Saber Expert is a Level-200 boss that can only be fought after completing a puzzle. Here's a quick tutorial of how the puzzle can be solved.

First Part

The first step of the puzzle is activating all the green buttons in the two parts of the Jungle Island.

First Button

First Tile.png

Second Button

Second Tiile.png

Third Button

Third Tiile.png

Fourth Button

Fourth Tile.png

Fifth Button

Fifth Tile.png

The first three green buttons are at the main, quest giver island. The other two are at the Gorilla King's island. After activating all five green tiles, go to the quest giver NPC house, right in the middle of the island above the lake.
Quest Giver NPC's House.png

Upon entry, you will see a hole in the floor. Go down the hole, and a message on the wall with a torch on the side. Grab the torch and go to the Desert Island.
Secret Passage.png

Second Part

Once you reach the Desert, look for a collapsed house with a red door. Enter through the door and you will see a curtain. Equip your torch and stand still next to the curtain. It will burn it down and open to reveal a secret passage.
Desert House.png

Inside, you will see a wall with a phrase and a cup on the side. Grab the cup and proceed to Frozen Village.

Desert Secret Passage.png

Once you arrive at the Frozen Village, enter the cave in which you find the Ability Teacher. In there, you will find a ice stalactite with drops of water falling down to the ground. Stand underneath it and equip your cup, stand there until the cup has been filled.

Water Cup.png

Once the cup is full, exit the cave and go to top side of the village. In there, enter the house near the Sword Dealer of the East, you will find a Sick Man inside. Talk to him with the cup in hand and select the option "Help". Once you do this, he will say:

"Thank you so much! Please meet up with my son, I'm sure he will reward you."

After being thanked, go to Bobby Island.

Third Part

Go to the Pirate Village. Once you reach there, find the Rich Man and talk to him. If you have already helped his father, he will say:

"Thanks for helping my father,but a mob leader has stolen all my money! Please find and take him down as soon possible so I can reward you..."

Now you must kill the Mob Leader. Go to the island at which he is housed (on the way from the Frozen Village to Magma Village).
Mob Leader Island.png

Once you defeat him, go back and talk to the Rich Man. He will say:

"Thank you for getting my money back, you can keep this ancient relic as your reward."

You will now have a Relic in your item slot. Go back to the Jungle Island and prepare for a final battle. In there, find the stone building with a green tile above it. You will see a relic-shaped hole on the wall. Just equip your relic and plug it in, a door will open and Saber Expert will be inside.


He is Level 200 and is quite a hard boss if you are Level 200, too. A strategy to kill him is staying outside the door since he can't leave and bombarding him with ranged attacks. Be careful though, as he can still use his own ranged attack. After you kill him, he will drop a Saber. After completing the quest, you will be able to buy Ken Haki from Usoap if you are Level 300.

You need Level 200 to fight him or else you will get a message saying you aren't ready. In case he is not there, wait a few minutes - someone probably killed him already. He respawns every 30 minutes.

Don't worry if you die with the relic in your inventory as you can keep getting the relic from the Rich man, even if you leave the server.

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