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The Skylands are a set of islands made up of clouds east of Jungle Island. The Skylands itself starts at a sea island that has small clouds connecting to higher islands.

In Update 17 part 2, the Skylands (Excluding Upper Yard) now connect with each other with bridges. You no longer need to fly or Skyjump up there.

First Island

The first island apart of the Skylands is a crescent shaped sea island with Boat Dealers. There are some rocks around the island, one of which has the Mad Scientist behind it. This first island has a lake that is supplied from a waterfall in one of the high up The Skylands islands. There is also a normal chest behind one of the rocks on the island itself.

There are no enemies on this island.

Second Island

Sky Bandits Place

The Skyland's second island is the first sky island that is actually a cloud. It has 4 level 150 Sky Bandits on it, along with a large church temple on the island. On the temple is Yoshi, who sells the Tomoe Ring. The island has a single gold Chest on the stairs of the center church building.

Something to note is that the Quest Giver NPC is for some reason at the fourth sky island, which may slow down grinding.

Third Island

The Skyland's third island is the smallest one, being a tiny grassy area with 6 trees and 4 Level 175 Dark Master enemies. There is nothing interesting about this island, and the Dark Masters themselves aren't that big of a threat. There is a single flat-ish rock on one side of the island, nothing special. There are no NPC's on this island, just Dark Masters.

New Skylands with bridge

This is the island best for farming though, as the quest Giver NPC is closest to this island and it has 1 chest near the rocks.

Fourth Island

The Skyland's fourth island is the island where all the NPC's are; there are no enemies, but the quest giver and respawn location is here. This area is a bunch of houses and buildings, with a Master Sword Dealer in between. There are lots of Chests here, with a diamond one inside one of the buildings. This island is also a crescent one like the first one, and has an infinite waterfall flowing down to the first island. There is a building with a door that can be destroyed by Dark Blade Z, which has one of the three Love letters in it. There is also a building where if you enter it and look at the ceiling, you will see a line of text saying “fudd10”, redeeming said code will give the player RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 1.

This island is a couple meters away from the entrance to the Upper Skylands, which contains the gateway to it.

Upper Skylands

The upper part of the Skylands, nicknamed Upper Skylands, has areas that are so massive that there is a separate page for it, accessible here.


The theme of the Skylands is Natural Innovation, which was composed by Roblox.

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