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The Shark Saw can be obtained by killing the Raid Boss, The Saw. The Saw spawns in the Middle Town in the First Sea every hour and 15 minutes, and despawns in 15 minutes, so you have a time limit to kill him. He wields a longsword with 6 teeth-like shark blades in a row. Like all other swords, the Shark Saw has two moves.


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Consecutive Slashes Slices seven times in front of you, stunning and hitting anything it makes contact with. 10
X key perfection 3.png
Execution The player spins around in a circle multiple times. This moves you forward and deals damage and stun to anything it hits. (Useful for combos with Dark-step) 60

Combo with Ice: Ice C, Saw X, Ice V, Saw Z , Dash, Ice X, Ice Z



  • Small hitbox.
  • No ranged skills.
  • Attacks have endlag.
  • Immune against Chop Fruit Users


  • There is an alternate version of the Kiribachi that can occasionally appear when the Alternate Arlong appears. It is much more over-saturated and white, with slightly blunt teeth and a less intimidating look.
  • This Sword is kind of useless once you're high enough to get it (You can get any time but it's hard if you are lower than 100) I recommend just using Triple Katana until you can get Saber or Bisento.
  • The Shark Saw's moveset is almost identical to the Spike fruit.

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