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Sharkman Karate is a Fighting style, that was added in Update 14 as a follow-up of Water Kung Fu. It is considered a great fighting style for combos, despite being weak compared to the other V2 Fighting Styles.


It can be bought from Daigrock, the Sharkman, after giving him a Water Key, having Water Kung Fu at 400 mastery, RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2,5M and Fragments.png5k.


Key Move Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png Twelve Water Palms The user rapidly dashes forward while striking the air with 12 water palms, pushing opponents along. 100 Mastery
X key perfection 3.png Pressure Vortex The user fires a vortex of water, which deals damage as it grazes opponents, and explodes upon direct contact. 200 Mastery
C key perfect.png Great Sea Spear The user shoots out a vortex of water. If the vortex hits an opponent, the user will drag the opponent towards them. After, the user fires a beam of water shaped like a spear into their torso, knocking them back heavily, Similar to Awakened Quake [Z] skill 300 Mastery

Move Image
Twelve Water Palms SharkmanZ.gif
Pressure Vortex SharkmanX.gif
Great Sea Spear SharkmanC.gif


  • Much faster than its previous form, Water Kung Fu.
  • Attacks are relatively easy to hit.
  • The Z move covers a great distance, almost as much as Death Step's Z move.
  • Moves are quick and are hard to punish.
  • The C and X move breaks Observation.
  • Lower mastery requirements than other high level Fighting Styles.
  • High combo potential.
  • Extremely good choice for Buddha users because the hit box of this fighting style is the biggest among all Fighting Styles.
  • The C move can grab Dragon users that have transformed extremely easily.
  • Balanced in both damage and combo potential.
  • Great range.
  • The Z move has a big hit box, and it has a pretty short cool down.
  • The Z move can be used for mobility and chasing people, or running from bounty hunters.
  • Very easy to do quick short combos that do very decent damage.
    • You can use this to your advantage when fighting runners or spammers.


  • Hard to hit a moving opponent from afar, may require some prediction.
  • The X move's range isn't very good and slow speed.
  • The C move is single target, meaning that the user can only hit 1 opponent at a time with it.
  • Bad at grinding, as every move has knock back.
  • The Z move cannot break Observation.
  • Very hard to combo off of the C move unless you have a good teleport ability.


  • Sharkman X, Z, C (simple).
  • spikey trident x + dragon x +energy core + shark man z + shark man x + shark man c + dragon z ( one shot, easy to hit, energy core isn’t required)
  • Dark V2 X or C + Pole V2 Z and X + Sharkman X, Z and C. (Can one-shot if all the moves land.)
  • Dark V2 X or C + Sharkman Karate X and Z, Rengoku Z and X + Sharkman C.
    • This combo is moderately hard to land, but does good damage.
    • Sand X when it ends use Sand C + Sharkman X + Sharkman Z + Sharkman C + Sand Z + Sand V (Awaken)
  • Kabucha X + Canvander X Z +Sharkman X Z C
  • Quake V, Sharkman X, Sharkman Z, Sharkman C, Shisui Z, Quake Z, (Quake X if damage is lacking)
  • Ice V (Unawakened/Awakened), Ice C (Unawakened), Soul Cane Z and X, Sharkman X, Z, C, Ice X


  • Z (Twelve Water Palms): 3814
  • X (Pressure Vortex): 3112.3
  • C (Great Sea Spear): 4001.7

(NOTE: The following results are tested on NPC's. The things used to test include: Haki full body, Sharkman Karate 600 mastery, 2300 Melee points [380 Extra points], no Accessories. There is no guarantee that all of them are 100% correct). Credits to FrostTheIcejinYT and NoBodyNooneLOL for the edit :D

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