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Snow Mountain

Snow Mountain

The Snow Mountain is an area for level 1000+ players. At the first mountain, you can find the Snow Quest Giver, as well as the Snow Trooper NPCs. There is a bridge connecting the two mountains. On the other mountain, you can find the Winter Warriors, and a cave leading to the Martial Arts Master, which teaches you the Superhuman fighting style.

Non-logia users : Level 1000

Logia users : Level 1028

  • You can destroy the bridge using moves like: Light [C], Death Step [Z], Dragon [C], Dough [Z], etc.
  • You can spawn a Sea Beast inbetween the mountains; Sea Beasts can also spawn naturally there.
  • Snow Mountain is actually hollow, if you angle your camera correctly, you can use Flash Step to get in.

Snow Mountain Cave

Cave Location

You can find the cave at this location, right underneath the Winter Warriors village. In there you should see the Martial Arts Master who will sell you the Superhuman fighting style (only if you meet the requirements). The requirements are shown in the Superhuman page, as well as the showcase.

How to get Superhuman


The theme of the Snow Mountain is Winter, which was composed by Roblox.

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