

Spring Z - Spring X - Spring C - Superhuman C - Spring F(to follow enemies) - Superhuman Z

2. If you're sword & fruit based (with Yoru). This would count as being hybrid.

Yoru Z - Spring C - Spring X - Spring Z - Yoru X

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