What Gum looks like in Stock

Rubber-Rubber or Gum-Gum is a Paramecia type fruit, it costs B$750,000 or 1200R$ in the shop. It was added in Update 1. This fruit also grants immunity to Rumble, Electro, and Guns. Its Japanese name is the Gomu Gomu No Mi.

Note: Despite being immune to all Rumble attacks, Rubber does not provide immunity to the attacks used by the Thunder God Boss.


Rubber has 4 moves, Here is a Showcase

Name Description
Immunity to Rumble, Electro Fighting Style, Pole (1st form) and Guns

Key Name Description Damage Mastery
Z key perfections.png
The player's fist launches forward and deals damage linearly in front of the player.
Cooltext B+.png
1 mastery
X key perfect.png
The player stretches his/her arms backward, and then springs them forwards, dealing damage and insane knockback linearly in front of the player
Cooltext A.png
20 mastery
C key perfect.png
The player launches a barrage of punches linearly in front of the player. This move lasts longer if the player continues to hold C.
Cooltext A.png
50 mastery
V key perfect.png
2nd Transformation
Boosts the damage of Rubber's other moves, increases animation speeds for all moves, makes Cannon teleport and changes some of the animations. It will not disappear as long as you do not die.
Cooltext E.png
150 mastery

NOTE: This fruit requires skill to use, since it is hard to hit in pvp


Gatling, Cannon, Pistol (This needs to be done extremely fast between cannon and pistol, or else the pistol will... miss... this combo used to one shot in Update 9-13).

Pistol, Cannon (This is often used to send your opponent away as the pistol and cannon knockback will stack).

Death Step Z, Death Step C (Hold), Rubber C, Rubber X, Rubber Z, Death Step X (Keeping the space between Death Step C and Gatling will increase the chances of the enemy escaping, so the transition must be practiced and done extremely quickly, this one shots).

Rubber C, Superhuman Z, Superhuman C, Rubber Z, and Rubber X (if you are fast)

There are many other combos in the game that are good for rubber that we either do not know of or are not worth mentioning, and of course keep in mind these combos take skill and practice.


  • Immunity to Gun attacks.
  • Speed, damage, knockback, and range all increase when in 2nd Transformation.
  • High damage output.
  • High combo potential.
  • Decent range.
  • All moves have an AoE (Area Of Effect).
  • High burst damage. If you use X and Z at the same time (Hard to pull off).
  • Great for Bosses and Raids. high damage and good stuns with decent range.
  • Good stuns.


  • In 2nd Transformation your energy regeneration amount is reduced by 20% (4 instead of 5).
  • You need to get close to land the moves (excluding Pistol).
  • You need to have decent aim to do well with pistol and cannon if you aren't in 2nd Transformation.
  • Depending on your skillset and / or level, it can be challenging for grinding, considering that all the moves have a small AoE and have significant knockback, making this fruit not ideal for taking on multiple NPC's at a time.
  • Not a Logia, so it is hard to grind with.
  • Hitboxes are a little small with pistol.


  • Sadly, Rubber used to cost only B$100,000, but now it costs B$750,000 due to its Gear Second buff.
  • Rubber was originally called Gum-Gum in-game. But it was changed to Rubber to avoid copyright from One Piece's Gum-Gum Fruit
  • Rubber had a move called 'Gum Rocket' which was its transportation move. Sadly, it was replaced with '2nd Transformation'.
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