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The Slingshot is the first and cheapest gun that can be obtainable with beli. It is a small Y-shaped pellet launcher made of brown wood and rope, with a green band to launch the pellets from. It does the least damage out of all the guns in the game.

The Slingshot is a good secondary gun for setting up Combos, And it is considered the best item to round up enemies due to its reload speed being super fast, approximately 0.78 sec(not exact)


Slingshot can be obtained in Middle Town by talking to the Weapon Dealer. It costs B$5,000.


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Sticky Pellet Fires a pellet that that forms a circle once it hits any surface, dealing decent damage slowing enemies hit by the circle. 20
X key perfection 3.png
Explosive Pellet Fires a explosive, red pellet that that blows up once it hits any surface or target, knocking enemies away. Deals more damage than Sticky Pellet and your normal shots. 40


Sticky Pellet is easy to hit, so you can just fire at a opponent's feet before switching to a Blox Fruit or Sword and unleashing your combo, but beware as the opponent is not stunned and can still use all of their abilities, they are just unable to leave the blue circle.

The best use for this is to gather enemies for farming.

User can use Sticky Pellet and Explosive Pellet at the same time on enemies, which will deal decent damage and prevent them from getting knocked away too far.

This is a really good gun for farming just because you can group enemies from a range.

Rubber doesn't take damage from this


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