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Hi there! If you're new to this wiki (or fandom) and plan on making an account, please check out our Rules page, for information on new accounts and some rules to follow.


Blox Fruits Wiki

Thank you for coming to the Blox Fruits wiki. We have rules set in place to make this place as friendly as possible. Discussion/post rules can also be found here. It's probably best if you read those as well.

You must have your accounts email verified in order to edit most pages, and your account must be 4 days old in order to comment, post, and edit certain pages.

If you find anyone breaking rules, be so kind and contact a mod, or an admin. They can be found on the Staff Page.

If you'd like to suggest a rule to this page, or have questions about the rules, you can ask them here.

No vandalism, and there are (usually) no warnings. If you vandalize, you will be banned for a certain period of time, depending on the severity of your vandalization. A guide on how to combat vandalisation can be found here.
  • This includes no pretending to be famous vandals, such as GamerWarning, Mugiwara, or anyone of that genre.
No links to Discord servers, besides the wiki's Discord, which you can find here.
No spamming posts, regardless of where it is.
No potentially dangerous/harmful images or profile pictures, like epileptic flashing colours or gore/smut imagery.
Don't make posts with vague, ambiguous or misleading thread titles. There is a chance it will get deleted.
No raiding other Fandom wikis. Making an attempt to raid one will result in a 6 month or longer block from both wikis.
Toxicity is allowed, up to a certain point. However, doxxing and death threats are where we cross the line.
No necro-ing posts. Necro-ing posts can be explained as responding/commenting on an old post (1 month or older).
  • This is not punishable unless done in bigger amounts, but people will tell you off for it.
No "edit farming". This means repeatedly making edits solely to increase your edit count, either for respect or other reasons. This is bannable for up to 6 months.
Try not to discuss leaks, or unconfirmed information. It's not a great practice, but it's allowed to a certain extent.
  • Please, DO NOT put unconfirmed information into pages. DO NOT put it in unless it is in the game.
Ecchi (hentai but with no nudity) imagery is allowed, but Hentai is not. Same goes for NSFW imagery. Not just hentai.
Political content, even when used as a joke, will be deleted. This includes social credit memes, or memes that target a specific political group.
NSFW discussions (not images) are allowed, but discouraged, as there's a chance you'll get a global ban on FANDOM out of our reach.
Don't clog the images with nonsense by uploading random images. Uploading an image just for the sake of it isn't a very good idea.
If you are going to upload an image, please name it properly.
  • Image names such as "RobloxScreenShot247346346.png" will be either moved or deleted. Please name your images for the appropriate use.
Do not reference One Piece, or preferably any copyrighted material in pages. It’s fine to talk about it in comments and posts, but do not add information to pages that makes a clear link to it. This can result in a 1-3 day block.
Advertising on this wiki is not allowed. Doing so will most definitely get you blocked for at least 6 months. Advertising includes:
  • Discord links to any servers.
  • YouTube links solely to advertise your own content.
  • Links to other Roblox groups/games/catalog items in order to give them a boost in popularity/players.
  • Basically any links besides Roblox user links, Fandom links, and SOME YouTube links (showcases, etc)
The same trading rules as in the official Discord (with a bit of modification) apply here. Although there is a "black market" post category, you are basically not allowed to:
  • Trade accounts.
  • Trade scripts/exploits, or ask/trade for help from exploiters.
  • Trade NSFW content (whereas previous rules also apply).

But in all honestly, it's not recommended that you trade here at all. There are channels dedicated to trading in the official Blox Fruits discord.

This is the only real rules page. Any creation of replicas will result in a ban.

Be aware that these rules apply on our Discord server as well.