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Shadow is a Natural-type Blox Fruit. It costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 2,900,000 or Robux.png 2,425 from the Blox Fruit Dealer, and it was added in Update 16. This fruit has a 1.3% chance to be in each stock, and an 1.1% chance to spawn in-game every hour.

This fruit is one of the 13 fruits that has a glow effect in its physical form (the others being Love, Barrier, Quake, Buddha, Phoenix, Rumble, Paw, Gravity, Venom, Control, Soul and Dragon), and one of 2 fruits that have a smoke-like effect in it's physical form, the other one being Venom.


Name Description
Umbra The user will always have an Umbra Meter bar on their screen. The meter fills up by landing Shadow abilities on targets, and different Shadow abilities fill up the Umbra Meter by various amounts. Umbra Meter also fills up automatically during night. The Umbra Meter can only be drained by using Corvus Torment (V move). The user will also get a shadow aura surrounding themselves that will be bigger and darker, depending on the amount of Umbra Meter they have. (Note: the Shadow aura does not deal damage to anyone, and is just for cosmetic purposes.)

Key Name Description Mastery
Transparent Z button.png
Somber Rebellion The user turns into a small dark orb of shadow, then dashes towards their cursor. Upon contact with an opponent, the user will turn into crows and damage the enemy, then launch themselves upward, leaving the enemy on the ground. You will receive i-frames during the duration of the move if you land it. 1 mastery
Transparent X button.png
Shade Nest The user shoots a swarm of crows towards the cursor. Upon surface contact, the swarm will explode, dealing damage and sending a few small crows which will then fly to a nearby enemy and damage them. The crows have slight auto-aim, and will attempt to fly towards the target if close enough. Note: multiple crows can attack the same target. 100 mastery
Transparent C button.webp
Nightmare Leech The user lunges forward. If the user makes contact with an enemy, the user will regain 20% of their max health and deal good damage to the enemy, knocking them back. This move is similar to Superhuman C. 200 mastery
Transparent V button.png
Corvus Torment The user inflates their body into a massive black hole. The user will then explode, draining their entire Umbra Meter. The explosion will do extreme damage and leave behind a swarm of crows which will deal passive damage to any enemies inside of the cloud. The enemies' vision will also get slightly distorted if they get hit by the explosion. The size of the black hole and explosion is based on the user's Umbra Meter. Higher Umbra Meter = bigger hitbox. The remains of the explosion doesn't really stun. Instead, it kind of pulls the enemies back inside the explosion remains, similar to real black holes. However, it is possible to escape the explosion's remains using teleportation moves like Flash Step (Soru), Paw F, Dark F or Rumble F. 300 mastery
Transparent F button.png
Umbrage The user transforms into a swarm of crows, giving the user the ability to fly at a medium pace. Flying close to enemies will lightly stun and deal damage to the enemy. 50 mastery

Moves Gif
Somber Rebellion
Somber Rebellion.gif
Shade Nest
Shade Nest.gif
Nightmare Leech
Nightmare Leech.gif
Corvus Torment
Corvus Torment.gif

One of the top 5 most damaging fruits in the whole game. (As of Update 17 Part 1)
It deals around 12,500 damage if you use all of the moves on the opponent (includes Umbrage too).
All of the moves deal damage.
Nightmare Leech heals the user by 20% of their max health when used on a target, which can be extremely useful when the player is low on health.
Can be used as both fruit mains and sword mains due to the combo potential it has.
Corvus Torment has a really good hitbox at full Umbra Meter.
Even if the user has low Umbra Meter, Corvus Torment will still deal very high damage.
Corvus Torment is very good for crowded areas due to its massive hitbox.
Somber Rebellion can be used to escape combos (if timed correctly), as it flings the user into the air.
Good combo potential.
Extremely easy to get used to.
The Shade Nest’s shadow crows are basically homing missiles, seeking out nearby enemies.
Shade Nest's crows have auto-aim and will fly towards the target if they're not too far away. This makes Shade Nest good for 1v1s and stealing kills.
Good mobility (besides the Umbrage, Somber Rebellion and Nightmare Leech can also be used for travelling).
Somber Rebellion is a good counter when the user is being rushed at. Just use Somber Rebellion if someone tries to run towards you, then launch a combo at them.
Somber Rebellion can also be used as a mobility move to escape from certain moves, as the user will travel a good distance and they will do so quite quickly. And at the end of the move you get pushed back a little bit. Nightmare Leech can be used too, but it has a slight end-lag.
Shade Nest has good range.
As well as possessing the ability to heal the user, Nightmare Leech can be used similarly to Superhuman C, as the user dashes forward, and knocks the opponent back. Also Nightmare Leech is good for combos as it is easy to predict where the opponent will get pushed back. It is a bit slow though, so experienced players can use this to their advantage.
The F move (Umbrage), can be used to prevent NPCs from healing (e.g. Training Dummy NPC).
The Umbra Meter is easier to fill up than Dragon and Venom's Fury Meter since using moves on targets fills it up in various amounts, and because Umbra Meter will automatically regenerate at night.
Somber Rebellion, Nightmare Leech and Corvus Torment all break Observation. (For Corvus Torment, the target has to be near the middle of the explosion to break Observation.)
Most shadow combos are mobile friendly, as well as dealing massive damage. Unlike most other fruits.

High mastery requirements.
Shadow is barely on stock and is the 5th most expensive fruit in the game.
When the user first joins a server or respawns, they will spawn with no Umbra Meter, unlike Dragon and Venom in which they spawn with 50% of their Fury Meter.
Corvus Torment drains all of the user's Umbra Meter.
Requires aim and skill to use in PvP.
Nightmare Leech move has low range, along with some end-lag if the user misses.
Somber Rebellion, Shade Nest and Nightmare Leech are bad for farming, as they are all single-target.
Umbrage is quite slow and doesn't last for a long time.
Shade Nest is Shadow's only ranged move.
Corvus Torment (V move) can be dodged with a teleport move, unless the Shadow user uses a stun weapon to stun the player.
Even with no Observation V2, the enemy will know that the user is using Shadow due to the aura. This isn't really a bad thing though.

The user can use the V move to troll people when they try to attack the player in a short distance, as they will be stuck there.
This is the first and most definitely the only fruit to have the Umbra Meter.
Shadow is the 6th fruit which deals damage on its F skill. 1st being Rumble (awakened), 2nd Venom, 3rd Magma (awakened), 4th being Buddha (awakened), and the fifth being Door F.
This is the 3rd fruit that that has a mist-like particle effect on its physical form, the 1st being Dragon, and the 2nd being Venom. Soul is the 4th fruit to have similar effects on the physical fruit.
"Umbra" in Latin means "shade" and/or "shadow".


  • Shadow Z, Shadow X. Simple combo that deals good damage.
  • Shadow Z + Yama X + Shadow V + Death Step C (Hold) + Death Step Z + Death Step X (one shot if aimed correctly and with Death Step V)
  • Simple combo #2: Shadow Z, Shadow C. Another combo that can wipe out about half the health of a player similar to your bounty and level.
  • Simple combo #3: Shadow Z, shadow C, Shadow X. Note: Suggested not to use Z, X, C, because it would be hard to land the C move at the end.
  • Simple combo (But a little bit harder than above) #4: Shadow Z, Shadow, C, Shadow X, (Soru if needed) Shadow V, Shadow F.
  • Death Step V, Shadow Z, Death Step Z, Death Step C, Shadow C, Pole v2 Z, Shadow V, Pole v2 X, Death Step X, Shadow Z. This combo can easily one-shot a 4m player (tested).
  • Pole v2 Z, Pole v2 X, Acidum Rifle Z, Shadow X, Shadow Z, Superhuman C, Superhuman Z, Shadow C or Soru, Pole v2 Z, Shadow V.
  • Pole v2 Z, Kabucha X, Shadow X, Soru, Shadow Z, Dragon Talon Z, Shadow C, Pole v2 X, Shadow V, Dragon Talon X, C (one-shot).
  • Shadow Z, Dragon Talon X, Shadow X, Dragon Talon Z, Shadow C, Yama X, Shadow V, Dragon Talon C.
  • Shadow Z -> Yama X (aim down) -> Shadow V -> Death Step C -> Death Step Z -> Shadow C -> Death Step X, Shadow X.
  • Death Step V, Shadow Z, Pole v2 Z, Death Step Z, Death Step C, Pole v2 X, Shadow V, Shadow X, Shadow Z, Death Step X. (Guaranteed one-shot to a 2.5m player)
  • Shadow Z, Superhuman Z, Shadow C,Superhuman C (This is only a basic combo for beginners).
  • Shadow Z -> Shadow X -> Dragon Talon X -> Dragon Talon Z -> X Yama -> V Shadow -> C Dragon Talon (this pretty easy but require fast finger, try to use Z Talon without miss) (By Boss_ZERO)
  • Shadow Z -> X Yama -> X shadow -> X Dragon Talon -> V Shadow -> C Dragon Talon (this combo is hard to dodge, but just if your fingers fast, faster than the above combo) (By Boss_ZERO)
  • Kabucha X -> X Shadow -> X Dragon Talon -> C Shadow -> Z Dragon Talon -> (Soru) -> Z Shadow (this pretty hard to, most is C shadow -> Z Talon, it will miss if u can't aim good) (By Boss_ZERO)


Damage: S+

Stun: S+

Range: A+

Grind: Somewhere in between A+ and S-

Durability: S-

Difficulty: S- (not that difficult to use but still requires some aiming skill)

PvP / Bounty hunting: S+/S- (Depends on the user.)

Mobility: S (Depends if you have mink v2/v3)

Fun: S/S-

Overall, Shadow is an excellent fruit in every category and I recommend using it whether its for Bounty hunting or grinding.


(NOTE: The following results are tested on NPCs. The things I used to test include: Haki full body, Shadow 600 mastery, 2200 DF points [200 Extra points], no accessories. The results are for reference only, there is no guarantee that all of them are 100% correct.) [I do a lot of calculations and slow motion videos]

  • Z (Somber Rebellion): 2935.3 (Start bonus [8.1] + Continuous damage x 10 [308.5 x 10])
  • X (Shade Nest): 4440 (Right away damage [732] + Chase continuous damage x 7-8 (512.3 x 7-8)
  • C (Nightmare Leech): 3513.2 ([1756.6 x 2])
  • V (Corvus Torment): 8783.3 (Full Umbra Meter explosion [4391.8] + Stun and continuous damage x30 [146.3 x 30])
  • F (Umbrage): 10977 ( Stun continuous damage x30 [365.9 x 30])

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