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The Shisui blade is one of the three Legendary Swords sold by Legendary Sword Dealer. It is needed to obtain the True Triple Katana.

Each Legendary Sword costs B$2,000,000 to buy, as does the fusion of all three for TTK. Shisui is widely known for being an excellent sword for PvP because of its high damage, excellent combo potential and very fast moves with really low endlag. It is also considered one of the best swords in game.


Shisui, like all other Swords, has 2 moves.

Key Name Description Mastery Gif
Z key perfections.png
True Quiet Rush The user dashes forward, damaging everything in the way. It slightly stuns when hit. 150

True quiet rush

X key perfection 3.png
Focus Shot The user shoots a purple ”bullet” followed by a purple trail in the direction of their mouse. 300

Focus Shot


  • High damage
  • Very good range
  • Very fast moves with low end lag.
  • Z and X can hit multiple target, which make it good for grinding.
  • One of the best swords in the game.
  • Very good combo potential.
  • Has a slight stun on both moves and slight knockback on X.
  • Excellent for PvP.
  • Much like Canvander, except Canvander does more damage, and drains more dodges, while Shisui moves are much faster.


  • Small hitboxes


If you have this, Wando, and Saddi all at 300 mastery you can get the True Triple Katana.

This Sword pairs well with Kabucha , Superhuman and Dark / Ice Awakening.

Basic combos

Dark awakened X (hold until it automatically stops) + Kabucha X + Superhuman c + Shisui X + Dash 1-2 times + Shisui Z + Superhuman Z + Dark awakened C + Superhuman X

This combo can one shot if executed properly.

Superhuman Z can be dodged by Ken Haki.

Acid Z Shisui Z SH X C Z Shishui X


  • Shisui is the strongest sword among the three legendary swords (Wando, Saddi, and Shisui)
  • If you have a Haki Color, the outlines of the sword will be the same color as your haki.