The Saber Expert/Shanks is a boss, who is only accessible if you are level 200. You have to do a certain quest to access his area. After defeating Shanks, he can drop the legendary sword, Saber. (Note: Only one person is able to get the drop, so fighting him with other players is not recommended unless they already have the sword) Below is a link to a guide to solving the puzzle you need to do to get to him. He is called Saber Expert in the game. He cannot get out of his room unless you force him too (a way of doing it is using the [X] move of unawakened Dark or the [X] move of Sand or the [X] move of Dough.

Note: If you used Soru to get in his area (and not be level 200), you can't deal any damage to him but he can still damage you. Quite like Ice Admiral.

Shanks can also be taken out of his cave with Dough's X move. if you hit him with sticky dough while on the upper platform, it will slam him in the roof, and make him leave.

Saber Expert tutorialNote: If you have trouble killing him, you have two methods for an easier way:

Note: You can use Dough's[X] pull him out of his cage, but players below lvl 200 can't attack him (he won't take the damage) This is tested.

You can get him stuck on the square bump in-between the stairs, this will make him considerably easier to kill since he can not attack you directly, note that this is almost impossible to do with the Quake-Quake fruit.

You can use the door as a invisible barrier against him. He can not walk through the door but walks against it. There you are able to use ranged attacks against him.

In both ways, he is still able to hit you with his ranged attack.

The Saber Expert respawns every 30 minutes. The Saber Expert does not spawn the moment a server spawns. If you are using a VIP server, you must wait 30 minutes before he spawns.

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