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A Sea Beast is a sea-related miniboss added in Update 8, which can be spawned through certain Sea Events, Summon Sea Beast item, during Raids, and while fighting the Tide Keeper. Sea Beasts come in different color variations, such as green, brown, red, and blue. The total health of the Sea Beast depends on the level of the player who spawned it.

In order to damage a Sea Beast, the player has to use moves. NOT simple melee/sword tap hits. Some moves do not work on/damage Sea Beasts, most notably single-target attacks (such as Shadow's C move nightmare leech).

In update 14 some rumors started to show up, "Turning on Observation decreases the sea beast spawning chance." and "Sea beats don't spawn at night." It's not true and all of them are just lies,

Keep in mind; at 10m bounty you obtain the Summon Sea Beast ability. It can be used for sea fights and the sea beast has 20k hp and it has no drops.


Sea Beasts spawn using RNG, with a tiny pity system.

If a Sea Beast is not spawning, try:

  1. Going further out from any nearby islands.
  2. Making sure you're inside the ship's "driver seat".
  3. Making sure you're boat is moving (increases chances)

Observation and Enhancement does not affect Sea Beasts spawns, it is a rumor that is false.



Name Description Move Notes How To Avoid
Deadly Shower Water Kung Fu's X move but longer and bigger. Mid-ranged attack, used commonly against ledges. Continually spam dash left or right
Water Beam Shoots a vertical, deadly, blue-beam that deals huge damage and knockback. Long-ranged attack, used when the player is more than 75 studs away or on top of the Sea Beast's head. Using Observation
Deadly Roar Roars, sending out an AoE attack that stuns the player, deals damage, and breaks Observation. Close-ranged attack, used to knock players away. Predict when the move happens and turn Observation off right before


  • Use the Fish race to your advantage, and make yourself immune to water with V2.
  • Death Step is recommended while sea beast hunting for its ranged high-damage moves.
  • Buddha V2 can be useful due to its half-immunity to water, however keep in mind you cannot damage Sea Beasts with simple clicks, you need to damage them using moves.
  • Sea Beasts commonly let out roars while spawned. You can use this to find Sea Beasts efficiently, however keep in mind that Magma V2's F move has the same sound effect which can lead to confusion.
  • When killing other players/NPCs with Summon Sea Beast, the player still obtains the rewards as if they killed them normally (such as bounty, exp, etc).
  • Sea Beasts will disappear once the player is out of range for too long (around 30 seconds), or automatically after 15 minutes if not killed.
  • Players were able to walk on Sea Beast heads before a remodel of the looks.
  • "SB" is an abbreviation of Sea Beast (such as "sb hunt" for when people want to hunt Sea Beasts).


New sea beast model
Old sea beast model

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