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The Soul Cane is a Rare sword. It is sold by the Living Skeleton. He can be found in the Magma Village in the First Sea where you will have to go through an invisible wall to find it (the wall's color is different from the rest of the volcano, and it is advised to turn on fast mode to make it easier to find it). It is sold for B$750,000.

This sword is still widely used throughout 2nd Sea for intermediate players who start to PvP. It has good stun and speed making a great inexpensive sword to start learning how to chain abilities and learn their first combos.


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Soul Beam The user shoots a very small high-speed ball with medium-range at their mouse pointer, stunning anyone hit for 1.5 seconds. Can hit multiple targets. Its AoE is around four times as big as the ball shot. 40
X key perfection 3.png
Soul Slashes The user slashes at the cursor in a small range multiple times, stunning enemies. This move is just multiple air slashes. The duration you are stuck slashing is two seconds. 120

Tips: Soul Cane's z and x move can both be used as combo extenders, and work well even with 0 additional stat points in sword. Take note that the Soul Cane Z move (which is most commonly used for combos) has a small hit box, so it is not recommended for starting combos, unless the opponent is already stunned, or if you have great aim.

Exact location

Soul cane’s location ( player is inside of shop)


  • Very high Combo Potential.
  • Z move stuns for a long time.
  • Good for farming. Both moves are AOE (area of effect).
  • Moves are extremely fast (no startup time).
  • Z move breaks Observation.
  • Good for sword mains.
  • Pairs really well with Ice (Using Ice C, Soul Cane Z and X).
  • This sword is also a good sword for fruit mains because of it's stuns.
  • Pairs well as sword main with Spring because of the mobility.
  • Can be use to counter dark combo if use at the right time( Z first, the X)


  • Needs good aiming skill.
  • Small hit box.
  • Just like every Sword, Chop is immune to its moves.
  • Z move is hard to aim.
  • Short range.
  • Damage is not very high compared to other swords.


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