Snow Bandits are a strong enemy for new players between level 90-105, and reside on the roof of the Frozen Village. They are a level 90 enemy that deal 61.2 damage per hit, and use swords, meaning on the third hit they deal 68 damage. They are the lowest level enemy on Frozen Village, and are the predecessor to the Snowman enemy.

They can't use Buso Haki.


Snow Bandits aren't based from anyone in One Piece, so they are an original character. They have shaggy blue hair and a very worn out coat, equipped with belts, bandages and other adventurer stuff.

They wield a single katana in their right hand.


It is very easy to defeat them if you use brain, first if you a logia user if you use either ice or flame or any far range attack, lure them to you and you jump up to the sky and you shoot bullets at them repeatedly till they die and keep doing this until you reach enough level to grind at marine ford, lvl 130 to defeat the vice admiral.

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