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The Spikey Trident is a Legendary sword. It was added in Update 17 (Part 2).


The Spikey Trident can be obtained as a drop from the Cake Prince boss. It has a very low chance of obtainment, with a 5% chance once defeated.


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Dough Hurricane
The user dashes forward. If the user collides with an enemy during the dash, they will start burrowing dough into the enemy's chest, while continuing the dash. Deals damage and stuns the enemy. 150
X key perfect.png
Flying Trident Pull
The user throws out a stream of dough. If the stream hits a surface, the user will pull themselves to that surface. If the stream hits an enemy, the user will pull the enemy to the user. 300

Name GIF
Dough Hurricane
Flying Trident Pull


  • Good for combo extending and stunning.
  • The [Z] and [X] move are good for traveling
  • This sword is a reskin of Sharkman Karate [Z] , Sharkman Karate [C], and of Hallow Scythe [X]. It can also be used as an effective replacement for Sharkman Karate.
  • The Spikey Trident is good for combos or traveling, as the [Z] move can travel a good distance.
  • The [Z] move has a good amount of stun.
  • Decent damage.
  • Great for Boss grinding.
  • You can still drill the enemy with [Z] even when the enemy uses another skill like Dough.
  • The [X] skill is a combo extender, as it can pull the enemy back into a combo.
  • Both move lock the enemy in place.
  • Recommended for bounty hunting.


  • Chop
  • Both moves are single targets, so it's bad for NPC grinding.
  • [X] move has a little delay after hitting a target, making to hard to chain combo with.
  • Small hit box makes it hard to aim with.
  • Slow m1 speed.
  • Does not Observation Break.
  • Has end lag on the [X] Move



  • This fruit specializes in Dough attacks.
  • This is the 4th Trident to be added in-game.
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