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Smoke Admiral is a level 1150 Boss, that has 30,750 HP and uses the Smoke Fruit, an Elemental-type devil fruit that holds the powers of Smoke. He has a variety of attacks, such as those granted by his fruit, his normal combat, and his Sword, Jitte.

If the player get hit by his moves from Jitte's skill [Z], player's screen will turn grey and the player will get blinded for about 2 seconds. The player can use Sky Jump, when is in this state, to try to evade attacks.

The player must use Enhancement to attack him with Swords / Fighting Styles / Guns, because of his Elemental regeneration abilities. Fruit abilities bypass the regeneration effect and therefore allows the player to hit him without Enhancement, but otherwise, any other type of attack will not work.

This Boss, has a ~ 10% chance to drop the Rare-tier Sword, Jitte.

His spawn time is ~20 mins


Smoke Admiral is located on the "Hot side" of Hot and Cold island, in a grey building near the middle of the "Hot part".


His Quest grants RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png20,000 and 32,500,000 EXP upon being completed.

He is relatively easy to defeat and gives a good amount of mastery (~ 700k - 800k without the 2x mastery gamepass).


The Master of Enhancement can spawn on top of the same building as him. The smoke Admiral is known as one of the most efficient Boss for grinding mastery.


  • He will take no damage if he is standing on the magma of the "hot part", like other NPCs in the "hot part".