What Rumble looks like in Stock

Rumble is an Elemental (Logia) type Devil Fruit, allowing you to be immune to NPCs lower level then you. It costs B$2,100,000 or 2,100R$ at the Blox Fruit Dealer. It can also be obtained by random chance from Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin.

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In order to fully awaken your Rumble Fruit, you need 14,500 Fragments.


  • The boss Enel/Thunder God (Level 574+) uses this fruit (non-awakened). His moves are Sky Thunder and Rumble Dragon.
  • Rubber is immune to all Rumble attacks, excluding that used by the Thunder God.

Rumble Awakening has 4 moves and 1 movement ability, this movement ability does not apply to unawakened rumble as it takes something called Charges when using its movement ability, and such other.

Rumble V2's mobility move (Electric Flash) deals a very small amount of damage to a player/NPC if you get very close to them.


Name Description
Elemental type The wielder is immune to all physical attacks.

Key Name Description Tier Rank Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Rumble Dragon
The player shoots a swirling lightning dragon that explodes after a certain distance if it doesn't hit anything.
Cooltext B+.png
1 mastery
X key perfect.png
Sky Thunder
The player creates a thunderstorm that showers huge lightning pillars around them, doing good damage and stuns whatever it hits. It has a pretty short cool down. This move is RNG based.
Cooltext A.png
90 mastery
C key perfect.png
Sky Beam
The player summons a giant lightning beam from the sky, levitates the target, inflicting good damage and a stun to anyone it hits.
Cooltext A.png
160 mastery
V key perfect.png
Thunder Bomb
The player summons a really big spherical electric ball. Once launched, it deals great damage, levitates the target and a long stun to anyone in range of the explosion.
Cooltext S.png
250 mastery
F key.png
Lightning Dash
The player transforms into a lightning bolt, then quickly dashes in a single direction toward the cursor (you can’t dash too far, but the distance is OK). The cooldown for this move is quite short too.
Cooltext E.png
30 mastery

Key Name Description Tier Rank Fragment cost
Z key perfections.png
Lightning Beast
The player fires a large beast that bursts into electricity, dealing damage and knockback. If an enemy is close enough, the beast will curve to chase the enemy. This is much easier to hit compared to Rumble Dragon.
Cooltext B+.png
500 Fragments
X key perfect.png
The player creates a massive thunderstorm, consisting of massive bolts of lightning striking down within a large radius, dealing damage and stun. This still will get affected by roofs. Unlike Sky Thunder, this has a much faster cast time, and can be slightly aimed.
Cooltext A.png
3000 Fragments
C key perfect.png
Sky Judgement
With faster windup but less linger time, the player summons a massive lingering thunderbolt to strike the ground, stunning and damaging enemies quickly, and leaving the ground scorched with blue for a few seconds.
Cooltext A.png
4000 Fragments
V key perfect.png
Thunderball Destruction

The player gathers up thunderclouds into a massive blue-black spherical bomb made out of lightning, and launches it towards the chosen direction. It will then slowly but violently expand, dealing constant damage and stun before disappearing. The hitbox for this move is really big.

Cooltext S+.png
5000 Fragments
F key.png
Electric Flash

The player teleports in the desired direction. There is no more cooldown prior to the buff, however, each use takes away a charge. You have 3 charges, and one charge regenerates every 12 seconds. This also has a hitbox which does tiny damage (possibly lowest in game) and very slight stun. Losing and gaining charges will be shown by a GUI at the top of the screen.

Cooltext D.png
2000 Fragments


(With Rumble Awakening): Pole V2 X, Rumble Awaken V, Rumble Awaken X, Rumble Awaken C, Rumble Awaken Z, Superhuman Z/Death Step C, Superhuman C/Death Step Z Or After Rumble Awakening Z, Sharkman Karate X, Then Sharkman (Rumble awakening) Kabucha x skill, Rumble F (aim at the target), Rumble X, Rumble C (need prediction skill to land it), Sharkman Karate C, Shisui Z, Sharkman Karate X, Sharkman Karate Z, - turn your camera backward, Rumble Z. *If all skills hit it, it can 1 shot a 10M player with 2.5M bounty.

Sky Thunder, Sky Beam, Thunder Bomb, Beast Owl Pounce, and Conqueror's Gun. This combo is versatile as Rumble posses high stun capability.

(Non-Rumble Awakening): Rumble X, Rumble Z, Rumble V, Rumble C, Beast Owl Pounce, Conqueror Gun, Dragon Trident Z.

(Rumble Awakening) Rumble V, Rumble X, Rumble C, Rumble Z, Death Step C, Soul Cane Z, Death Step Z. This combo can one shot, as i tested it on my friend with 4.1 million bounty. do this combo fast, or the enemy will escape.

(Rumble Awakening): Thunderball Destruction, Thunderstorm, Sky Judgment, Thunder Beast.

(Rumble V1 + V2 ) Rumble C, Rumble Awakened Z (Or regular), Fishman Z.

If you hold the Rumble C move, it will have a wider hitbox. If you hold the Rumble V move, it will be thrown faster. This only applies to rumble v1.


  • Logia immunity.
  • High mobility.
  • Long stuns.
  • Large AOE (especially X and V move)
  • Every move except Sky Beam and Sky Judgement breaks Ken Haki.
  • High damage.
  • Electric Flash is very fast with basically no startup. You can avoid moves very quickly. This is also good for running away from bounty hunters.
  • The longer the distance from the user to the target, the better the auto aim gets (for the Z move).
  • Electric Flash has a near instant cooldown.
  • Good for raids, because of its long stuns and big hitboxes (V move).
  • Electric Flash can hit enemies, which can shortly stun them.


  • Rubber users are immune to all Rumble attacks (Rubber is also immune to Electro, Guns, and Pole V1).
  • High endlag and startup times (V1).
  • Moves are very slow (V1).
  • High mastery levels (for Old World players), so it isn't recommended for new players unless they're at a decent level. Maybe above level 400.
  • Very difficult to land attacks when the enemy is in the air (Not as difficult with V2).
  • Water, as all fruits (except Ice), unless you have Fishman v2 or v3.
  • Rumble's X moves must both be used outside because a roof will block it out, making the move completely useless when used against any Boss which spawns under a roof (unless the roof is really high). If it's low, the move will be useless).
  • Electric Flash only has 3 charges and then has to recharge, and the time it takes for a charge to regenerate is quite long too. So you must be wise with your teleports.
  • When using Thunder Bomb or Thunderball Destruction, you have to charge it up, which makes you vulnerable to attacks. It's quite slow. They do good damage though. Recommended for grinding and combo starters.


- As of Update 14, a Rumble awakening has been added.

- If you have this fruit fully Awakened, you can upgrade your Pole into its v2 form by completing another Rumble raid. After the raid's completion, you get teleported to an NPC named Enel. You can also fly to him using Light's F move, but it’s not certain that you’ll be able to talk to him.

- Rubber users are immune to all of Rumble's attacks because in the anime when Luffy fought Eneru he was immune to basically all of his attacks. Keep in mind that this also goes for Pole (1st form) and Pole (2nd Form)

- When you use Rumble V move on the big tree behind Diamond, the tree's parts will be flung very far. Sometimes it can end up on the Cafe.

- This is the most expensive Logia (excluding Dough).

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